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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Trey Songz 2020 Riots:How Many Times -Black Lives Matter

Too many black lives have been lost because of police brutality in America.This has been going on for way too long. Police brutality and racism isn't new. It seems in the headlines now because it is being documented.There have been protests all over the world because people are tired of racism.Bullies and racists are in the police force and use their power to spread hate.They murder African Americans while pretending to arrest them.These police hardly get charged with these offenses and this continues.

Americans and people around the world who believe in equality are now feedup.Trey Songz has always stood up for equality and he has been part of peaceful protests demanding for this madness to stop.He has even released a new song called 2020 Riots :How Many Times.The people in the world that understand love and equality stand for truth and justice because no race is superior than any other race.Nobody deserves to die because of the color of their skin


"2020 Riots: How Many Times"

I just gotta get some things off my chest
Tough times, I hope y'all holdin' up
We'll be aight 'cause we always is
But I'm feelin' like this)

How many mothers have to cry?
How many brothers gotta die?
How many more times?
How many more times?
How many more marches?
How many more signs?
How many more lives?
How many more times?

Take a look around, can you see it now?
Don't be colorblind, 'cause when they're killin' mine
They'll try to justify it
Oh, each and every time
Playin' in a park, takin' your jog
Sittin' on the couch, in your own house
Never seem to matter what we do
You think we don't matter, but we do
You got a problem, 'cause the city on fire
But you quiet when niggas die
Let the soul up out that body that we buried
You with God now you no longer have to worry
It's so hard to sing these words out loud
All these beautiful, precious black lives
Lost in the name of senseless white pride
Tears fallin' from my eyes

How many mothers have to cry?
How many brothers gotta die?
How many more times?
How many more times?
How many more marches?
How many more signs?
How many more lives?
How many more times?

Tell me how can you be quiet?
You know the language of the unheard, is a riot
All we ever see from you is violence (True)
You know you ain't no better if you silent
You talking 'bout the city on fire (Oh, oh)
Where your rage when my people die?
We ain't slaves, let my people fly (Oh, yeah)
Now it's time, watch my people rise

How many mothers have to cry? (Ooh, how?)
How many brothers gotta die? (Ooh, how?)
How many more times? (Ooh, how?)
How many more times? (How many times?)
How many more marches? (Ooh, how?)
How many more signs? (Ooh, how?)
How many more lives? (Ooh, how?)
How many more times? (How many times?)
How many mothers have to cry? (Tell me? Ooh, how?)
How many brothers gotta die? (Tell me? Ooh, how?)
How many more times? (Oh no, ooh, how?)
How many more times? (How many times?)
How many more marches? (All across the world, ooh, how?)
How many more signs? (Woah, oh, oh, ooh, how?)
How many more lives? (Shame I gotta ask, ooh, how?)
How many more times? (How many times?)
I'll leave you with that (Yes, yeah)

Friday, 22 May 2020

Stylish Face Masks To Protect You From Covid-19

Covid-19 being the highly contagious virus that attacks the respiratory system has brought about the need for people to wear face masks when in public.This is to stop and prevent further spread of this virus.During this time you can be stylish as you join the fight against this global pandemic.Face masks have been designed to fit everyone's taste and preference.Here are many amazing face mask designs.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Run An Online Store For 3 Months Free During Covid-19 Pandemic

 Work During Covid-19

Covid-19 Pandemic has really affected economies across the World.Many people have lost their jobs and sources of income.Organizations and governments are trying their best to help people stand financially.

And Shopify is one of these organizations.Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company with its headquarters in Ottawa,Ontario.Shopify has the best E-Commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.It offers online retailers a variety of services like payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools that simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants. 

 Shopify has more than 1,000,000 businesses in countries using its platform so far with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $41.1 billion for calendar 2018. Set up your store, pick a plan later here

Try Shopify free for 90 days which is 3 months, no credit card required. This is an amazing offer for anyone who wants to run their online store in the most efficient E-COMMERCE platform.You can open shop and run it from anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Things You Need To Know About COVID-19 To Avoid Infection- Johns Hopkins University summary

COVID-19 is the virus that has been causing havoc around the globe.The most developed countries to the least developed countries have been struggling with this epidemic.We have seen this virus spread from China to most countries of the world.This means it is highly contagious.The best way to fight this diseases is to understand everything about it.Here is Johns Hopkins Universities summary on how to avoid being infected by this virus. 

1. The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipids (fats) which, if absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or mouth mucosa, changes their genetic code. (mutation) and converts them into multiplier and attacker cells. 

2. Since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not killed, but decays on its own. The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and the type of material in which it is found. 

3. The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That's why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam BREAKS THE GREASE (that's why you have to rub so much: for at least 20 seconds or more, and make a lot of foam). By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses and breaks down on its own.

 4. HEAT melts the fat; then use water above 25 degrees to wash your hands, clothes and everything else. In addition, hot water produces more foam which makes it even more useful.

 5. Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol greater than 65% dissolves any fat, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.

 6. Any mixture with 1 part of bleach and 5 parts of water directly dissolves the protein, breaks it down from the inside. 

7. Hydrogen peroxide helps a lot after soap, alcohol and chlorine, because peroxide dissolves the proteins of the virus, but you have to use it pure and it hurts the skin. 

8. NO BACTERICIDES. The virus is not a living organism like bacteria; one cannot kill with antibiotics what is not alive, but rapidly disintegrate its structure with all that has been said.

