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Monday, 28 January 2019

Will Kenyan Musicians Get More Airplay?

 It is 2019 Kenyan musicians are still asking for more airplay from radio and television stations.For years Kenyan musicians have been asking to get more airplay.Musicians have protested in the streets years back and have even tried to get the government involved.But so far all their efforts have been in vain.As a musician airplay is a way to get exposure and earnings from one's craft.This is a real struggle for Kenyan musicians. Kenyan music seems to be more popular outside Kenya than in Kenya.Kenyans should nurture and take care of their own just like Nigeria did. Nigerian music is the most popular music in Africa because they started from home. Nigerian artists get alot of airplay and have stations that play strictly Nigerian music. 

 In Kenya with all the vernacular stations around it is a shock that Kenyan musicians are still not getting the airplay that they need. I think if we get one new television station and two new radio stations that will strictly be all about playing local content then this will be old news.If we can have so many vernacular stations why can't we have stations that strictly give local content airplay.This may be a solution because you can't force the existing channels to play only or mostly local content.We can just add a few more stations to cater to that. Afew stations have tried to do their best to give local music airplay but still Kenyan musicians are asking for more airplay.

 Hopefully the issue of Kenyan musicians not getting enough support from local fans,the media,deejays and each other will someday be a thing of the past.It all begins at home.The industry need alot of mentorship and guidance.

Some people are saying the reason Kenyan music is not getting enough attention is because musicians who are not getting airplay need to pull up their socks.

Monday, 14 January 2019

An Amazing Movie Starring Tremaine Neverson (Trey Songz) -Blood Brother

 Blood Brother is an amazing action thriller about two friends who choose to take different paths in life.A recently released convict begins to take murderous revenge against his childhood friends, whom he believes let him take the fall for a crime they collectively committed. As the bodies start piling up, one of the friends Sonny (Trey Songz), now a cop, will stop at nothing to put an end to the murderous rampage and to right the many wrongs of their tragically violent past. 

This is a well scripted movie which is deep and has a teaching about the paths people choose to take in life.Though it is a serious movie there are some clever funny lines that will leave you laughing.All the actors in this movie deserve a standing ovation.This is an action movie with a catchy realistic story. 

The cast 
Tremaine Neverson(Trey Songz) as Sonny 
Jack Kesy as Jake Banning 
 R-Truth as Blaine 
Fetty Wap as Emilio 
 Hassan Johnson as Joe China 
Anne McClain as Darcy 

Directed by John Pogue 
Produced by Michael Luisi 
Written by Michael Finch Karl Gajdusek Charles Murray 
Starring Tremaine Neverson (Trey Songz) 
 Music by Junkie XL
 Cinematography Matthew Irving 
 Edited by Lester Wilson 
Production company WWE Studios Codeblack Films 
 Distributed by Lionsgate 
 Release date November 30, 2018 
Running time 90 minutes 
 Country United States 
 Language English 

This is the first movie that stars singer/songwriter Trey Songz(Tremaine Neverson).This is not the first movie Trey has been in but it's his first as the lead.His delivery is mind blowing you wouldn't guess for a second that he is an RnB singer.All you see is an actor playing his role as a detective perfectly.Trey Songz did all the stunts in this movie except one which was dangerous.The stunts were perfectly executed alongside Jack Kesy.