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Monday, 31 July 2017

Why I May Never Pay For A Facebook Advertisement

Advertising with Facebook would sound like a good idea because many people use Facebook and it is.But i will think twice when making this decision mostly because i wanted to do so once in awhile.Since i have a fan page for my blog i always get alerts that i can promote my blog posts that i post on my fan page.I decided to finally take that leap of faith which now brings such regret.I did pay for a days boost of a post on my page.The only thing i got was a number of views but the number i got of people liking my page were almost five.That for me was poor convertion.Okay maybe a day's advertising was too little, who knows. Maybe i would consider giving it another try but maybe i will never do that ever again.Ever since Facebook realized i paid for an advert.I cannot post more than two links to my blog in appropriate blog groups without being blocked.Their lame excuse is i am posting too fast or abusing that service.

At first i thought okay i maybe posting fast and i may be mistaken for a bot.So i careful decided to post and pose for a while then post again.I got the same block for abuse, "like whatever".I even got locked out of my Facebook account so i can verify it as my account.The message was my account was like hacked or compromised.I got locked out while posting my own link in appropriate groups.It was me using my account, dah!It is obvious that Facebook is frustrating me because they expect and want me to be advertising over and over. Think twice before paying for a Facebook advert because that may be the end of you posting in groups in peace.If you want to stay under the radar.

This is kind of a shock to me but what would i expect from a company that buys out their competitors by force.Even the way Facebook started was controversial.To be honest most of my blog traffic doesn't even come from Facebook.Other Social Medias give me more traffic without much frustration.I even spend more time there than on Facebook.I even paid for advertising on two other social media accounts in other social media platforms and i have not been blocked for posting my links appropriately.

All i can say is,looks like Facebook is kind of frustrating me to pay for adverts.Before you pay to advertise make sure it is worth it and know you will always be on their radar so even posting in groups in peace will be a thing of the past for you.

I gladly went to my settings and removed my payment details cause i may never pay for an advert with Facebook as in ever.I wasn't that much impressed in the first place anyway and to add insult to injury i just feel frustrated.I can't post in free to post groups like i used to.And Hey,i get more traffic from other social media sites.

Monday, 24 July 2017

How French Montana is Bridging Gaps With The Ugandan Triplets Ghetto Kids

French Montana Doing Good With Charity

They say never judge a book by its cover but i can safely say with French Montana you can safely do so.French looks like a kind individual and indeed he is.Moroccan-born, South Bronx-raised rapper and producer French Montana currently has huge successful new single ‘Unforgettable’ featuring Mississippi rapper Swae Lee . This single is a huge banger.What is even more amazing about this single is its music video which was shoot in Uganda.What is touching about this video is the dancers in the video.The dancers are very talented kids who make you glued to the screen everytime the song comes on.This video is a project that has had a huge impact on himself and all those involved.
The video to this song was filmed in a humble location in Uganda after French Montana was inspired by a dance routine video posted online featuring local troupe Triplets Ghetto Kids getting down to this single.These kids come from very humble back grounds.He even turned that video project into a complete documentary about his experience known as Project: Unforgettable Uganda “My Story, Their Reality.”If French wanted he would have shot the video at a posh location with known dancers and the usual video vixens.But this concept he took up is even more creative and amazing.

Patricia Nabakooza, Ricia Nyangoma, Ashley Kavuma, Hassan Sseruwu (Kokode), Ronald Ssentongo (Ronnie), Isaac Tumusiime, Bashir Lubega (Ada), Fred Tumwesigye, and Hassan Kavuma Wassawa (Manking) are the members of this dance troupe.All of them are vulnerable children ranging in age from 5 to 16-years-old from Kampala, Uganda in East Africa.

French says this is more than a project to him.These kids mean something to him.He indeed has changed the lives of these kids.And he is sending a strong message that talent can be found anywhere in the world.Given a chance talent can change lives.French Montana even flew these kids to America to perform with him at the BET Awards.They even graced the cover of Vibes Magazine.French Montana is a great example of a good hearted individual.Whenever you can bless someones life whether in a big or small way do it.French Montana with the help of some friends has also started charity projects in Uganda.

Monday, 17 July 2017

20 Free Ecommerce video course -Shopify

How To Make Your First Sale With Strongest Ecommerce Site-Shopify

Starting a business is always the fun part: Coming up with an idea, building an online store, and imagining all the things the business will become once it takes off. But without marketing knowledge, driving traffic and making sales can become an entrepreneur’s biggest hurdle on the road to success.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: a course on how to get your first sale on Shopify!
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Monday, 10 July 2017

28 Amazing Jackets For The Cold Season

It is cold season at this side of the world as it is summer in the other side of the world. Just because the sun is now on vacation and the cold season has graced us with its presence.Your fashion sense should not be on vacation too.You can enjoy fashion even when it is cold with jackets that are amust for the cold season.Here are 28 amazing jackets for the cold season to keep warm and in with fashion.You can get amazing jackets at pocket friendly prices here .

Monday, 3 July 2017

What Are The Lyrics For The Month Of June?-Clown By Emeli Sandé

The lyrics for the Month of June is Emeli Sandé's "Clown".This lyrics are poetic and deep.They express the feelings of a struggling artist mostly in the music industry.But anyone chasing their dream can relate to this.

Making it is mostly a rocky road and the ones on the outside looking in sometimes never get it.But despite all the struggles there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Emeli Sandé Lyrics Clown 

I guess it's funnier from where you're standing, 
Cause from over here I missed the joke, 
Clear the way for my crash landing, 
 I've done it again Another number for your notes,
 I'd be smiling if I wasn't so desperate, 
I'd be patient if I had the time, 
 I could stop and answer all of your questions, 
As soon as I find out How I can move from the back of the line, 

 I'll be your clown, 
 Behind the glass, 
Go 'head and laugh Cause it's funny,
 I would too if I saw me, 
 I'll be your clown, 
 On your favourite channel, 
My life's a circus circus Round in circles,
 I'm selling out tonight, 

 I'd be less angry if it was my decision,
 And the money was just rolling in, 
 If I had more than my ambition, 
 I'll have time for 'Please' 
I'll have time for 'Thank you'
 As soon as I win 


From a distance my choice is simple, 
From a distance I can entertain 
So you can see me, 
I put make-up on my face, 
But there's no way you can feel it,
 From so far away, 


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