Monday, 13 November 2017

Trey Songz Spreads Love Not Just Songs With His Foundation Angels With Heart Foundation.

Trey Songz The Guy Who Takes Care Of So Many.

Charity is the pure love of Christ.We all are in need of something.No ones life is perfect.We are in need of finances,basic needs and even at times we just need love.It is better to give than to receive. Achieving earthly treasures is good but it is even greater to achieve heavenly treasures through Charity and our dealings with people.

What i love the most about Trey Songz is his contribution to the society through charity and inspiration.I do love his music too ofcourse.His motivational speeches get to me help me alot.

Angels with Heart Foundation founded in 2010 by the amazing R&B singer Trey Songz.It was a call-to-arms to engage his fan club to become a positive impact in their communities. Songz fan club members, known as “Trey’s Angels,” were called upon to give back through random acts of kindness by donating their time and efforts to support their respective cities. These Angels were called “Angels with Heart” which Trey later decided on as the name of his foundation.

Now, more than ever before, celebrities are encouraged to engage in activities which address community needs in the cities where they work, as well as in their hometowns. Athletes, entertainers and public personalities are able to leverage marketing opportunities to gain support for their targeted cause a benefit that most charities aren’t privy to.

“Because I have been blessed to be in the situation where I am able to touch and be heard by so many people, it’s only right that I use that voice to give back and empower the youth, strengthen families and communities” are the beautiful words of Trey.

Through strategic philanthropy efforts, Angels with Heart Foundation gives back to make a difference in communities across the America.And has built a brand that resonates with diverse audiences.
For more information, visit website.

Upto date through his Angels with Heart Foundation, Trey Songz has given $173,483.33 to FeedMore’s Backpack Program, specifically earmarked for the children in after school programs in Petersburg. Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs has taught us that the physiological need for survival must be met first before one can successfully move onto the next 4 levels!
Philanthropy is not about entitlement, but of the heart! # AWH # Burgonmyback

As a fun all i can say is bless your heart Trey for all you do to touch and help lives.Trey's mum April Tucker runs this Foundation so bless her heart too.And she did a fabulous job in raising an outstanding man who takes care of so many.

September being Trey's birthday month is the time he even puts in more energy in giving back during this month in celebration of his birthday month.

You can take everything from someone but you can't take away their intelligence/education.Angels with heart foundation has given so many scholarships to needy students.

As Treyz fans we should all make a difference in our families and communities.The little acts of kindness matter be the change you want to see in the world even with just a smile to someone who really needs it.Remember with little things greater things come to pass,every little bit counts and means more than you know.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Amazing Pictures From Trey Songz Music Videos-Throw Back Trey

Treyovember Treat

It is Trey Songz birthday month to celebrate here are some pictures from one of Treys music videos.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Funny Twitter Posts On #ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews

Kool aid from Jim Jones, a drink made by Bill Cosby, a blind date with Ted Bundy, Andrea Yates as a babysitter.
#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Fake Science Monthly

Sushi from a drugstore during a power outage.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews a dog guarding my pizza.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews The Nigerian Prince who needs my help transferring money.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews 🦂Angry scorpions 😱That haunted house on the block 👍Sketchy hitchhikers 🥛Milk past its expiration date

The voices in my head urging me to KILL KILL KILL. I'm sorry, what was the question? I blacked out.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews The Fact that When Americans Wake up

#ThingsITrustMorethanCNN Stops Trending! Let's Turn #FoxOff for Good! ✊

An actual fox🦊 telling me the news.

#ThingsITrustMoreThanFOXNews :
@RBReich explaining why
#PutinsPuppet refuses to enforce sanctions against Russia

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews •The plague •Snake that "tricked" Eve to eat 🍎 •Judas Iscariot •Benedict Arnold •Milli Vanilli singing career

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown

Heroin addict with my debit card

Twitter really replaced the
#ThingsITrustMorethanCNN with

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews ? They aren't even trying to hide their bias anymore.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews ✅
@nytimes ✅ @washingtonpost ✅
@CNN ✅ @MSNBC ✅ The Obamas ✅ The Clintons

I Trust @realDonaldTrump ! Keep the
#TrumpTweets Coming! #Truth

R. Kelly at a All Girls Catholic High School

Casey Anthony babysitting my children

Gas station sushi

grrrrrr !!! woooof !!! woooof !!!

@LouDobbs @FoxBusiness
Love fest? With your sad approval rating take what you can get while it lasts. #TrumpDayCareActivities

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews My cat not to barf.

#thingsItrustmorethanFoxNews Trends on Twitter Following John Garofalo Apology -… #socialmedia

Expired milk, cottage cheese, and that sushi from the Chevron on the corner

Profile pictures on Catfish, my dogs with a roast chicken, Anthony Weiner with my cell phone

#ThingsITrustMorethanCNN Duhh
@FoxNews Wait wtf??? First of all... 🤔🤷🙅🤦😂🤣

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews This man. With my children.

Ted Cruz going back to Canada soon

Eating nutritious fast food for a $1.00

Trump's proof of his phone call with the widow Johnson

The irony of #Democrats using
#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews are the ones who believe @CNN and the debunked @DNC funded dossier re: Trump

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews The 3yr old kid that tells me that cats can talk… #ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews "Do not tear off under penalty of law" tags on matresses.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews That Trump supporters will accept anything from Bob Mueller's exhaustive and factual-backed investigation

Swimming during a thunderstorm
#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews #ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews That Google values my privacy

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Lorena Bobbitt with a pair of hedge clippers.

I don't normally play hashtag games but... Anonymous Twitter accounts that post 24 hours a day.

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Matt Ryan as QB1 all season in fantasy

16 day-old cooked rice.

My husband in a room full of hookers.

My cat.
#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews #ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews sc rappers with "u know who this is" in their intro

# ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Taking a plane or a ship with Kate Winslet. These ruins.

#ThingsITrustMorethanCNN and the # ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews is a magic 8-ball.

E-mails I get where foreign people need me to give them my bank account number, so they can give me $. # ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews

A cannibal on a hunger strike
# ThingsITrustMoreThanFOXNewss

#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Jerry Sandusky at a Boy Scout Camp

Rattlesnakes..Mama Bears...Mersa

# thingsitrustmorethanfoxnews Dartmoor -The wild wilderness experience - muddy dangerous and totally wonderful

I'd give money to a stranger on Twitter
#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews Btw donate to @sarahhateshobos paypal and help her out

Being invited to dinner with Indiana Jones at The Temple Of Doom

Replying to @williamlegate
- A hair stylist with a DJT combover - An obese dietitian - My ENRON stock share increasing in value
#ThingsITrustMorethanFOXNews That there’s electricity in Puerto Rico

tRump ever being presidential.

Monday, 23 October 2017

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