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Sunday, 17 November 2019

CryptoCurrency Academy Kenya Holds It First Live Training Session in Nairobi Kenya

 Want To Learn About CryptoCurrencies in Kenya?


CryptoCurrency Academy Kenya held its first live session​ on the 16th of November 2019 at the Ambassador Hotel at 9 a.m.CryptoCurrency is digital money that you can earn or invest in and exchange it for cash of its value.
This Crypto Class was for anyone looking to gain an introductory or intermediate understanding of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

 The 4-hour live session class covered the following topics: 

Course Outline:
 1. Evolution of Money 
 2. Introduction to cryptocurrencies – What are cryptocurrencies – How do cryptocurrencies work? – Various types of cryptocurrencies
 3. Mining – What is mining? – Various types of mining (Cloud mining and hardware mining) – Proof of stake Mining
 4. Cryptocurrency Trading – Cryptocurrency exchanges – Reading cryptocurrency Charts – Fundamental and Technical analysis 
5. Free Cryptocurrencies – Staking – Airdrops 
6. Initial Exchange Offerings – Defining IEO’s – IEO platforms – IEO return on investment performance

 EVENT DETAILS: DATE: 16 November 2019
 TIME: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
 VENUE : Ambassador Hotel, City Center 
WHATSAPP TO: +254 721 783 420 
FOR ENQUIRIES Call or WhatsApp : 0721 783 420
Email :,
  Learn How Cryptocurrencies Work!

 You can join their whatsapp group or email to learn more about CryptoCurrencies and on ways to make money safely with Cryptos.And to find out about any future classes and opportunities they have to offer.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

What Private Promoters Should Be Doing For Indie Music Artists

Indie artist are independent music artists and so they don't have a record label behind them to take care of music promotion.Music promotion is amust for one to be a successful artist. As an Indie Artist one has to pay for music promotion for individual music promoters who are expert digital marketers.One can also opt for music promotion companies but will probably have to pay more money.

First of all Music Promoters should be honest.Honesty is what one needs most.There is no point in pretending to promote music when all you want is a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing.Yes as an Artist one has to be cautious of people taking advantage of the need for promotion just to take What Private money and they don't know how to or plainly cannot deliver.
It's for Indie Music Artists to be very cautious when paying an individual or company for music promotion.Actions speak louder than words.Artist should look into any individual or company offering music promotion. What Music promoters should be doing for music artists is they should not be asking for payment only to deliver less plays in terms of the money they were paid. Why should an Indie Music Artist pay 10$ only to get 8$ or less worth of music streaming and follows.When it comes to stream services even if you get one to two thousand streams you wont get anything near 10$.And yet you have paid for music promotion for that amount or more. What Music Promoters don't see is if i make a profit from my expenditures i will have more to pay for more promotion.Who doesn't like growth?As an Indie Music Artist i would stick with a promoter that brings in profits not losses from my investment.And i would certainly spread the word on how good their delivery is and it's will be a win win for everybody. If promoters can't help artists grow and they too will not grow.

I am Indie Music Artist and i have first hand experience with Music Promoters.I turn down the ones who feel like it's good to deliver one thousand or so not caring that i would be making a loss because when i get paid for music streams it is less than what i paid for music promotion.Most of them make it like they are even doing you a huge favor. The truth is we should work together and build each other. The best place to get affordable people to promote your music is on fiverr .You just have to do your homework in picking the right people that can deliver real traffic that is worth your money.Be sure to check promoter reviews on fiverr before picking one.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Amazing Lyrics To Breath By Angellyrics

Breath is a song from the EP You Are by Angellyrics.It is available on Spotify,iTunes,Amazon,Google Play ,Deezer,YouTube,Tidal and Napser.


  Verse 1: 
 Love is your greatest work of art, 
 Paint it with your heart, 
 Paint it loud, 
Paint it proud,
 Paint it all colors,
 Paint it with valor, 
Paint it beautiful, 
Paint it faithful, 
Happy i met you,
 Cause you, 

  You taught me how to breath, 
 I always had to catch my breathe, 
Always had to catch my breathe,
 You taught me how to live, 
I always had to catch my breathe, 
 Always had to catch my breathe,

 Verse 2: 
Your life is your greatest piece of art,
 So paint it so bright, 
Paint it loud, 
Paint it proud,
 Paint it too trendy,
 Paint it with happy,
 Paint it beautiful, 
Paint it so ful, 
 Happy i met you,
 Cause you, 


 It wasn't easy to live, 
It wasn't easy to breath, 
Til i met you, 
 And you, 


Monday, 24 June 2019

4 Unhealthy Types of Couple Relationships

 There are many types of couples.One couple is always unique to the other but there are some couples who will most definitely raise your eyebrows.This because you will realize their relationship is not a healthy one.Relationships are meant to build people spiritualy, mentally and emotionally.Relationships are not meant to break you and make you weak spiritualy, mentally and emotionally. 

