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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I Met The Small Boy Trey Songz Helped Out When in Kenya.

Learning To Help With The Little I Can Give, I Will Try Add Hope To It

When Trey Songz was in Kenya he took a stroll around the City of Nairobi's Town center.While taking pictures he came across a small boy who grabbed his attention.This boy was asking for money in the streets.Trey asked the boy if he would take a picture.Then Trey Songz gave the boy fifty dollars which is five thousand Kenya shillings.This act of kindness got mixed reactions.But it is obvious it came from a good place and Trey is a charitable individual.Trey Songz is an activist so you do the math.This is why Trey Songz is not just another celebrity.He does standout in a big way.You can read into him as an individual by his actions.
One Friday late afternoon i was running errands when i saw the small boy who took a picture with Trey Songz. I was shocked because i never thought i would come across him.I looked at the boy as he was busy walking with another kid.I went to run my errand and had to use that street again.I just had to talk to him.He had moved down the street abit.I was alittle star struck by the little boy.Well, Trey Songz asking him for a picture is really something.I was also sad and torn because of the little boys situation.I could tell he was not a street kid or homeless.He is one of many kids who ask for money to buy food for him and his family and support them.I slowed down and took out my phone.Then i went to the picture that he was in and asked him"Is that you?".He answered "yes",then i asked him if i may take a picture of him.He gave me an easy yes.I could tell he wanted to ask for a handout.I told him not to worry about that.

I took the picture and asked him what his name was.Then the little boy spoke about Trey Songz and he said,"I met him down that street not here.Then he asked me if he could take a picture".I told him that was great.I could tell the little boy was shy,kind and so sweet.I felt what i gave him was nothing.I would not want him to loose this kind nature he had to the streets.What would he grow up to be?
Will the life he is in take away that innocence i could see? Will the streets harden this little boy? What more can i do for him and for the many kids in the streets with all that threatened innocence? I told him thanks and he walked away as i did.As i walked away i ran into a little girl who saw me talk to the little boy.She was selling gum and asked me to buy.I told her i don't want the chewing gum but i would give her something little.She also had that innocence.It would be so sad to see that fade away.We cant only give these kids handouts,food but we can do more to try help these little ones more.I ran this in my mind over and over.I was star struck by the little boy but i felt so torn inside because of his situation.I could see what Trey saw in this boy.Then i realised when you give these kids handouts also give them hope.Make them believe in themselves and they will make it out of the streets.They will grow up into great individuals."THE BEST THING YOU CAN GIVE ANYONE ,THE BEST THING YOU CAN HELP A PERSON WITH IS HELP THEM BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.No one can save you but only you yourself can save you by believing in yourself.We can only plant that seed of you believing in yourself.Because mostly our hands are tied. That's the best thing you can do for kids in the streets or anybody in the world in need of believing in themselves.The little boy Trey took a picture with is called John.I told myself i would pass by where i met him and try to plant that seed by telling him to always be good,stay in school and work hard in school.The next week when i passed by the street he was not there.The next Friday he still was not there.I kind of accepted maybe i would not see him but it was not only him that needs hope.The many kids in the streets do need the same.I can do it one at a time.On my way home i saw a kid who was asking for help.When the kid approached me i asked "Whats your name and do you go to school?".She answered yes and told me her name.I gave the little girl something small and told her to work hard in school.She gave me a sincere thank you cause i guess i even cared to ask her name.In my mind i thought"That's a start and that's what i will try to do for any kid i can give a handout to".I decided to walk down a street i like using to get to my matatu stage.I was shocked to see John there.It was getting late and it was dark.I said hi,he seemed so shy,I thought he didn't recall me.Then he said"You took my picture at the other street".He was next to a young girl who looked like she was around twelve years old.As i spoke to John who seemed so shy ,she answered for him.Then she asked if i may i please buy them food that i don't have to give them money.I asked her if John was her brother.They do have the same eyes though John has a dark complexion and she has a light complexion.She answered yes and her name was Halima. They are six kids with a single mother.I asked John if they go to school he answered"We closed school along time ago".His sister Halima told me the name of the school which is in a slum area in the city where they also reside.I told them to work hard in school because that is the way they can really help their mother out.

