Monday, 1 May 2017

Dinner With Trey Songz?-Lucky Fans Got To Have Dinner With Trey Songz

Isn't Trey Songz Such A Darling?

After Trey Songz released his seventh studio album Tremaine. It was now time for him to do interview to interview.He had meet and greet sessions at stores where he met fans and signed CD's and took pictures with fans.He has been doing this from state to state where he will do the tour for the album Tremaine. He has also had some parties and club appearances to promote his new album.

On Twitter Trey would announce randomly that he is going to dinner.Then he would ask fans to send pictures of their signed CD's in the state that he was at.Then he would DM them their dinner invitations.Trey Songz has had dinner with some very lucky fans in Washington DC and Houston.Trey Songz really loves his fans and gives them the best experiences and surprises.Get his album Tremaine here. Trey Songz starts his tour for Tremaine the Album in May.
Here are some of the amazing moments for Trey Songz fans on Twitter:

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    Had such a wonderful time with our fave 😍😍❤❤❤
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    is the perfect gentleman! I had so much fun tonight 💜💋
  3. gangs all here!!!
  4. Come on! DM your number

  5. Answer that dm then lol

  6. About to DM you

  7. I'm about to dm you

  8. I'm in DC about to have dinner. Who wants to come?
    1. Dinner and drinks last night with a few special folks!!!
    2. Check dm in a minute

    3. Check your dm in a minute

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      can't attend dinner but i drove 4hrs to see you love 😘 thank you, XO!
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      This is so cute! ❤️ This photo bomb ! You must have the 7+ ? 😍😍

    6. Finna get myself together then go get dinner in a lil bit, who wann roll? with a pic of your album!
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    8. DALLAS!!! Meet me today at FYE at 6pm