I think Religion is a very sensitive subject or rather the most sensitive subject. Khole Kardashian got mixed reactions when she put on a Niqad which is an outfit worn by Muslim women because of modesty.It is obvious that people got offended but i do not think that Khloe did that out of disrespect ,she maybe was trying out a new culture.But people would take it bad but Khloe goes to Dubai may be she wanted to experience some thing new and no offence to Muslim women what so ever. Sometimes when you visit Muslim Nations and you are a Christian woman you are asked to wear niqab or a hijab for modesty. Angelina Jolie wore a hijab when she was in a Muslim Nation out of respect and nobody said a thing. Khloe Kardashian trying something new should not be taken as bad.She dated  Muslim man(French Montana) which would make her drown to his culture.When i first saw that picture i straight away recognised those beautiful eyes,i could tell straight away that it was Khloe.
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