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Monday, 27 June 2016

23 Things You Need To Know About Prince

1.Prince original name was Rogers Prince Nelson. 2.Prince came from musical family.His father was a lyricist and pianist.The mother to prince was a jazz musician. 3.Prince composed his first song when he was five years old.He could remember the song even as an adult.Looks like he was destined for music.

4.Prince turned down his first music contract at fifteen years of age because he was not allowed to produce his first album. 5.At the eighteen years of age,he became the youngest artist to be signed by Warner Brothers. 6.At the begining of his music career Prince hardly did any interviews.When he started to do interviews he did not really seem to enjoy them.He even mentioned many times that all he wanted to do is perform. 7.Though Prince could perform and sing infront of millions of fans,he was very shy and he never admitted it though it was evident when there was no music and it was time for Prince to just talk.

8.Prince was once bood off stage when he was the open act for The Rolling Stones.This is evidence of believing in oneself.Because Prince emerged as one of the biggest artists of our time. 9.Prince wrote the word slave on his face because he did not own any of the songs that he created.Shocking isn't it? Yes,Prince had to fight his record label for the ownership of his own creations.He broke away from that record label and started working on his own. 10.Prince was great when it came to playing basket ball.He could shoot with both hands.Though he was not allowed on the basketball team in high school.Looks like his favourite sport was basketball.

11.Prince finished working on his songs in a day and he mostly worked alone.Talk of a musical genius. 12.He played all the instruments on one of his albums which he soley produced.He could play countless instruments.

13.Prince was hands on when it came to his music,stage performance and wardrobe. 14.Prince wrote numerous songs for other artist.These songs were hits and are the kind that are timeless.You wouldn't expect less from a musical genius.

15.Prince wrote songs that had unique titles.Some of the titles to his songs are one of a kind like: 1.When doves cry 2.Purple rain 3.Raspberry beret 4.Starfish and coffee 5.Red chorvette 6.Diamonds and pearls OK, the list seems endless.

16.Prince was a vegetarian.He also liked lots of sweets and candy. 17.Prince was an activist.Prince fought any kind of segregation.He also did it in his music.He played a good role in society and he gave back through charities.

18.Prince was an actor.Prince was not only an actor but he was good at it.He even won an oscar for the movie Purple Rain.His last acting was in season 3 of the comedy television series New Girl. 19.Prince never liked jeans,probably he never wore jeans.He also asked people who worked for him not to wear jeans. He liked them looking serious and official.He might have also not like khaki pants because he was asked if he ever wore khaki pants and he laughed.

20.He had a very unique style.He wore high shoes and heels better than some of us.He could run on stage,dance and do splits in heels.

21.Though most big musicians move to big cities.Prince lived in Minnesotta and even had his production studio there.He was born and raised there too.

22.Prince was asked to appear in the music video for the song bad by Micheal Jackson but he turned that offer down.He was to play the role that Wesley Snipes plays as the vilan in the bad music video.
23. Prince had a great sense of homour,he was really good at playing pranks and jocking around.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Can Sneakers Match With Girly Outfits?-Sports Shoes,Skirts,Dresses Match.

Who says you can not wear your favourite dress with sneakers.Long gone are the days where wearing a dress and a pair of sneakers was a no no or taboo.When you match a girly outfit well with a good pair of sneakers you will end up with a fabulous look.People who match skirts and dresses well with sneakers or sports shoes look very stylish and insync.Flared dresses and flared skirts are the easiest to pull off with a pair of sneakers.Sneakers are hard to pull off with a very long dress or skirt.You have to have the right type of sneakers and long skirt or dress.I like this look because it breaks down the girly look and makes one look trendy,stylish,edgy and playful.This is a style that every girl should try.It is one of the most comfortable and fun styles out there.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Is It Breakup Season In Hollywood?-Celebrity Breakups.

If it is not hard enough having your relationship in the lime light.It is even harder having your breakup in the lime light.Most celebrities cant seem hide the romantic relationships from the public.The good times to the bad times find their way to the public.Though its sad,there have been so many celebrity breakups one would think it is breakup season in Hollywood.Here are afew of the celebrity breakups because the list has been endless.

1.Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift met Calvin Harris at the ELLE Style Awards on February 24 of last year.The next day,Taylor and Calvin meet at the Brit Awards.These two hung out at an after-party,along with Mick Jagger and continued to meet up after that day.What a connection these two seemed to have. In March 2015 according to reports,Calvin and model Aarika Wolf broke up after dating for about seven months. Taylor and Calvin officially begun dating on March 6, 2015. This was revealed by both of them one year later when they both did sweet anniversary posts.Come June of this year Calvin posted a tweet saying their one year relationship has come to and end.And all that is left is love for each other and a good friendship.Taylor Swift retweeted Calvins tweet.This breakup was a surprise because these two were posting pictures of their vacations together and there was no evidence of any trouble in paradise.

