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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Is January The Hardest Month Of The Year?-A Sad Mindset About January.

When the clocks strikes midnight on the 31st of December of every year people celebrate without a care in the world.New year is one of the most celebrated holidays in the World.But days after the celebrations it is down hill.It is like a hang over after drinking and partying too hard.And the hang over lasts for a whole month.People always rant and rave about how broke they are in January.Some even call it "Njaanuary" which means hungry January.People complain of low business.Since it is a start of a new school term parents complain about spending alot of money on their kids.Since everyone is complaining you wonder if everyone has children because not everyone has children.There is always planning for your children because it is an expected expense.

Over spending during the festive season. During the month of December people tend to over spend.People get carried away with the Christmas season forgetting that when January comes life should go on.
Poor planning People have a whole year to save up for the Christmas season.Eleven Months are more than enough to save for the December plans.If you make proper planning and save for December then you will not over spend and be broke in January.
January is a beautiful month.

Yes January is a beautiful month and the mentality that it is a broke month is just a negative cliche.That mentality has been spread to lots of peoples minds and it has sadly stuck with them.And so when December comes people use too much money on festivities and they did not save enough over the year.Then when January comes they blame the month.Well,January is a month just like the rest and it is as good as the rest.Try and not follow the huge negative crowd that says people are so broke and the sun is extra hot during January and it brings with it hunger.Remember your ways of thinking shapes your life.And guess what not everyone is broke in January so dare to standout and plan so that you do not overspend in December and then blame a month for your brokenness.

Your brokenness in January is your own doing and do not follow the negative crowd because that is the norm year in and year out.If you fail to plan then you plan to fail and cry that broken record that is out-dated.January should stop being a broke cliche for almost everyone.Everyone cant be broke at the same time,that is just a huge lie. Now that January is finally over i bet most people are over the moon when it is never that bad of a month. Dare to stand out every January by not following the negative crowd.What do you think about January?

Monday, 25 January 2016

Does Tyga Like Them Young?-Looks Like Tyga Likes Them Young

Tyga was in a long term relationship with his fiance and the mother of his son before he broke up with her for Kylie Jenna.Kylie Jenna was seventeen years at the time and since she was not yet eighteen years.They denied the rumours that said that they were dating or a couple.It was obvious Kylie was the reason he left his fiance Black China.And Black China's beef with Kylie was public.When Kylie turned eighteen she then announced that she and Tyga have been friends for long and they decided to start dating.

Fast forward to now Tyga is being accused of inappropriately trying to instagram a young upcoming model and singer known as Molly O'malia.He was even offering to fly her in a private jet.O'malia is only fourteen years old but lied to Tyga that she was seventeen years old.O'Malia looks like a younger version of Kylie.There are even screen shots of O'Malia and Tygas conversations on instagram.Is Kylie now too old for Tyga and so his eyes are wondering else where.

Tyga says he was only trying to help O'Malia with her career's.If the allegations against Tyga are true then it is very sad because a twenty six year old man has no business flirting with and dating teenagers.It is wrong in so many levels and not to mention against the law. I must admit Molly looks older that fourteen years but she still looks like a teenager.And hey doesn't Tyga have a girlfriend so why would he looking for another girl who is a teenager? Do you think this story is true or is Tyga just an easy target?

Here is Molly O'Malia's press statement when the story came out Tyga had an affair with a teenager:

And here is Tyga's response:

Thursday, 14 January 2016

17 Amazing Looks Of The 73rd Golden Globe Awards 2016

The 73rd Golden Globe Awards 2016 took place and one wouldn't help but notice the glamour and amazing outfits.There were celebrities who were stunning while others missed the mark by afew points while others missed it by miles.All looks were seen from shredded looks where it looked like some dresses went through shredders to who lied to you that that dress looks good to amazing looks that made the celebrities who wore them look like fashion icons.Here are 17 amazing looks of the 73rd Golden Globes Awards:

Monday, 11 January 2016

11 Things On My To Do List 2016

Do not get me wrong these are not my New Years Resolutions.These are just things i would like to work at and achieve this year.Some of these things i have been doing last year and i will continue doing this year.A New Year is a time you can set your goals though its just a day after the last year and pretty much a continuation of the last year,some people would call it 2015 season 2 lol. It can be a time to reflect and set goals to work towards and continue with the goals already at hand.

1.I will work smart at everything i do.

2.I will breathe more.This is because we are up and down going about our day and forget to take little breaks to just concentrate on our breathing and just relax because these makes everything easier and promotes good health.

3.I will exercise which i do by walking to places instead of using a vehicle.I just might do alittle workout now and then for good health and to look good on the outside.
4.I will remember my fruits and veggies.I always have my veggies but i am not consistent when it comes to eating fruits.

5.I will sing more because singing can be relaxing.It can be one of the best ways to relax.

6.I will not forget to dance because this is a great way to workout,relax and stay happy.

7.I will keep intouch with the people who value me and take the time to talk to me.The rest who feel they are all that,i will let them be all that in their own worlds lol.

8.I will choose my battles wisely though am not good at this one.

9.I will keep working on being the change i want to see in the world.

10.Work on being selfish with myself inorder to better myself so that i may be in a good position to help others.

11.Keep the fashion and makeup like life is a movie starring great fashion and makeup and ofcourse love lol.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Whats So Funny About The New Year?- Happy New Year Madness .

A new year is a time to celebrate and be grateful.For many it seems a new beginning and a start of great things.For some they make new years resolutions like: 1.This is the year i will buy my first house,car and e.t.c 2.This is the year i will settle down or get my dream guy or girl. 3.This is the year i will get into shape and loose weight. 4.This is the year i will stop drinking or smoking or both.I will start living and eating healthy. 5.This is the year i will get that promotion or that dream job.

As much as New Years Resolutions are great,positive and if you stick to them they will be quiet an achievement.Most people at the end of the year do not get even in the neighbourhood of their New Years Resolutions.This is because people expect things to work like magic.Well wishing wells are only in fairytales. You have to have alot of patience and discipline to achieve your goals.Little by little is the trick keep going for what you want even when you hit a wall do not give up.And one funny thing about New Years Resolutions is that some are never realistic.This is because you cannot run when you do not know how to crawl.
Another Funny thing about The New Year is that it is the time of the year when people misbehave the most in the name of celebrating.People are in their worst behaviour during the New Years.People over indulge in alcohol and break bottles in the name of celebration.

During New Year celebrations sometimes is the most dangerous time of the year though it is time to celebrate.

New Year is a great time and it could mean a bright fresh start but it is the time that people tend to loose sight of reality.Keep those dreams alive and work towards them step by step.What do you think of the New Year?

Saturday, 2 January 2016

10 Top Songs Of The Year 2015

As the year 2015 takes a bow,i have to talk about great music.The year 2015 has had great song releases and here are my top song releases for the year 2015.You can get these great songs and many others by clicking here or here.What are your great songs for the year 2015? Click here to get amazing music that you like.