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Monday, 29 May 2017

5 Looks That Make You Look Less Attractive.

Most people like to make themselves look more attractive.But some fail bad at doing so because of the looks that they pick.People pick looks because it is a trend or simply because they just like the look.Some people pick some looks because they want to look less attractive on purpose.Some just want to look edgy and command attention.Here are five looks that will make you look less attractive. 

1.The goatee 
The goatee style dates back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.It represented an evil person. In media today also goatees have been used to designate an evil or morally questionable character.The goatee is facial hair or what is known as beard which is only present on the chin and around the mouth.The chic is shaved clean.The name goatee comes from the word goat.This is because goats have long beard on their chins.

This beard resembles the goatee look.Why would you want a style that a goat has.This look makes people who look at you think of a goat.And not to mention it does not look neat.It also makes one look old and unkept. This is a look that you would expect your grandfather to have.The goatee ages you or rather makes much much older than you initially are.It makes you look untidy and less attractive.

2.The Mohawk
The Mohawk which also referred to as a
Mohican is a hairstyle where both sides of the head are shaved,
leaving a strip of  longer hair in the center.There are many varieties
of Mohawks some only one side of the head is shaved which is known as
the side Mohawk.The Mohawk though being an edgy look it is a tough
look especially when the shaved part of the head is completely
shaved.Soft Mohawks make some people look better but the complete
shave off the side Mohawk look always make people look less
attractive.The most rough Mohawks are the spike Mohawks and
dreadlocks Mohawks.

These looks are really tough and result in one
looking edgy but less attractive.The Mohawk is a very ancient look
that was practiced by really tough communities to savage
communities.These communities did not care about looking
attractive.They only wanted to look tough.They also wanted to be
feared by other communities and so they had the Mohawk look.You need
to have very soft facial feature to be able to look attractive in a

3.Thin eyebrows
People love reshaping their eyebrows to achieve a good or rather
better look.Reshaping eyebrows can look wrong when done wrong.Few
people can pull off the thin eyebrow look.It maybe the thin eyebrow
look when your eyebrows are trimmed and shaped to look thin or the
complete shaving off the eyebrows and then using an eye-liner to draw
a thin eyebrow.This look increases the distance between your forehead
and eyebrows and also increases the distance between the your eyebrows
and eyelids.

It is never a good idea to do this.When drawing this thin
eyebrows it adds insult to injury when you use any other color than
brown like black,red,maroon,green.Some people use the most ridiculous
colors that makes you wonder when they looked in the mirror didn't
they get a fright.This look makes one look like they are making fun of

4.Permanent Tattoo Eyebrows
Tattoo eyebrows are exactly that tattoo eyebrows.One can get a tattoo
of an eyebrow in the exact place where the eyebrow is meant to be.The
eyebrow is completely shaved off and replaced by the tattoo
eyebrow.This is very sensitive because if it is wrongly done it will
make you look less attractive.You need an expert who will not mess up
your face.Since the tattoo eyebrows are permanent you will be stuck
with an awful look that you cannot hide since it is on your face.Well
done permanent eyebrow tattoos will obviously enhance ones look but if
wrongly done it will be a disaster that can not be covered up.The
color of the tattoo even if it is correctly done will affect the way
you look.

A natural color shade of black or brown will be great for permanent
eyebrows.People get green ink permanent eyebrow tattoos which is way
way out of natures neighborhood.Green color tattoo eyebrows will
make you look less attractive.Before getting permanent eyebrow tattoos
get the none permanent eyebrow tattoos.You need to see first how good
the tattoo artist who is to tattoo your permanent eyebrows is.And you
need to see how you will look with the tattoo eyebrows.Wrongly done
tattoo eyebrow will make you look less attractive.

5.Facial Tattoos
The face is the first thing people can see or identify you with.It is
very hard to hide your face unless you wear a nijab.Facial tattoos
unless it is a beauty mark have never made anyone look more
attractive.If you love your face and always working towards looking
more attractive stay away from facial tattoos.These range from tiny
tear drops to tattoos that cover quarter of the face to half or even
the full face.With facial tattoos the more tattoos you have the less
attractive you look.Facial tattoos make people look rough and tough
which is never an attractive look.