I told John and his sister i was running late and could only give them something small for them to buy food.I asked them if they are always in the streets.They said they are except on Monday.I guess, they are there mostly in the evenings.That is so sad because they should be normal kids,that life is hard.But they seem OK and in their own blissful innocent worlds.I told John and Halima bye and if i see John i will surely say hi whenever."With the little i can give i will try and add hope to it".Trey Songz encourages people to help out in their communities no matter how small.I am learning to get alittle more involved which i did not really have the courage to do in the past.
The next week i had to use that street in the evening.I met John and he seemed alone asking for help.I said hi and asked him where his sister was.He pointed and started to walk down the street then he called her.His sister came running,she was happy to see me.She gave me a handshake which made my day.I asked how they were doing and they said they were okay.As i said goodbye, Halima told me bless you and i told them bless you too.At the end of that week i saw John this time he saw me too and he quickly came and gave me a hand shake.I asked him where his sister was and he told me she was at the street across the road.I gave him what i could and told him to say hello to her for me.Those two times i saw him that week he had the pinkish jacket he had on when he met Trey Songz. I still see him from time to time mostly on the same street,he is mostly on a certain street but not at all times.I gladly get a hand shake and i ask him how he is doing and i also get a warm bye from him.What i can do is pray for him and many children around the world in the same situation he is growing up in. This is the world we live in and i guess we should just make the best out of it and never forget to show love.We can only do the best we can to make someone else's life easier or better and mostly pray for them to always be okay,feel love and don't loose their way in the cold world.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

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Monday, 19 December 2016

What Can You Do To Remind Others It Is Christmas?

Sometimes People Need To Be Reminded That It Is Christmas

Even before December i started to hear and see Christmas advertisements.I was in shock everytime one came on because i just was not there.I did not feel nor believe the holidays are here.It just could not sink in and i could not feel it no matter how hard i tried.As i walked home and it was early December, i saw amazing Christmas lights on a big tree outside a shop.My thoughts were "it is early but someone is excited about the holidays and those are alot of lights".But still i did not feel it.One evening as i stood outside a cyber cafe at home i could see the tree with the Christmas lights at the end of the road.I took a moment,paused and just looked at the tree.The feeling of i do not feel like its Christmas went away and i felt it.

I was in a rush to do this and that get this and that done and knew Christmas would come and pass me by.I am thankful for whoever put those Christmas lights up because i guess some of us need to be reminded its time to pause and see its the holidays.It does not matter if things are perfect or not .Its nice to pause and take it all in.In the past many shops did paintings to symbolize it is the holidays but this year i have hardly seen that.Some acts like putting up Christmas decorations do bring in the holiday cheer into peoples hearts.Which means alot and goes along way.Because all i had to do is paused and take it in.Then i could feel it and appreciate and just relax abit.

This year like last year i have my grown up Christmas wish for the world from this amazing Christmas Song.My wish is always for the world to be a kinder and better place.
"So here's my lifelong wish My grown up Christmas list Not for myself But for a world in need No more lives torn apart That wars would never start And time would heal all hearts And everyone would have a friend And right would always win And love would never end This is my grown up Christmas list"

Thursday, 15 December 2016

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Monday, 12 December 2016

How To Write Simple Amazing Lyrics.

Lyrics are an essential part of any songs.If you ask me the heart and soul of music are the words that is the lyrics.Lyrics should should be carefully crafted and worked upon.You can have the best melodies or beats but without good lyrics a song will not really take off.Lyrics tell stories,awaken emotions and stimulate the senses that initially music should stimulate.
Theme When you decide to come up with lyrics or if you may say "words to a song".You need a theme,"what topic will the song or lyrics be all about?"The theme can be about love,social issues,clubbing and much more.The most popular theme is love.For me that is my favourite theme.

Title Since you are telling a story through your lyrics.Every story has to have a title.The title can come first or as you are writing the lyrics.The title is mostly from the first line of the chorus or the last line of the chorus.
Structure Songs have different structures.The most common structure is the verse,chorus,verse,chorus,bridge,chorus,chorus.The first verse is always the introduction to the story.The chorus tells the main story.The second verse continues to tell the story.The bridge gives a summary of the story.Both verses should have the same number of lines.The chorus can have more lines or less than the verses or the same number of lines as the verses.The bridge has the shortest number of lines.The number of lines in verses,bridges and choruses should be even numbers.

When you have all the above in mind then you can start writing the lyrics to your song.

Rhyming When writing your lyrics rhyming is essential you can decide to do the ABAB or AABB rhyming.You can tell your story perfectly and make it rhyme.
Be Poetic Being poetic when coming up with lyrics is very good.If you want lyrics that bring out alot of emotion and have alot of depth having a poetic approach is key.You do not have to be too poetic.A little poetry and sweetness will do.

