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Monday, 9 March 2020

Kenyan Actor Arthur Sanya Muiruri

 Actor Arthur Sanya Muiruri

Arthur Sanya Muiruri is an amazing Kenyan actor who is aiming for the stars.Here are afew questions that will tell you more about this talented actor. 

When did you start acting? 
I started acting in 2012 and then cause of work stopped and resumed in 2015. 

What was your first role? 
My first Role was a character named Josh in a play called My Wonderful day directed by George Mungai. 
 How did it feel to be on stage acting infront of people? 
It always feels tense, stomach churning, heart beating 

Did you ever practice in the mirror or when you were alone? 
I think I look silly, I struggle with lines.

 Did you always want to be an actor?
 I always wanted to work in Media, and acting was one of the things I wanted to add to my rapport. 

When was your big first break?
 My big break was when I was a cast in a Tusker Ad in 2015.

 How has your journey been? My journey has been hard and challenging... Gave up many times... But kept being drawn back. 

Which was your favorite role ever? 
There have been many, but I liked playing Lord Sébastian in Cinderella, The doctor in a short film for Machawood and Peter in the End of love. 

 How many roles have you played? 
I could say I have played more than 15.

What are your future plans as an actor?
 To become a very good film director and also to win a Kalasha, Sanaa and Oscar. 

Who is Arthur?
 Arthur is a film fanatic, born in Kenya, studied in Uganda, Father of two and an upcoming actor 

Which television programs and films you have been on? 
 Films: Disconnect, Supa Modo and many short films. 
 T.V: Lies that bind, changing times, Njoro wa Uba, Tahidi High, Papa Shirandula, Ma Empress, Auntie Boss and some T.Vcommercials.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Maxi Dresses For The Month Of March

 Maxi Dresses For Every Girl

Maxi dresses can flatter every type of lady.A maxi dress is a long dress.It can be upto the floor or be ankle length. Maxi dressses are sometimes form-fitting from head to toe or form-fitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom.They can be made out of cotton or polyester ,linen,siphon or any other type of good material available. Maxi dresses come in a variety of necklines, colors and patterns or they can be plain.Maxi dresses can be worn at many occasions.They are elegant and classy.Here are amazing maxi dresses you can wear during the month of March.Get your maxi dress here.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Eric Omondi Is The Best African Comedian According To African Entertainment Awards

 The Funniest Man In Africa

 Eric Omondi has So Far Won Two African Entertainment Awards If you google Eric Omondi according to Wikipedia you will learn that he is an African footballer.Eric Omondi is a top Kenyan Comedian and also a top African comedian.He started his career in comedy under the mentorship of a top comedian known as Churchill who has given numerous comedians a platform to showcase their talent know as The Churchill Live Show.As many artists/comedians it is never just all glits and glamour.

One has to take time to building a name and a paycheck.The downs can be many but perseverance is the key according to Eric.You have to get a mentor and don't expect things to work out in a matter of just days.One has to take their time and also learn to be realistic.You have to invest the money you get wisely and don't get swept away with the celebrity lifestyle and don't fall into the pressure of that status. According to Eric Omondi media doesn't help in promoting artists because they like selling controversial stories.

This is so true because incase of recognizing people's talents,headling stories are of scandals about celebrities and artists. Eric Omondi branched out from his mentor, went his own way and he is now the C.E.O of BIG TYME ENTERTAINMENT.He does numerous local, regional and international shows.

He has an entertaining YouTube channel and if you follow his Instagram you will see his many funny videos and pictures.Eric does the best impressions of slay queens. Eric Omondi has won BEST COMEDIAN AFRICA in THE AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS held in New York city twice and this may as well tell everyone that he is the funniest comedian in Africa.You can watch his hilarious videos on YouTube and also on his Instagram account.