Just like facial tattoos in  body tattoos the fewer the better.Few
body tattoos make people maintain their nice looks.The more body
tattoos the less attractive one may get.People who have their entire
bodies covered in tattoos never look attractive more so if these
tattoos extend to their face.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Where Can You Get Great Makeup?-Great Makeup At Forever 21 Easy

They say diamonds are a girls best friend,well i say makeup is a girls best friend.Some girls only like lipstick or lipgloss. While others like their eye liners,eye shadows, mascara,bronzers,nail polish, highlighters, beauty tools, exfoliators, facial masks, foundations etc.If you like minimum or full on make up.

There is one place you can get whatever make up you want.Forever 21 has a range of makeup for all women depending on their race or taste.At Forever 21 will cater for all your make up needs. Imagine getting quality makeup at the most pocket friendly prices check them out here.Forever 21 makeups are my makeups,whatever shade of makeup i want i always get in a variety of big brands.Ordering is easy,fast and convenient.

Monday, 15 May 2017

What Are The Lyrics For The Month Of May ?-Utawala by Juliani feat. Wakenya

Lyrics That Highlight The Plight Of Kenyans - Utawala By Juliani feat. Wakenya

The lyrics of the song Utawala by Juliani featuring Wakenya hits the nail right on the head when it comes to the plight of Kenyans in the hands of politicians. Utawala means reign or govern. Kenyans seem to be out of luck when it comes to good leaders.Sometimes one would think it is the leaders who pick themselves to get into office.Corruption is a never ending story ,so is the no jobs and heavy taxation.Prices of commodities keep going up and never down like the sky is the limit.The gap between the rich and the poor is as big as the ocean.This lyrics speak clearly and summarizes exactly what has been going on in Kenya for years and years.This year being an election year people are hoping to change the situations explained in this song by choosing good leaders.The real question is are there any good leaders who put the people before their selfishness around?Is it the best of the worst or the worst of the worst? These lyrics are very poetic,deep and creative.The words in brackets are the English translation to the words to this song. Chorus Niko njaa hata siezi karanga (I am hungry i can't even fry) Hoehae shaghala bhaghala Niko tayari, (kulipa) kulipa gharama (I'm ready to pay the price) Sitasimama maovu yakitawala (I won't stand when evil reigns) Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Ufisadi, ubinafsi ukabila (Corruption, individuality,tribalism) Kuuza sura hawataki kuuza sera (Selling face never wanting to sell uniformity) Undugu, ni kufaana (Brotherhood is helping each other) Sitasimama maovu yakitawala (I wont stand when evil reigns) Siatasimama maovu yakitawala Verse Hard kuget wadhifa una deserve (Hard to get whatever you deserve) Bila cash ama kashfa (Without money or being known) Hii society kenye wanaeza (In this society what you can do is) Share ni nyungu ya busa Ama kettle ya shisha (Share a barrel of beer or a kettle of shisha) Mfuko zinasikia echo (Only echoes in pockets) Utajua thamani ya mali na size ya kifuli, eeiyoo (You will know the value of ones riches by the size of the padlock) Hujaibiwa juu hauna ka kitu worth (You haven't been robbed because you don't have anything of value) Risking jail time, police bullets for Unaeza argue(you can argue) Crime doesn't pay Lakini huezi dismiss justice ina bei (But you can't dismiss justice has a price) Mwizi ana forty days 3-6-5 days later (A thief has forty days 3-6-5 days later) Anaendelea ku grow fatter (He keeps growing fatter) Do anything for power Ready to lose their heads for presidential Bora waione kwa currency (Better they see it on the currency) Sababu gani siko affected na turbulance (Why i am not affected by turbulance) Nikifly angani (When i fly in the air) Nimezoea the same feeling (I am used to the same feeling) Matatu zikipitia pothole (When matatus hit potholes) Mtaaani, Juliaani, Yeah Yeeeaaahh(in the neighborhood) Chorus “Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Niko njaa hata siezi karanga Hoehae shaghala bhaghala Niko tayari, (kulipa) kulipa gharama Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Ufisadi, ubinafsi ukabila Kuuza sura hawataki kuuza sera Undugu, ni kufaana Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Siatasima a maovu yakitawala Verse Ndio wa raise funds (Yes we raise funds) Itabidi u raise hands (We will have to raise hands) Growing concerns Breakfast za croissant (Croissant breakfasts) Hatutaki upunguze bei ya bidhaa (We don't want you to reduce product prices) Tunataka opportunities ndio tu afford hizo bidhaa (We want opportunities so that we can afford those products) Walisema kutembea kwingi ndio kuona mengi (They say going places is seeing alot) Nimeshinda nikitembea ma ofisi na sijawai ona kazi (Being going round offices but have never gotten a job) Siezi cheza golf venye Tiger would (Can't play golf like Tiger would) Naomba journey mercies (I pray for journey mercies) Chakula ifike tumboni ikitoka kwa sahani (Food to get to the stomach from the plate) Policeman anapiga rungu mwalimu (Policeman beats teachers) Daktari​ anamrushia teargas (Throws teargas to doctors) Na mtoto wake anarudishwa nyumbani hana school fees analipwa peanuts (And the policeman's child is sent home for lack of school feed cause he is paid peanuts) Chorus Niko njaa hata siezi karanga Hoehae shaghala bhaghala Niko tayari, (kulipa) kulipa gharama Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Ufisadi, ubinafsi ukabila Kuuza sura hawataki kuuza sera Undugu, ni kufaana Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Siatasimama maovu yakitawala Verse Sewer za state house na latrine za ghetto (Sewage from state house and the ghetto) Ziupatana Nairobi river (Meet at Nairobi river) No more nita live by Hand-to-mouth (No more will i live by hand to mouth) Ushai sikia maskini anaugua gout (Have you ever heard a poor man with gout) Nikiwa na nguvu ya kung'oa reli definately (If i have enough strength to rip a railway definitely) Kuinua kura si nzito (Lifting a voters card isnt heavy) Ukiingiza kwa ballot box (Putting it into the ballot box) 
chagua kiongozi wa kweli (Pick a true leader) Moha, John Allan Namu Jicho Pevu Wakianika mkono refu ina pick-pocket wanyonge (Shining the light on long hands pickpocketing the weak) Navaa mask ka goal keeper wa hockey (I wear a mask like a hockey goal keeper) Hawaezi ni kerubo Kenya ni kama boxing hakuna sub (Kenya is like a boxing match no sub) Work with what we have Chorus Niko njaa hata siezi karanga Hoehae shaghala bhaghala Niko tayari, (kulipa) kulipa gharama Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Ufisadi, ubinafsi ukabila Kuuza sura hawataki kuuza sera Undugu, ni kufaana Sitasimama maovu yakitawala Siatasimama maovu yakitawala