1.The abusive relationship 

Abusive relationships are the most toxic of all relationships.Abuse can be physical and also mental and emotional.Some people are drawn to such relationships. 

2. The bully type of relationship

 In this type of relationship one person gets to call all the shots.It is their way or the highway.When you don't have a say then you are a victim of oppression.A relationship should be diplomatic and everyone has to have a voice. Relationships should be about two people respecting each other not one person fearing another.

 3.The no chemistry in public relationship. 

This is the type of relationship where a couple never walks together or hardly talk to each other in public.These couple do not seem like they have an ounce of friendship.They avoid each other at all costs in a public setting. 

4. The constant bad mouthing relationship 

 This is the type of relationship where both or one of the persons in the relationship have nothing good to say about each other.They always talk ill of their partners to other people.Some even do it to each other in private and in public.They can't have anything nice to say about each other or to each other. 

Unhealthy relationships are simply just toxic, draining and bad

Friday, 31 May 2019

The Best Online Money Transfer For Kenyans Abroad-KenyaPesa

 Cheapest Way To Send Money To Kenya

What is KenyaPesa? Well KenyaPesa is an online money transfer service.It was established in January of 2013. Its clients are able to send money to Kenya from abroad using their website and pay direct from their bank account or by the use of a debit card. KenyaPesa services the ever growing eCommerce market in Kenya very well. If you want to send money to Kenya online,KenyaPesa allows you to transfer money from abroad in to Kenya easily, and affordably.
 The money is delivered to the recipients via Mobile money transfers like Mpesa,Airtel Money or bank transfer.The money can also be collected in cash from one of KenyaPesa agents. This money transfer service is available 24/7 on smartphones, tablets and computers. Currency exchange rates are always displayed on their website so you will know how much you will receive upon currency conversion. And so whenever you need to send money to family or friends in Kenya from abroad KenyaPesa is cheapest way to send money to Kenya.

KenyaPesa is all you need,visit them here and see how easy it is to send money to Kenya from abroad using KenyaPesa who have been offering great services over the years. Money is very sensitive and so you have to be very careful with money sending services.You have to pick one that is mostly safe to use and one that allows for fast and easy transfer of cash to the recipients.

This is how to send money but first you have to register with KenyaPesa.If you already have an account with them then you can log in and proceed to the following steps. 

Step 1 
Click on the send money button to start 

 Step 2 
Choose the service you would like to use to send the funds.

 Step 3 
 If you selected mobile money transfer, select the mobile provider from whom the recipient will collect the funds If you selected bank deposit or cash pick up services proceed to the next step. 

Step 4 
Then specify the amount by specifying the Kenyan shilling amount that the recipient will receive or the currency amount you wish to send . 

Once you have specified the amount you are willing to send, the system will calculate the charges and display the total amount that you need to pay for your order. If you have a coupon code, type it in and the order will be recalculated.If the total is okay​, click Send Now to continue or you can change it and the totals will be updated automatically. Once they have received your payment for the order, They will process the order and send the cash to the recipient. You will receive an email notification when they receive the payment and when the funds are delivered to the recipient. 

Monday, 20 May 2019

How Amazing, Trey Songz Welcomes First Baby Noah

Trey Songz whose real names are Tremaine Neverson welcomed his first child who is a baby boy named Noah. The RnB singer/songwriter posted pictures of baby Noah on his Instagram page.

Most of his fans had bitter sweet reactions to this news because most of them have major crushes on him.But at the end of the day the fans were happy for Trey and loved that baby Noah was just as cute as his dad when he was born. 

 Many fans are asking who the mother of baby Noah is but have to respect Trey if he wishes not to reveal that information. 

Trey Songz will with  no doubt be a great dad because he has been wanting to be one for the longest time.He has been playing the role of a dad to his younger brother and cousins for the longest time. 

 Well baby Noah is blessed to have a dad like Trey.He will certainly inherit his good looks but will mostly have a very caring father. Finally Trey Songz is blessed to be the best version of the dad he kind of missed out on while growing up.I know he will be the best dad ever.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Which Is The Best Posing (Modeling) In A Music Video- Ciara I Bet

Apart from being an amazing singer and dancer,RnB singer Ciara can pose and model like a super model or even better.She was even featured on Americas next top model by Tyra Banks because of her incredible poses.In her video i bet you can see her amazing posing talent.This is the best posing ever seen in a music video.I took pictures of I Bet music video by Ciara and it looked like a mind blowing photo shoot.Ciara is indeed on top of her game.