He is constantly uploading new and very hilarious content. Eric Omondi winning this award twice says alot about his talent.It is a great recognition and confirmation of his talent as a comedian.And it happened twice. Eric Omondi is known all over Kenya, Africa and the world.He has made a name for himself through comedy.Though it's all laughter for fans, being a comedian is work and sometimes if not most of the time hard work.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Latin American Boy Band CNCO Launches Clothes Collection With Forever 21

CNCO Clothes Collection


 CNCO which is a heart throb Latin American boy band formed on the first season of La Banda launched a clothes collection with Forever 21. The group is composed of five members who are Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, and Zabdiel De Jesús. These guys won a five-year recording contract with Sony Music Latin after becoming the winning competitors of the first season of La Banda . La Banda is a creation of Simon Cowell and is produced by Ricky Martin. 

CNCO toured with Ricky Martin and their singles, "Tan Fácil" and "Quisiera", were in the charts soon after their debut. They released their first album, Primera Cita on August 26, 2016, which included the hit "Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos) " which was quite a hit. CNCO released their self-titled second album , on April 6, 2018. Both records debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and the top 40 on the Billboard 200. 

After so much success CNCO have gone into fashion.They have ready-to-wear pieces from graphic tees to bodysuits and edgy jackets for both men and women.These come in junior and plus sizes. Their collection ranges in price from $4.99 to $34.99.Their collection is available in over 250 Forever 21 stores in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.You can shop online at Forever21 from anywhere in the world for any of their fabulous collections. 

CNCO's fashion collection is just as good as their amazing music.You can grab whatever you want from their fashion collection online here .

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Evolution of Christmas Trees



Gone are the days where all Christmas trees looked and smelt the same. Christmas trees have now evolved and have very many artistic looks.Now we have pine trees, flocked trees, silver trees,pink trees,gold trees,black trees,white trees, themed trees, crafty wooden pallet trees to metalic trees.

Here are descriptions of some modern day Christmas trees: 

There is the cardboard Christmas tree made out of cardboard. The craft paper Christmas tree made of craft paper strips and glistening string lights. 

 The gold web tree where a web of golden wires are strung across geometric gold levels that create an abstract whimsicality for this gilded tree. 

The wall decal tree which is suitable for small spaces or if you want a unique Christmas alternative, this tree is for you.All you have to do is peel and stick wall decal.Which is basically a picture tree. 

The matte black sculpture which is a tree sculpture black in color.It is draped with ornaments and topped off with a little garland. 

 The shelf made Christmas tree.Existing shelf space is used to create an alternative Christmas tree.Green items are arranged in a tree like formation. 

The peg board tree where screws, plywood, strings and lights are used to create a glowing Christmas tree that you can still gather around. 

The Photo Tree which comprises of family photos arranged to look like a tree. You can dress it up with ornaments and tinsel. 

The merry mirror tree where against a floor mirror stacks of green books, binders, and drawers are arranged to create a reflection effect for the full tree.

 The tissue paper tree made out of tissue paper. 

The hanging Christmas tree which actually hungs from the ceiling.

 The chalkboard tree which is a tree drawn on a chalkboard according to your preference

 The collage tree where all sorts of plants, drawings, and souvenirs are arranged to make a tree that is really an impression of a tree. 

 The book Christmas tree where books are placed on top of each other to form a tree. 

The color note tree where color notesare stuck on a mirror or wall in the shape of a tree and ornaments accompany the color notes. 

 The Christmas lights Christmas tree which is the Christmas lights taped on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. 

There are very many creative ways of making Christmas trees.You can explore the artist in you during Christmas season and come up with amazing Christmas trees.Why buy a tree when you can create one.Christmas trees have really evolved over the years.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

King Kaka - Wajinga Nyinyi Lyrics


Dear Lord
Today I come before you for two things
Grateful for keeping me alive even though unajua my day
Na kutupea waKenya amnesia

Sisi ni vipofu na viziwi na tunajua translator wetu alishadedi
2022 already, si mnajua nani ni Prezzi?
Si mnajua nyinyi voters ndio washenzi?
Kwani hamjui mdomo yangu ilibatizwa na wakongwe?
So nashanga akili zenu time ya kura zinajaanga shonde?
Na hiyo wiki ndo najua jirani yangu huwa Mjaka
Kamah kumbe huwanga msapere
Ata salamu hatapata
Piga tu kura na utalala bila kula, a night of tears
Nani skiza na macho na ona with your ears

Fununu ni ati system ya education ni ya uduu
Is it true? that’s why umepeleka mtoi wako akasome majuu
While graduates wanashika placards kwa traffic
Mtu wa actuarial science anataka kujimada, its so tragic

Ati W@@@ ako kwa office
Na story ya NYS tulishasahau

Biro moja alibuy 8 thao, Biro tunanunuanga mbao?
Either sisi ndio wajinga ama ako na marking scheme ya accau

Time will tell, Vijana wanabet na Kifo
Wanadai betting imewapea job kuwaliko

City stadium imekuwa renovation for 3 years budget ziwatoshe
While S@@@ anadance tu kwa ofe?

