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Monday, 21 November 2016

What Happens When Trey Songz Posts Photos Without A Top?-Trey Songz Can Cause A Riot On Social Media

Fans Fight When Trey Songz Posts Shirtless Photos.

Trey Songz posted a picture of him without a top with the caption "Can't find that shirt I was looking for".It looked like he took the picture in his walk in closet which some people thought was at a clothes store.It is obvious that Trey was having a light moment and some fans flowed with it.But a number of fans took it too seriously and got into fights.Others where making hateful comments which i guess celebrities are used to at some point.Some ladies played along with the post by posting flirting comments while some men who are truly jealous lol,called the ladies thirsty.This was funny because it was not that serious.Why would you get jealous of Trey Songz in someways it does not make sense.Because he is a celebrity who is very attractive and he knows how to use that to his advantage.

It is logical that ladies would react that way to his picture but men starting facebook fights over the situation is not logical.It is something one would laugh about because it is not that serious.Some men also played along with the post which was nice of them.Afew women were not impressed and suggested Trey could maybe do some charity or could find something better to do.Well,Trey does alot of charity and gives back to the community.It looks like Trey was only playing around and people should just take it easy and play along.Hating is bad and will get you nowhere.It doe snot matter if you are hating on a celebrity or any individual.

Trey Songz works hard to get to where he is right now.Instead of hating and thinking he has it easy.Try learn a thing or alot from him.He also works hard on his body and takes care of himself.He could inspire you in many positive ways.Trey can show off his muscles just like any other guy.That happens with guys who workout.It is better to love than to hate.I have never seen a guy start so many fights by just taking off his shirt,which shouldn't be the case lol.That post by Trey got so many likes and comments unlike the previous post where he posted about a charity event he had.I wish it was the other way around.

People do not pay much attention to such things.People love controversy or rather create controversy over something that was not.I just hope the hating would die down.Since fans share a common interest which is the love for Trey Songz and his music.That should be a bridge to love each other and not hate.People forget celebrities are also first humans like anybody else.Before you hate someone try to get to know them first or try to love them first.Love yourself and try to love or just respect other people.And remember nobody has it easy.We all have our struggles and demons that we have to face or at times run away from.It always looks easy from the outside than from the inside.And nobody walking on this earths surface is perfect.Trey Songz is fine has alot going for him but he works hard for it.

Instead of hating work on being the best version of you and in just staying happy because thats a journey that will never stop.It will never be easy but it is possible.I had a laugh to see how people would get so worked up over a light moment.Way to turn a light moment into a heavy moment,LOL.All i can say is Trey keep up the good work because it is working great for you and the people who choose to look at it with positive eyes.Trey Songz is eye candy and there is nothing wrong with female fans appreciating that.It is sad that everytime he posts such photos you cant miss the haters.

Here are some comments on Facebook:

Shamz Henry I don't understand how he's posting a pic of himself and the men are getting upset over it and calling females thirsty. Trey knows he looks good and he knows we like to see it. I'm wondering why the men are even commenting like they feel some sorta way because even if they have more defined abs, they still don't get as much attention. Maybe they're the ones thirsty for something.
Taj Robinz They just MAD cuz he fine!
Pj Smalls Oh but it's ok when beyonce, Kim K etc half naked. Smh
Shamz Henry Pj Smalls I think u mean '...but it's *not* ok...'
I also wanna add this. Have u ever wondered why males are called players but females are called whores? 
I've heard that a key that open many locks, is a master key, but a lock that opens to any key is useless. 
...See more
Deonna Brown I love that I don't get why women wanna be men and do what men do but sit around talking shit on men and visa versa for the men
Dawn Armstrong Haters find anything to hate about..
Andrew Pell And when Kim Kardashian posts a pic like this boat loads of women hate.....🐸
Duckson Lamour Shamz henry! I like your approach girl
Lee Loo These guys are just hating cuz they don't get this type of attention on a regular babsis, lol. It is called CONFIDENCE boys, GET SOME!!!!
Francisco Fregoso Shamz Henry wow i don't think I've ever heard anybody say it more clearer then you fr , you goin places! that was awesome! Lol
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Gonzalez Lulu He aint naked tho!! Lol I don't see his pipi all out and he still look fine lmao
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Jeisson David Pulido I think he looks really good in this one, and I'm straight. He's the best!
Heather Mosby We are thristy for a real man
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Nashaira Morales Thirsty 😂😂😂 pls if it was a pic with a big ass all they guys will wanted to get inside the phone and at least touch it 😂😂😂
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Angela Mia Ayako

