Monday, 24 July 2017

How French Montana is Bridging Gaps With The Ugandan Triplets Ghetto Kids

French Montana Doing Good With Charity

They say never judge a book by its cover but i can safely say with French Montana you can safely do so.French looks like a kind individual and indeed he is.Moroccan-born, South Bronx-raised rapper and producer French Montana currently has huge successful new single ‘Unforgettable’ featuring Mississippi rapper Swae Lee . This single is a huge banger.What is even more amazing about this single is its music video which was shoot in Uganda.What is touching about this video is the dancers in the video.The dancers are very talented kids who make you glued to the screen everytime the song comes on.This video is a project that has had a huge impact on himself and all those involved.
The video to this song was filmed in a humble location in Uganda after French Montana was inspired by a dance routine video posted online featuring local troupe Triplets Ghetto Kids getting down to this single.These kids come from very humble back grounds.He even turned that video project into a complete documentary about his experience known as Project: Unforgettable Uganda “My Story, Their Reality.”If French wanted he would have shot the video at a posh location with known dancers and the usual video vixens.But this concept he took up is even more creative and amazing.

Patricia Nabakooza, Ricia Nyangoma, Ashley Kavuma, Hassan Sseruwu (Kokode), Ronald Ssentongo (Ronnie), Isaac Tumusiime, Bashir Lubega (Ada), Fred Tumwesigye, and Hassan Kavuma Wassawa (Manking) are the members of this dance troupe.All of them are vulnerable children ranging in age from 5 to 16-years-old from Kampala, Uganda in East Africa.

French says this is more than a project to him.These kids mean something to him.He indeed has changed the lives of these kids.And he is sending a strong message that talent can be found anywhere in the world.Given a chance talent can change lives.French Montana even flew these kids to America to perform with him at the BET Awards.They even graced the cover of Vibes Magazine.French Montana is a great example of a good hearted individual.Whenever you can bless someones life whether in a big or small way do it.French Montana with the help of some friends has also started charity projects in Uganda.

Monday, 17 July 2017

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How To Make Your First Sale With Strongest Ecommerce Site-Shopify

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Monday, 10 July 2017

28 Amazing Jackets For The Cold Season

It is cold season at this side of the world as it is summer in the other side of the world. Just because the sun is now on vacation and the cold season has graced us with its presence.Your fashion sense should not be on vacation too.You can enjoy fashion even when it is cold with jackets that are amust for the cold season.Here are 28 amazing jackets for the cold season to keep warm and in with fashion.You can get amazing jackets at pocket friendly prices here .

Monday, 3 July 2017

What Are The Lyrics For The Month Of June?-Clown By Emeli Sandé

The lyrics for the Month of June is Emeli Sandé's "Clown".This lyrics are poetic and deep.They express the feelings of a struggling artist mostly in the music industry.But anyone chasing their dream can relate to this.

Making it is mostly a rocky road and the ones on the outside looking in sometimes never get it.But despite all the struggles there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Emeli Sandé Lyrics Clown 

I guess it's funnier from where you're standing, 
Cause from over here I missed the joke, 
Clear the way for my crash landing, 
 I've done it again Another number for your notes,
 I'd be smiling if I wasn't so desperate, 
I'd be patient if I had the time, 
 I could stop and answer all of your questions, 
As soon as I find out How I can move from the back of the line, 

 I'll be your clown, 
 Behind the glass, 
Go 'head and laugh Cause it's funny,
 I would too if I saw me, 
 I'll be your clown, 
 On your favourite channel, 
My life's a circus circus Round in circles,
 I'm selling out tonight, 

 I'd be less angry if it was my decision,
 And the money was just rolling in, 
 If I had more than my ambition, 
 I'll have time for 'Please' 
I'll have time for 'Thank you'
 As soon as I win 


From a distance my choice is simple, 
From a distance I can entertain 
So you can see me, 
I put make-up on my face, 
But there's no way you can feel it,
 From so far away, 


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Monday, 26 June 2017

Amazing Video That Should Go Viral-We Should Take Care Of Each Other

How Should We Take Care Of Each Other?

I came across a very touching and moving video which if it has not gone vital it most certainly should.This video has very little speech and the language isn't even English but the story told is clear as day.It starts in a classroom where a teacher tells her students to break for breaktime or recess.Every student takes out their lunch boxes,snacks and drinks.Everyone is cheerful except this one boy who takes out his lunch box but he seems super nervous.He looks around then he secretly picks into lunch box which is sadly empty.He quickly closes it and asks the teacher to give him permission to get out of class.He slowly walks the empty school hall ways.

He goes and drinks water then goes and stares out of the window.He goes back to class still sad and down.He picks up his lunch box and feels the lunch box feels not as light as before.He opens the lunch box only to find it is full.He looks around and afew kids smile at him.Each kid that smiles at him gave him something for his lunch box.He has a small smile and eats the food.In the beginning you wouldn't tell if anyone noticed this boy had an empty lunch box.This is the sweetest video i have even seen and it was under We Should Take Care Of Each Other.This kid felt so alone and isolated but the other kids made him feel like he belonged like the rest of them.

This is what pure love looks like.This is how God's smile looks like.This is how God's love is and how God's love looks like.This is a rather sad but beautiful story.It is so moving and should be emulated everywhere in the society.We should take care of each other be loving,caring and kind like in this story.