 9. NEVER shake used or unused clothing, sheets or clothing. While it is glued on a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only between 3 hours (fabric and porous), 4 hours (copper, because it is naturally antiseptic; and wood, because it removes all moisture and does not let it detach and disintegrates), 24 hours (cardboard), 42 hours (metal) and 72 hours (plastic). But if you shake it or use a duster, the virus molecules float in the air for up to 3 hours and can settle in your nose. 

 10. Viral molecules remain very stable in external or artificial cold like air conditioners in homes and cars. They also need moisture to remain stable and especially darkness. Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it more quickly. 

 11. UV LIGHT on any object that may contain it breaks the virus protein. For example, to disinfect and reuse a mask is perfect. Be careful, it also breaks down collagen (which is a protein) in the skin, eventually causing wrinkles and skin cancer. 

12. The virus CANNOT go through healthy skin. 

 13. Vinegar is NOT useful because it does not break the protective layer of fat. 

14. NO ALCOHOL or VODKA. The strongest vodka is 40% alcohol and you need 65%.

 15. LISTERINA (it's an American mouthwash) IF YOU NEED IT! It's 65% alcohol. 

16. The more space is limited, the higher the concentration of the virus. More open or naturally ventilated, less.

 18. This is super said, but you have to wash your hands before and after touching the mucous membrane, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, desks, TV, etc. And when using the bathroom.

 19.You must HUMIDIFY DRY HANDS, for example wash them a lot, because molecules can hide in micro wrinkles or cuts. The denser the moisturizer, the better. 

20. Also keep your SHORT NAILS so that the virus doesn't hide there.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Kenyan Actor Arthur Sanya Muiruri

 Actor Arthur Sanya Muiruri

Arthur Sanya Muiruri is an amazing Kenyan actor who is aiming for the stars.Here are afew questions that will tell you more about this talented actor. 

When did you start acting? 
I started acting in 2012 and then cause of work stopped and resumed in 2015. 

What was your first role? 
My first Role was a character named Josh in a play called My Wonderful day directed by George Mungai. 
 How did it feel to be on stage acting infront of people? 
It always feels tense, stomach churning, heart beating 

Did you ever practice in the mirror or when you were alone? 
I think I look silly, I struggle with lines.

 Did you always want to be an actor?
 I always wanted to work in Media, and acting was one of the things I wanted to add to my rapport. 

When was your big first break?
 My big break was when I was a cast in a Tusker Ad in 2015.

 How has your journey been? My journey has been hard and challenging... Gave up many times... But kept being drawn back. 

Which was your favorite role ever? 
There have been many, but I liked playing Lord S├ębastian in Cinderella, The doctor in a short film for Machawood and Peter in the End of love. 

 How many roles have you played? 
I could say I have played more than 15.

What are your future plans as an actor?
 To become a very good film director and also to win a Kalasha, Sanaa and Oscar. 

Who is Arthur?
 Arthur is a film fanatic, born in Kenya, studied in Uganda, Father of two and an upcoming actor 

Which television programs and films you have been on? 
 Films: Disconnect, Supa Modo and many short films. 
 T.V: Lies that bind, changing times, Njoro wa Uba, Tahidi High, Papa Shirandula, Ma Empress, Auntie Boss and some T.Vcommercials.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Maxi Dresses For The Month Of March

 Maxi Dresses For Every Girl

Maxi dresses can flatter every type of lady.A maxi dress is a long dress.It can be upto the floor or be ankle length. Maxi dressses are sometimes form-fitting from head to toe or form-fitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom.They can be made out of cotton or polyester ,linen,siphon or any other type of good material available. Maxi dresses come in a variety of necklines, colors and patterns or they can be plain.Maxi dresses can be worn at many occasions.They are elegant and classy.Here are amazing maxi dresses you can wear during the month of March.Get your maxi dress here.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Eric Omondi Is The Best African Comedian According To African Entertainment Awards

 The Funniest Man In Africa

 Eric Omondi has So Far Won Two African Entertainment Awards If you google Eric Omondi according to Wikipedia you will learn that he is an African footballer.Eric Omondi is a top Kenyan Comedian and also a top African comedian.He started his career in comedy under the mentorship of a top comedian known as Churchill who has given numerous comedians a platform to showcase their talent know as The Churchill Live Show.As many artists/comedians it is never just all glits and glamour.

One has to take time to building a name and a paycheck.The downs can be many but perseverance is the key according to Eric.You have to get a mentor and don't expect things to work out in a matter of just days.One has to take their time and also learn to be realistic.You have to invest the money you get wisely and don't get swept away with the celebrity lifestyle and don't fall into the pressure of that status. According to Eric Omondi media doesn't help in promoting artists because they like selling controversial stories.

This is so true because incase of recognizing people's talents,headling stories are of scandals about celebrities and artists. Eric Omondi branched out from his mentor, went his own way and he is now the C.E.O of BIG TYME ENTERTAINMENT.He does numerous local, regional and international shows.

He has an entertaining YouTube channel and if you follow his Instagram you will see his many funny videos and pictures.Eric does the best impressions of slay queens. Eric Omondi has won BEST COMEDIAN AFRICA in THE AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS held in New York city twice and this may as well tell everyone that he is the funniest comedian in Africa.You can watch his hilarious videos on YouTube and also on his Instagram account.

He is constantly uploading new and very hilarious content. Eric Omondi winning this award twice says alot about his talent.It is a great recognition and confirmation of his talent as a comedian.And it happened twice. Eric Omondi is known all over Kenya, Africa and the world.He has made a name for himself through comedy.Though it's all laughter for fans, being a comedian is work and sometimes if not most of the time hard work.