Monday, 5 December 2016

The Best International Artist To Be On Coke Studio Africa -Trey Songz

Trey Songz Is So Far The Best International Artist To Be On Coke Studio Africa

Coke Studio Africa is a musical programme that brings African musical artists together to work on music projects.It also brings in producers and other people who are behind the making of music.I can say season four of Coke Studio Africa has been so far the best because they obviously brought in International R&B/HipHop artist Trey Songz.

I love this season the most because they have done amazing things like make music using objects like coke bottles,kitchen utensils and smart phones.The audience has been involved in helping with the performance.It has been mind blowing.The new artists featured to the old artists to marsh ups and original compositions.It has been great to watch.

As a songwriter i love to watch people work on music from scratch because i get to learn alot. Trey Songz has so far been the best international artist to be featured on Coke Studio Africa because of his presence.His presence was full of amazing colourful personality.It felt like he was home and would make you appreciate Africa,its culture and music even more.He was full of joy ,playful forever with a smile on his face.I guess the artists who got to be around him and work with him had the time of their lives.

I just wish he did not wear shades half of the time because they were hiding his amazing eyes.His performance and working with other artist was amazing.He really blended perfectly with the African Artists never overshadowing them.The chemistry was amazing .Trey Songz is amazing because when he is somewhere or doing something he is present and gives it all his attention.He is interested in what is around him at that particular moment which makes him worthwhile.He is a great song crafter, performer with amazing vocals,has great stage presence and is very engaging.Coke Studio Africa got an amazing international artist to be part of this great African experience.I hope Trey Songz will be back soon and get to eat Kenyan dishes obviously perform at Coke Studio and even more,"well a fun has to dream",LOL.Trey Songz made me love Africa even more.He also played the role of a good teacher, mentor and gave awesome advice.

The cover to Heart Attark by Neyma and Stonebwoy was good.The delivery and interpretation was good.

The cover to Slow Motion by Vanessa Mdee,Serge Beynaud and Rema Namakula was great.The delivery and interpretation was great.The guitar in this sounded amazing.

The song Body to Body by Neyma,Vanessa Mdee,Stonebwoy,Lij Michael,Nyashinski and Trey Songz was amazing.You cant help but fall inlove with the words and melody to this song .These lines were are so close yet so far you should live in my heart and umeniteka mzima nakuruhusu (you have got the whole of me i allow you).

The best was saved for last because the song Follow Me by Yemi Alade, Serge Beynaud, Rema Namakula,Emtee and Trey Songz was just the cream of the cup.The playful lyrics were on point,the beats were awesome.I really loved Trey's lyrics the most in follow me and am not favouring him though the other artists also killed it.All the artists seemed to be having tha time of their lives

The show took off with fireworks and ended in the highest note.All i can tell Trey is "Niaje,Asante Sana for coming to Kenya and Karibu Tena Kenya,Tunakupenda Sana".Treys pronunciation of swahili words was perfect.

Trey tweeted about this episode 9 of Coke studio Africa.His tweets were

  1. Thank you to for hosting and much love to everyone who participated!!! -Tremaine
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  4. Beautiful experience with beautiful people! .