We should recognize the one's in need around us.Someone may be in need of basic needs or even one may be in need of love and care.Some people at times are in need of emotional support.A simple hello how have you been ,can go a long way.Just commenting or liking someones social media post can show love when someone is in need of that but can't say it out load.Some people can sometimes honestly say i really don't have friends cause no one hardly checks up on them.

We can take care of each other by being a kind friend.Above everything​ we can always pray for someone no matter what their need may be.Prayer is the best help there is out there. We should open up our hearts and eyes and see the ones in need no matter what that need is.From the most smallest to the biggest needs help however you can.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Trey Songz Celebrates His Mother April Tucker's 50th Birthday In A Big Way

April Tucker Who Is Trey Songz Mom Is A Great Role Model

Well having great parents or a great parent is a huge blessing. Having one parent because of different circumstances in life can be as amazing as having two great parents.Blessings sometimes aren't typical or the way that life dictates it to be.Blessings are blessings you just have to count them and cherish them.Coming from a one parent home can be better than coming from a two parent home that lacks love.Love is always the key,if there is love all is well.That is all that matters and a parent can be anyone that takes up the role of raising a child who is related to them by blood or not.

Trey Songz grew up in a single parent home.He has an amazing mom and they have an incredible relationship that would make you want a son or daughter and have such an amazing bond like that one with him or her.
Trey Songz whose real names are Tremaine Neverson's mom April Tucker formerly April Gholson beat the odds as a teen mom.

Born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia, April Tucker gave birth to Trey at the age of 17.I watched a YouTube video where she was speaking to young women who find themselves in that same situation.She was using herself as an example to encourage young women to never give up in such a given situation.She spoke of how hard it was getting pregnant at that age.Trying to stay in school with all the finger pointing,whispering and people laughing at her.Which is rather so sad and mean.Because that is the last thing someone in such a situation needs.Someone in such a situation is having a tough enough time and the least you could do is just be kind to them.As time went by she had to stop going to school because of all that pressure.She was a good student with great grades and popular.She decided to have Trey against all odds.The doctor had advised her it was dangerous for her to have her baby because she had a medical condition which made it dangerous to have Trey.But she decided she was going to have her baby.While expecting Trey she used to babysit a little boy and she thought if she loved that little boy so much and he wasn't hers.How much more would she love her own child.She said when she first saw Trey ,she realised how unconditionally her mom loved her. Because that is how she felt about her little bundle of joy.

I truly admire young women who decide to keep their babies even if they are too young.Even older women who feel like they aren't ready for a baby but do the right thing.Because two wrongs would never make a right.And this is the only wrong that will eventually turn into a right with lots of love, never giving up, picking up the pieces and moving on.Because it is not the end of the world.And Trey's mom can attest to that.For the ones who decide to take the other route its not my place to judge cause it can't be easy.

Trey's mom did finish high school.She recalled Living on welfare and in Section 8 housing,she enrolled in Virginia State University and graduated six years later, earning a degree in sociology with a minor in administration of justice.She spoke of how her family supported her with her goals and in raising Trey.She made sure Trey didn't know that they were struggling.Trey's dad decided to not be in his life.
Serving as a juvenile probation officer in Baltimore and a resource specialist in several Maryland counties, April Tucker became interested in helping children. Following her then husband, who was a military man, to Junction City, Kansas, Trey's mom became a program manager for Big Brothers and Big Sisters there and helped children at risk.With her relocations to Baltimore and middle America, April Tucker decided that Trey would have a better childhood with her mother back in Virginia, where he started to pursue his musical career.

Up to date Trey's mom makes a point of doing charitable work together with Trey and his younger brother Forrest.April Tucker says she taught Trey you have to work for everything you get in life.And this shows in how Trey is in all he does.In return April says Trey taught her to cry happy tears through their charity foundation.Ms Tucker is the CEO of Angels With Hearts Foundation.Their website is

Trey and his mother are very close, and she describes him as "a regular guy with a God-given voice and talent for writing." And it is evident that Trey was taught how to love well and he has so much love for his family,friends and funs too.Being raised around and by so many women he has a tattoo on his shoulder which i saw a crazy fun ask on Facebook, if that was a tattoo of a slice of pizza.It is actually initials of the first letter of all these women.Trey also has a tattoo on his chest that describes his atmost love for his mother,grandmother and brother. "To God I pray may April's showers rain on her Forrest". "And grow the strength that started with one Rose"reads the tattoo. Rose is his grandmother.

Most people got to know Trey's mom.When he took her to the year 2010 BET Awards.I recall watching that award show and was shocked to see how young and beautiful Trey's mom looks.April turned 50 years on June 9th but she looks like she in her twenties or thirties.She has very good genes one would mistake her for Trey's sister.Well Trey and his brother threw an amazing well deserved birthday party for their mom.The picture says it all. Trey also bought his mom a car for her birthday.This is so sweet not because of the value of that present but because of all the love and appreciation behind it.

April Tucker is a true representation of an amazing parent.With love, faith,prayer and hard work you can make it through the rain as a parent against the odds with love as a key ingredient.She made it so far and she started out as a teen mom with no room for giving up.And she had an amazing support system from her family especially her mom Rose.All i can say is "Mom's are everything and they are the best.There are some amazing dads out there and dads can be amazing too but mom's rule".