How do you sleep at night knowing mkono yako imeua? Not close to purity
Wordsmith King Kaka arrested for fighting impunity
Ata wakijam na hatupati bread hawatusomi na Sikwani
Promises hamuweki Hii ni relationship ya aina gani
Is it true?
Uko na account offshore zimejaa money
Na account ya daughter ya Waititu iko na depo ya 100 mita
Ukipelekwa kotini ni escort ya polisi kama sita

Ladies and gentlemen official speech by mbwa mwitu
Wacha avae ngovi ya kondoo kwanza ndio tumsifu
Si basi wakam kwa church watoe pesa tulitoa kama tax
Na pastor anakiss ass, ampatie hadi asome kaVerse
Na sisi tuko busy wajinga nyinyi tuna clap

Wakinisnipe tonight si mnajua ni kwa nini
Nitakufia watu mi siogopi mimi

Wasijifanye hapo watalost na ata chuma u rust
Na hizo ganji hamtazikwa nazo news flash
Flesh urudi kwa dust
Nchi inaongozwa na thieves
Na ukiogopa jua hauwezi kuwa chief
Iba hizo mamita mmh-scott free, niibe tu kuku ntalala ndani
Atleast pastor Ng’ang’a ana washinda anadanganyanga adharani

Hapo parliament kwani mnashda gani
Si mtuibie Kiplani
Mmetumiwa shetani gani na job ziko wapi?
Swali, Ni ukweli lazima uretire ndio upate job
So inamaanisha lazima kwanza nipatie job, ndio nipate job job?

The youth ni moody at 90 na Gikonyo at 80
Manifesto mlisema job ni plenty

KQ wali samehewa deni ya 24 billy, sugar milly, farms ni 40 billy
Na ujinga yenu mnaweka students hawajalipa kwa gazeti HELB
Wajinga Nyinyi!

Hizo mlango zenu vile mmebeef security, hamuwezi nikubalia hodi
Remember me, my mom anaitwa Wanjiku na my father is a nobody
Naskia mafuta imepanda tena
Inatoka Turkana ndio irudi tena
Hesabu ya 1 plus 1 inawachenga
Mtaenda retreat kuidiscuss tena?
Na mjiongeze pesa ya tax payer tena?

Laptop ni multi billion project, na walimu ushago hawana lights
Wanacharge kwa generator shopping center, its not right

Wasipandishe tax, hizo ndio dreams mi uwa nazo nikituna
What are we really doing as a country saa zile tunachuja Miguna?
Petroli imepanda so inamaanisha polisi wata operate kama customer care
Busaa na chwara zinamaliza mayout
Enyewe Stivo was right, mihadarati haiwezi
Wachane na polisi wafanye raid tena
Ama ni vile OCS hajapewa yake na kila mwizi
Oh, i mean ya kila mwezi
Na polisi wako in cahoots, hao ndio uSupply wagondi na guns za ku shoot

Kazi ni formalities tu, na uki apply ina bounce
Ni ukweli KPLC wanatuwekea bills haziko kwao, na zinaenda kwa personal accounts
Welcome to our country where politician wana ujinga za kila aina
Economy imekuwa hard, hakuna kitu ya kuteremsha chai na
Karibu to the Kenya Republic of China
I support teachers, doctors wakistrike
Na the president is saying ati kama hawarudi watachujwa
Hakuna siri kwa nyumba, naskia jirani bibi anakula you know what i mean
Police anaishi kwa keja zimeseperatiwa na curtains, i mean in 2019?
Na hizo damu zitawafuata to the coffin

Punda idedi lakini mzigo ifike
KCSE hazijafika sababu ya floods so instead wacha niulize maswali
Harambee stars wanalala kwa floor airport flani
While mnahire private jets?