This lyrics and song belong to the artist and writers of this song

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Can Discipline Go Too Far?-Shame On Teachers Who Harm Children In The Name Of Discipline.

I know "spare the rod spoil the child".I believe children need boundaries and should be taught with any vice there are consequences.Children always need discipline when they do wrong.But there is a proper way of disciplining children.In Kenya any form of beating children by Teachers was banned because unfortunately teachers have killed children in the past in the name of doing their job of teaching children through punishment.Some children are left with life long scares. 

One teacher punched a five year old injuring his kidneys.Now the boy has problems with his kidneys.This is so serious and heartbreaking.All i can tell such teachers "not my child cause you will know whose child not to mess with or turn into a punching bag".But teachers always break this rule and end up harming children.Teachers do take out their frustrations on children.

-Some teachers may feel the pressure to do a so called good job when it comes to their students performances and general discipline. -Some teachers are just always angry for whatever reason which no one knows. -Some have personal issues with their families or spouses and take out their frustrations on their students. -Some teachers are temperamental and you will not miss some who are alcoholics or have some form of mental illness. -Some teachers have that one or afew students that they just love to hate for whatever or no reason at all.

*I commend the teachers out their who do a good job out of the kindness of their hearts and would never harm a child in the name of discipline. *I commend the teachers who treat their students with the kindness they treat their own children.Because parents put faith in them knowing they are the care givers of their children in the school environment.And no harm will come to the children under their watch.