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Brooke Rylander I know I'm not the only one looking at the outline on those grey sweatpants though..
Mallory Johnson No worries. I'm waiting on my flight to take off. It'll take about 16+ hours but when I arrive, I'm certain I'll find you something to uh...get into. 😂😍
Tanesha Tuft "Damn, I can't find a shirt or socks in this 'clothing' store, but let me put this as a caption so people don't think I didn't try hard enough."
Tanesha Anderson (GASP) DAMMITT TREY... Imma need you to stop popping up on my timeline like this, nigga I can't afford to keep replacing screens and phones from getting clumsy and droppin dis bad boy all the time! SHIT!!!
Elisha Sauve That is fine you really don't need the shirt at all 😉😚😂
Michael Rosado Trump wins the election and exposes all the racists in America and people go ape shit crazy. Trey posts a shirtless picture and expose all the thirsty ass sucias in America and nobody bats an eye...
Taalib Wooten Royal Ok ok ok trey now for the holidays give us boys and girls a pick at your candy cane genuwine showed his its your turn let go
Ashley Hodge Y'all might hate me for saying this but the only thing I'm paying attention to is the fact that his big toes look like some damn thumbs
Michael C. D'Amato Hey I can't find a shirt so let's take a pic of myself shirtless because of it but really I'm just trying to show off because of my insecurities lol
Manuela Victoria Iozza So....... If a girl takes a selfie showing some ass or cleavage, she's a hoe and she shouldn't be displaying her body on social media for everyone to see... But if a guy does basically The same thing, he is cool!
Sheena Myricks I highly doubt that  So this must be a picture displaying just how hard you're looking for it huh? LOL Go ahead and say here ya'll go, something to start your day off right. Nobody here will mind, promise. Hahaha
Carol Tiggett Women acting stupid and fighting cause he has no shirt on. Wtf is this world coming to. They never did or ever will get that dick but yet be online like he would even get over half of y'all a chance a day and even if he would y'all just showed how thirsty women are. Put your t shirt on before you make Facebook become a fight show.
Ashley SoIrresistably Irresistible U don't need a shirt. U need to walk around with me holding you keeping u all cool and shit! Have mercy this is one fine specimen!!
Amandia Smith-Batovsky All those clothes and stuff and you can't find something to wear. Seems like you're trolling for some your hot don't get dressed compliment. To me it's a waste of money to have all of this and you don't really need for it.
Gregory Wilbon While you can't find the shirt you were looking for, I know a couple dudes who won't be able to find their shirt only if they lose themselves😂. Cause the one they got is always on them.
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Krisian Pehi 🔥🔥🔥 yaaaassss!!! Ahhh please come to New Zealand, be a dream come true to see you live 😍 p.s you don't really need the shirt anyway!😂
Too Treal Only reason women all over him is because he famous and got money lbvs..if trey songs was not famous with money..women wouldn't have they asses on him👊😁😭he would just be a ordinary guy..he still could of came with a better post..kinda makes himself seem desperate..Samething goes for these hoes to..
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Brandon D Hunt You need to stop playing with my emotions like this as soon as I wake up that just ain't fair now but I'll be over shortly I help you find the shirt its probably on the second shelf to the right
Alicia An Logan Trotter All that money all that time and this is what ya do with it boast? Kids are starving an have no clothes grown men and women both are starving an have no clothes be glad you have bandwagon people too jump on with you. Because it would be a lonely son of a bitch with just you yourself right?
Angela Mia Ayako my dear trey does alot of charity,this is just him joking around...he is an okay individual