Paint a picture You have to paint a picture with your lyrics.You can paint a picture without a pencil,paint and paper.Yes,you can paint a picture with your words.Just pour your heart,thoughts and emotions into your lyrics.The picture you want to paint with your words will come out perfectly.
Syllables Once you have your lyrics down or as you write your lyrics you have to count syllables.A syllable is a single unbroken sound of a spoken or written word. And so the number of breaks in words should be the same in line one of verse one and line one of verse two.This should happen in all the other lines in the verses.This makes the lyrics to fit into the melody perfectly.
If you keep all this in mind then you can come up with great lyrics.You do not have to have many lines,four to eight lines per verse will work just fine.Here is a sample of lyrics i wrote.

RAINDROPS: verse 1 : i do drown my tears, in the words of a song, i do drown my fears, in the words of a song, it took me a lifetime to find you, and a day to loose you,
chorus: either way thanks for loving me, i am a desert, you are a raindrop, thanks for coming my way, thank you for loving me, raindrops hardly come my way,
verse 2: do you drown your tears, in the words of a song, do you drown your fears, in the words of a song, did it take you a lifetime to find me, did it take just a day to loose me, chorus :
bridge : well i found you, and i lost you, which is better than nothing at all, thanks for making me whole, do you miss me, cause i sure do miss you
chorus :

Monday, 5 December 2016

The Best International Artist To Be On Coke Studio Africa -Trey Songz

Trey Songz Is So Far The Best International Artist To Be On Coke Studio Africa

Coke Studio Africa is a musical programme that brings African musical artists together to work on music projects.It also brings in producers and other people who are behind the making of music.I can say season four of Coke Studio Africa has been so far the best because they obviously brought in International R&B/HipHop artist Trey Songz.

I love this season the most because they have done amazing things like make music using objects like coke bottles,kitchen utensils and smart phones.The audience has been involved in helping with the performance.It has been mind blowing.The new artists featured to the old artists to marsh ups and original compositions.It has been great to watch.

As a songwriter i love to watch people work on music from scratch because i get to learn alot. Trey Songz has so far been the best international artist to be featured on Coke Studio Africa because of his presence.His presence was full of amazing colourful personality.It felt like he was home and would make you appreciate Africa,its culture and music even more.He was full of joy ,playful forever with a smile on his face.I guess the artists who got to be around him and work with him had the time of their lives.

I just wish he did not wear shades half of the time because they were hiding his amazing eyes.His performance and working with other artist was amazing.He really blended perfectly with the African Artists never overshadowing them.The chemistry was amazing .Trey Songz is amazing because when he is somewhere or doing something he is present and gives it all his attention.He is interested in what is around him at that particular moment which makes him worthwhile.He is a great song crafter, performer with amazing vocals,has great stage presence and is very engaging.Coke Studio Africa got an amazing international artist to be part of this great African experience.I hope Trey Songz will be back soon and get to eat Kenyan dishes obviously perform at Coke Studio and even more,"well a fun has to dream",LOL.Trey Songz made me love Africa even more.He also played the role of a good teacher, mentor and gave awesome advice.

The cover to Heart Attark by Neyma and Stonebwoy was good.The delivery and interpretation was good.

The cover to Slow Motion by Vanessa Mdee,Serge Beynaud and Rema Namakula was great.The delivery and interpretation was great.The guitar in this sounded amazing.

The song Body to Body by Neyma,Vanessa Mdee,Stonebwoy,Lij Michael,Nyashinski and Trey Songz was amazing.You cant help but fall inlove with the words and melody to this song .These lines were amazing...you are so close yet so far you should live in my heart and umeniteka mzima nakuruhusu (you have got the whole of me i allow you).

The best was saved for last because the song Follow Me by Yemi Alade, Serge Beynaud, Rema Namakula,Emtee and Trey Songz was just the cream of the cup.The playful lyrics were on point,the beats were awesome.I really loved Trey's lyrics the most in follow me and am not favouring him though the other artists also killed it.All the artists seemed to be having tha time of their lives

The show took off with fireworks and ended in the highest note.All i can tell Trey is "Niaje,Asante Sana for coming to Kenya and Karibu Tena Kenya,Tunakupenda Sana".Treys pronunciation of swahili words was perfect.

Trey tweeted about this episode 9 of Coke studio Africa.His tweets were

  1. Thank you to for hosting and much love to everyone who participated!!! -Tremaine
  2. . is ready to answer your questions about his music. Tweet your questions using
  3. live on AIT now. Tune in to watch Africa's biggest show.
  4. Beautiful experience with beautiful people! .