A big shame on you to the teachers who harm children in the name of discipline in any way or form.Such individuals should not be in charge of teaching any child anything. Teachers have one of the best jobs in the world.And this job is to shape,enrich and give hope to so many young lives.I always say "The best thing you can do for someone is to help them believe in themselves".Teachers have the honour of doing this amazing role but clearly some are short of a good day or rather a good year when it comes to this. The best way to discipline children is by wisely talking to them, taking away some of their privileges or detention.

It takes alot to be a teacher or rather a good one.It can't be easy handling so many children with different personalities and backgrounds.But its your job so you better do it well and whole heartedly. And know you are there to bless young lives not to harm them. 

In school i went through the canning form of punishment and once our whole class was canned on the legs and i remember i got a blood clot on my leg which took ages to heal.The teacher who did that was the temperamental type.l don't think i ever saw him smile and i am glad i can't even recall his face because he isn't even worth it.I remember whenever a teacher caned me i used to numb the pain and give the teacher no reaction at all.I used to be pissed as hell.In my mind i would say "keep it coming you aren't getting any emotion from me,if only i could turn that cane on you".

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Where Can You Get The Best Microphone Preamp?-Musicians Friend

Microphone preamp at musicians friend are the best in the market.Sometimes a microphone's signal can be too weak to be transmitted to other recording devices.In such a case it will need an extra tool that can boost its signal strength back to line level. This additional piece of equipment is called a microphone preamp, and they are essential to your recording studio setup.

Before you purchase a microphone preamp, you have to ask yourself a few important questions. Like,what kind of microphones are you using? - If you're recording with a condenser mic then definitely you will need a preamp with phantom power, since condenser mics need electricity in order to work. -But with dynamic mics have a weaker signal than condenser mics, which means you'll need a preamp for more gain, but without adding any additional noise.

Although microphone amps are typically used to increase a microphones volume or provide phantom power, they are also a superb way to add warmth and clarity to the sound. -For a high performance microphone preamp at an affordable price, the new ART ProMPA II is the next generation of microphone preamp technology.

You can be the best sound technician in the world, but in order to prove that you're the best, you need recording equipment that's designed by professionals, and this includes your microphone preamp.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Dinner With Trey Songz?-Lucky Fans Got To Have Dinner With Trey Songz

Isn't Trey Songz Such A Darling?

After Trey Songz released his seventh studio album Tremaine. It was now time for him to do interview to interview.He had meet and greet sessions at stores where he met fans and signed CD's and took pictures with fans.He has been doing this from state to state where he will do the tour for the album Tremaine. He has also had some parties and club appearances to promote his new album.

On Twitter Trey would announce randomly that he is going to dinner.Then he would ask fans to send pictures of their signed CD's in the state that he was at.Then he would DM them their dinner invitations.Trey Songz has had dinner with some very lucky fans in Washington DC and Houston.Trey Songz really loves his fans and gives them the best experiences and surprises.Get his album Tremaine here. Trey Songz starts his tour for Tremaine the Album in May.
Here are some of the amazing moments for Trey Songz fans on Twitter:

  1.   Retweeted
    Had such a wonderful time with our fave 😍😍❤❤❤
  2.   Retweeted
    is the perfect gentleman! I had so much fun tonight 💜💋
  3. gangs all here!!!
  4. Come on! DM your number

  5. Answer that dm then lol

  6. About to DM you

  7. I'm about to dm you

  8. I'm in DC about to have dinner. Who wants to come?
    1. Dinner and drinks last night with a few special folks!!!
    2. Check dm in a minute

    3. Check your dm in a minute

    4.   Retweeted
      Replying to 
      can't attend dinner but i drove 4hrs to see you love 😘 thank you, XO!
    5.   Retweeted
      This is so cute! ❤️ This photo bomb ! You must have the 7+ ? 😍😍

    6. Finna get myself together then go get dinner in a lil bit, who wann roll? with a pic of your album!
    7. Replying to 
    8. DALLAS!!! Meet me today at FYE at 6pm