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Friday, 31 May 2019

The Best Online Money Transfer For Kenyans Abroad-KenyaPesa

 Cheapest Way To Send Money To Kenya

What is KenyaPesa? Well KenyaPesa is an online money transfer service.It was established in January of 2013. Its clients are able to send money to Kenya from abroad using their website and pay direct from their bank account or by the use of a debit card. KenyaPesa services the ever growing eCommerce market in Kenya very well. If you want to send money to Kenya online,KenyaPesa allows you to transfer money from abroad in to Kenya easily, and affordably.
 The money is delivered to the recipients via Mobile money transfers like Mpesa,Airtel Money or bank transfer.The money can also be collected in cash from one of KenyaPesa agents. This money transfer service is available 24/7 on smartphones, tablets and computers. Currency exchange rates are always displayed on their website so you will know how much you will receive upon currency conversion. And so whenever you need to send money to family or friends in Kenya from abroad KenyaPesa is cheapest way to send money to Kenya.

KenyaPesa is all you need,visit them here and see how easy it is to send money to Kenya from abroad using KenyaPesa who have been offering great services over the years. Money is very sensitive and so you have to be very careful with money sending services.You have to pick one that is mostly safe to use and one that allows for fast and easy transfer of cash to the recipients.

This is how to send money but first you have to register with KenyaPesa.If you already have an account with them then you can log in and proceed to the following steps. 

Step 1 
Click on the send money button to start 

 Step 2 
Choose the service you would like to use to send the funds.

 Step 3 
 If you selected mobile money transfer, select the mobile provider from whom the recipient will collect the funds If you selected bank deposit or cash pick up services proceed to the next step. 

Step 4 
Then specify the amount by specifying the Kenyan shilling amount that the recipient will receive or the currency amount you wish to send . 

Once you have specified the amount you are willing to send, the system will calculate the charges and display the total amount that you need to pay for your order. If you have a coupon code, type it in and the order will be recalculated.If the total is okay​, click Send Now to continue or you can change it and the totals will be updated automatically. Once they have received your payment for the order, They will process the order and send the cash to the recipient. You will receive an email notification when they receive the payment and when the funds are delivered to the recipient. 

Monday, 20 May 2019

How Amazing, Trey Songz Welcomes First Baby Noah

Trey Songz whose real names are Tremaine Neverson welcomed his first child who is a baby boy named Noah. The RnB singer/songwriter posted pictures of baby Noah on his Instagram page.

Most of his fans had bitter sweet reactions to this news because most of them have major crushes on him.But at the end of the day the fans were happy for Trey and loved that baby Noah was just as cute as his dad when he was born. 

 Many fans are asking who the mother of baby Noah is but have to respect Trey if he wishes not to reveal that information. 

Trey Songz will with  no doubt be a great dad because he has been wanting to be one for the longest time.He has been playing the role of a dad to his younger brother and cousins for the longest time. 

 Well baby Noah is blessed to have a dad like Trey.He will certainly inherit his good looks but will mostly have a very caring father. Finally Trey Songz is blessed to be the best version of the dad he kind of missed out on while growing up.I know he will be the best dad ever.