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Monday, 31 October 2016

Are You Feeling Chris Brown,Omarion and The Game's Hairstyle 2016?

I do not know about a majority of people but i am not feeling Chris Brown,Omarion and The Game's hairstyle.I am a fan of the three but i am not digging the plaited lines or braiding and shave around.The haircut is hardly if ever fluttering.This look is not fluttering on Chris Brown,Omarion or The Game and anyone rocking this look.Chris Brown,Omarion and The Game mostly have great hairstyles but this is not one of them.This hairstyle looks ancient and tribal.I love these guys but i do not dig this look.Are you feeling Chris Brown,Omarion and The Game's hairstyle? Okay the look maybe very creative but it is not fluttering.

Monday, 24 October 2016

How Can Kenyans Get Good Leadership?-Kenyans Should Stop Being Sycophants

I do not believe Kenya has ever had great leadership because in Kenya being in leadership seems like a popularity contest.And this popularity contest is not for the better good of most but just for a handful.Kenya is full of potential but poor leadership is frustrating its potential.Leaders want to get into power and after that lots of money is unaccounted for.Corruption after corruption and no one is accountable.Money stolen is never returned and no one goes to jail. 
Ok,the only thing you hear is resigning or getting fired of people involved in these scandalous stealing.But these people move on to other positions or their personal businesses.They walk away with tax payers money.Everyone in Kenya is paying for corruption.Everything Kenyans buy is highly taxed to pay for lavish lifestyles of people in power,if that is not enough their is alot of stealing done.Yet the same leaders are voted into power time and time again.

1.Salaries of people in power are super high and still they have to steal public funds. 2.Lack of accountability where no one pays for corruption. 3.Leaders empty promises and only look out for their own interest. 4.Kenyans being sycophants and just voting for leaders because they are funs for no solid reason.People just vote in leaders because they are fans.They vote them in not because they bring change or will work for the people. Kenyans should learn to love themselves first because that leader wont put food on their table.Infact you are the ones who will put a big fat meal on their table while you dont get enough meals.
Being a sycophant is the worst thing you can be by voting in people because they are the same tribe as you are or are popular in your eyes.
People should vote in leaders who bring change and work for the people but not for themselves and their cartels. Vote for leaders who have not been tangled up in corruption.A zebra will never change its stripes. The huge salaries that are being paid should be deducted.That is the only way you will get to see the real from the fake.Everyone fights for leadership because that is a guarantee for a large and fat salary plus allowances.And you are free to also steal public funds because the posiblities are endless.And guess what you will be above the law so no accountability for your royal self.

Kenyans should stop being sycophants and vote for leaders who: 1.Respect the law and know that they should follow it.Leaders who do not steal and misuse public funds and for ridiculus reasons. 2.Lead by example and be accountable. 3.Leaders who are willing to have their salaries reduced because they are too high.Leaders who are not greedy 4.Leaders who bring change not with their mouths but with their actions.Leaders who bring change and development to the country.

Because Kenyans are sycophants we have a government that has steals public funds.They have beat any record of corruption in the history of Kenya.By the way adding more people into the government was not such a great idea.Because these made corruption to sky rocket.The most annoying people being the MCA's who have crazy budgets and demands. We have seen Governors who have the nerve of showing crazy budgets costing millions to purchase cheap things and shamelessy lie about it.Such people should be out of office as fast as their silly lies. The situation is just ridiculous and seems like a circus.Kenyans should just stop being sycophants for their own good.A good leader is transparent ,accountable and respects the rule of law and is not above the law.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Street Fashion in Kenya(Part 5)-Fashion.

Street fashion or rather street style has always been around,probably it has been there since the beginning of time,LOL. But it is not until the mid-1950s that its significance started to be recognized, emulated, and valued.Flash forward to today street fashion is being recognized more than ever.
Pictures are courtesy of DJ Butch

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Why Standby Generators are a Smart Choice

With a standby generator, you can be confident that you’re ready for almost any type of storm. Even if you don’t live in an area that’s commonly threatened by hurricanes, you can still benefit from this clever addition. If you’ve been thinking about making an upgrade to your home, then consider the clear advantages of a whole-home generator.

Weather Worries are a Thing of the Past
If you live in an area that sees frequent storms and power outages, then a standby power system will make your life much easier. You won’t have to worry about food going bad or losing heat to your home when you have a generator hooked up and ready to go.

No Price Gouging
Most people wait until a major power blackout to buy generators. This means that prices can skyrocket even as the supply and choice shrinks. With an onsite generator connected and ready to go, you’ll just have to flip a switch to have your power back up and running. Another benefit is that whole-house generators are typically secured inside a structure to help protect them from theft.

Easy Fueling
Even in a power outage, the gas lines will still run. This is one reason why emergency generators are hooked up to natural gas or LP lines. Rather than going out to the store and waiting in line for gas, you can be confident that your generator has all the fuel it’s going to need.

Customize the Size to Fit Your Needs
The cost of a backup generator rises with the number of circuits it can handle. If you’re working with a budget, then go for a smaller system that will run your essential items like the furnace and refrigerators. If you want to keep your entire home running, then you’ll need a unit than can handle 48 kilowatts.

Automatic Startups
Another benefit of the backup generator is that it’s designed to kick on automatically. Even if you’re away from the home, it should still turn on within 10 to 30 seconds of your power loss. This takes the stress and worry out of trying to get a portable one started and set up when the lights go out.

When you need to find local general contractors for this service, look for highly experienced companies who stand behind their work. Generators will need some care and maintenance over the years, and you may choose to have the same company take care of the installation as well as the annual tune-ups and other services.Go on get your Standby Generators here .

Monday, 10 October 2016

Street Fashion in Kenya(Part 4)-Fashion.

Street Fashion in Kenya is urban.Street fashion brings out good and edgy personal style that can make one standout.It is an interpretation of fashion and style by an individual.It is current and shows one is modern and in with the times.And this fashion and style is expressed mostly in the streets.Pictures are courtesy of DJ Butch.