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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

What Private Promoters Should Be Doing For Indie Music Artists

Indie artist are independent music artists and so they don't have a record label behind them to take care of music promotion.Music promotion is amust for one to be a successful artist. As an Indie Artist one has to pay for music promotion for individual music promoters who are expert digital marketers.One can also opt for music promotion companies but will probably have to pay more money.

First of all Music Promoters should be honest.Honesty is what one needs most.There is no point in pretending to promote music when all you want is a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing.Yes as an Artist one has to be cautious of people taking advantage of the need for promotion just to take What Private money and they don't know how to or plainly cannot deliver.
It's for Indie Music Artists to be very cautious when paying an individual or company for music promotion.Actions speak louder than words.Artist should look into any individual or company offering music promotion. What Music promoters should be doing for music artists is they should not be asking for payment only to deliver less plays in terms of the money they were paid. Why should an Indie Music Artist pay 10$ only to get 8$ or less worth of music streaming and follows.When it comes to stream services even if you get one to two thousand streams you wont get anything near 10$.And yet you have paid for music promotion for that amount or more. What Music Promoters don't see is if i make a profit from my expenditures i will have more to pay for more promotion.Who doesn't like growth?As an Indie Music Artist i would stick with a promoter that brings in profits not losses from my investment.And i would certainly spread the word on how good their delivery is and it's will be a win win for everybody. If promoters can't help artists grow and they too will not grow.

I am Indie Music Artist and i have first hand experience with Music Promoters.I turn down the ones who feel like it's good to deliver one thousand or so not caring that i would be making a loss because when i get paid for music streams it is less than what i paid for music promotion.Most of them make it like they are even doing you a huge favor. The truth is we should work together and build each other. The best place to get affordable people to promote your music is on fiverr .You just have to do your homework in picking the right people that can deliver real traffic that is worth your money.Be sure to check promoter reviews on fiverr before picking one.