2.Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama 

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have been together for six years. They met in 2010 at a shoot for Voto Latino which is an organization that empowers Latino Millennials to claim a better future for themselves and their community.Demi once posted this message about her then love.
"I wish I could put into
words how grateful I am 
for this man right here. 
But my love has grown to a
level that words could never possibly express how much this man completes me. He's loved me the way I never thought I deserved to be loved and with this day marking my 3rd year sober... After sharing my ups, putting up with my downs and supporting my recovery... he still never takes credit and I want the world to know how incredible his soul is. I really wouldn't be alive today without him. I love you Wilmer ".
Demi and Wilmer met the same year Demi admitted herself to a rehab facility for an eating disorder and drugs.Wilmer seems to have been by her site and helped Demi through that hard time.June of this year these two announced through instagram of their breakup.They said the romance was not there anymore, their relationship had become more of a big brother small sister relationship.And that these was a mutual decision and they remain best of friends.
3.Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

They met on the set of the movie The Rum Diaries in 2009.Johnny and Amber started dating after his divorce in 2012.These two got engaged in 2014 got marriage in February 2015.In June of this year Amber filed for divorce and even got a restraining order against Johnny Depp.She claimed he is an abuser.This seems to be one messy Hollywood breakup.Johnny's exes came to his defence saying that he has never been an abusive partner.
4.Kylie Jenner and Tyga Kylie

 Jenner and Tyga seem to have ended things for good in May of this year.These two first confirmed they were together during Kylie's eighteenth birthday.Though there were rumours of them dating way before Kylie turned eighteen. Since their breakup Kylie has been linked with rapper PartyNextDoor.Looks like Kylie has a thing for rappers or rather a thing for bad boys.
5.Zac Efron and Sami Miró 

 In April of this year, Zac Efron former star of High School Musical broke up with his girlfriend of nearly two years who is a stylist and model Sami Miró. The couple was last seen together at the MTV Movie Awards earlier that month.
6.Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

 Sharon and Ozzy Osbourn this year are divorcing after nearly 34 years of marriage .It looks like it is not only young couples breaking up in Hollywood. They said that the split was mutual and they remain friends.These two tied the knot in 1982 and have three children together.These kids are Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.They at some point had a reality television series.
7. Khloé Kardashian and James Harden 

 Reality television star Khloé Kardashian and NBA star James Harden started dating in July 2015 but called it quits in February 2016.They say it is due to their extremely busy schedules.And Khloe is finally divorcing her husband Lamar Odom after being separated for quiet sometime.
8.Henry Cavill and Tara King 

The Batman v Superman actor Henry Cavill apparently ended his relationship with his 19-year-old girlfriend in May of this year.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Is This The Messiest Divorce In Hollywood ?-The Johnny Depp and Amber Heart Divorce.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met at a film set where they played love interests.The acted together in the 2009 movie The Rum Diaries.At that time Johnny Depp was still married with two children.These two started to date in 2012 after Johnny Depp had divorced his then wife and mother to two of his kids.His divorce was rather quiet and you could say he and the mother of his two kids had no hard feelings.

Was Amber silently the reason for Johnny's divorce? Did these two develop an undying chemistry that drew them to each other? Was it the case of one woman building her house on another woman's ruins? Or was it someone leaving gold for something that seems to be the gold but it is the case of all that glitters is not gold?

Amber and Johnny got engaged in 2014 which was the first time Amber told someone of Johnny's alleged abuse.These two married in 2015. OK how do you marry someone who is allegedly abusive?Flash forward to 2016 Amber files for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and she gets a restraining order against Johnny Depp.She makes allegations that Johnny was abusive through out the marriage.She says he was also abusing drugs and alcohol.She claims he was mostly emotionally abusive and temperamental says in the latest incident Johnny hit her with a phone.She even had a picture of a bruised eye.Police were called but couldn't confirm her allegations and the alleged phone thrown at her was never found.Amber has been photographed being sad.Then other pictures would get her laughing with her friends.Amber asked for spousal support and the couple did not sign a prenuptial  agreement when they got marriade. Johnny's body guards say the allegations of Johnny being abusive are false claims.The one to loose alot is Johnny who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.He even owns an island.Johnny filed his divorce papers and said he does not want to pay spousal support.All these allegations could be extremely damaging to Johnny Depp's career.Johnny Depp is an accomplished actor and producer.He is also a musician.

But Johnny's ex-wife and kids say he is not an abusive man.The women who have been apart of his life back Johnny as not an abuser.Amber filed for divorce afew days after Johnny's mum passed.This looks so far as the messiest divorce in Hollywood and confusing.Johnny Depp's fans seem to be on his side.His fan base is as strong as it has always been.There is always two sides to every story.The only way anyone would know what really went on is if one was a fly on Johnny and Amber's wall.Amber Heard is suing a reported who wrote a story that says she was black mailing Johnny Depp.I don't stomach abusers but when this story came out i just didn't buy it.I don't believe Amber's allegations,i don't know why i feel that way.I am not the type that falls for everything when it comes to celebrities.I am a fan of Johnny Depp but i wouldn't back up his vices.I stand to be corrected.I am super sorry if i am wrong but i do not believe in Amber Heards allegations.If the judge rules in favour of Amber she will walk away with alot. You cant help but wonder is this relationship ending the way it begun. 

The latest news on Johnny Depp is that he hang out with a twenty one year old Swedish fashion blogger.And there are pictures where Johnny seems warm and friendly with her.People are saying she is Amber's clone and he seems to have a type.I think Johnny should stay away from blonde's,lol,just kidding.Word is Johnny Depp is not facing criminal charges for spousal abuse.Just like Jack Sparrow the character he plays in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny seems to raise from the ashes.