Disaster mnakimbia kusema vile mtacreate enquiry
Is it true, women rep ndio wanadishi pesa ya pads meant for girls?
Maize scandal, wako na matusi kwa national TV, such role models
Youth unemployment
Politicians ni addicts wa pesa
KRA wanatuibia ndio wapatie wezi pesa
Deadline ya tax return ni Tuesday
Jengeni tu, sips tea iko na mercury kwa shuge

Is it true war iko funded as tunaloose KDF soldiers daily so unalia?
Ndio maana tumeshindwa kutoa troops Somalia
Mnakula pesa ya health ndio maana mkenya hawezi afford
The moment you fall sick tunaskia unapata treatment abroad
Na voter akidedi na Cancer, Kera
Perfect opportunity atoe coffin na transport, on top auze sera
Hapo ndio mras uwasha kiLucy
In the name of treatment kuna power ni Kirusi
Moha umefunga jicho, jicho pevu ni kipofu
Huduma number kumbe ilikuwa u ka scam flani?
Na Maraga anataka magari

Rais unawaona hapo ni wanajeshi waNavy wakionyesha umaarufu wao wa vita ya kulinda nchi wakiwa kwa maji
Wajinga Nyinyi
While Mariam na daughter wake hajapatikana wiki mbili
Wako kwa maji
Sema MCSK Kutuibia
Kwa traffic uko on the wrong side ndio urush kutuibia
5 years ndio zinaisha naskia umeanza kurudi kwa ground

Wacha kupretend and all Kenyans know kwa ground vitu ni

Sijui ka unakumbuka mimi ndio nilikuweka hapo
Can’t see you nikaa tunacheza tapo

Ama na assume ni vile ulibuy simu uko na line mpya
Na haushikangi numbers haujui
I stopped being your friend unanitreat namna ya adui

Stadium ziko wapi? Kazi ziko wapi?
Ile manifesto iliniwow iko wapi?

Na hii handshake kwani ni ile sisi ufinya Kenyatta kwa mkono ya karao?

Ata kama tuko na Kenyatta, ndio maana i strongly feel hatujapata Uhuru!

 These lyrics by King Kaka speaks of the current worrying political situation in Kenya and the problems facing Kenyans who keep electing wrong leaders.He is blunt and hits the nail straight on the head. It is just as endless as the political problems facing Kenyans.

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Sunday, 17 November 2019

CryptoCurrency Academy Kenya Holds It First Live Training Session in Nairobi Kenya

 Want To Learn About CryptoCurrencies in Kenya?


CryptoCurrency Academy Kenya held its first live session​ on the 16th of November 2019 at the Ambassador Hotel at 9 a.m.CryptoCurrency is digital money that you can earn or invest in and exchange it for cash of its value.
This Crypto Class was for anyone looking to gain an introductory or intermediate understanding of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

 The 4-hour live session class covered the following topics: 

Course Outline:
 1. Evolution of Money 
 2. Introduction to cryptocurrencies – What are cryptocurrencies – How do cryptocurrencies work? – Various types of cryptocurrencies
 3. Mining – What is mining? – Various types of mining (Cloud mining and hardware mining) – Proof of stake Mining
 4. Cryptocurrency Trading – Cryptocurrency exchanges – Reading cryptocurrency Charts – Fundamental and Technical analysis 
5. Free Cryptocurrencies – Staking – Airdrops 
6. Initial Exchange Offerings – Defining IEO’s – IEO platforms – IEO return on investment performance

 EVENT DETAILS: DATE: 16 November 2019
 TIME: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
 VENUE : Ambassador Hotel, City Center 
WHATSAPP TO: +254 721 783 420 
FOR ENQUIRIES Call or WhatsApp : 0721 783 420
Email : info@bitcoinke.io, Adams.K@cryptocurrencyacademy.info
  Learn How Cryptocurrencies Work!

 You can join their whatsapp group or email Adams.K@cryptocurrencyacademy.info to learn more about CryptoCurrencies and on ways to make money safely with Cryptos.And to find out about any future classes and opportunities they have to offer.