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Monday, 28 December 2015

Which Celebrities Have Been Naughty This Year?- 8 Celebrities That Have Been Naughty in the Year 2015.

Celebrities never miss in the naughty list,some of them make it a habit and have never missed in the naughty list.Some make the naughty list by dressing in very revealing clothes,others have cheated on their wives with the nanny.Some other celebrities have broken the law while others just act out and throw tantrums.Some other Celebrities just party too much,use drugs and drink too much. These are the naughty celebrities for the year 2015
Gavin Rossdale

Scott Disick

Ben Affleck

Chris Brown

Meek Mill

Justin Bieber

Rita Ora

Miley Cyrus

Thursday, 24 December 2015

What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas ?-Christmas Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

Christmas means many things to many people.For some people it is a time to go on vacation far away from home.For others it is time to go home and spend time with family wherever they maybe.For others it is the time they shop until they drop.Others get new outfits and presents.For others it is all about eating and food.For others it is all about recreation activities like going to Movie Cinemas,Restaurants,Fan Parks and Clubs.For some they go down the road full of vices like over indulgence of alcohol. There are positive and negative things people get into during Christmas and people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ for people of the Christian faith.Though Jesus Christ was not born on December 25.This date was conveniently chosen to celebrate his birth.
Christmas is all about giving.Because of love God gave his son to come and save the world.Christmas is all about love and the best was to show love is by giving.

What can you give? 1.You can give food and clothing to the needy. 2.You can give time,you can take time to visit the homeless,sick and orphans. 3.You can offer money donations to help the poor,sick,orphan and the old and neglected members of the society. 4.You can take time to wish friends and family a Merry Christmas.Somethings may seem so simple but they go a long way and mean alot.The best things in life are free.

I remember last Christmas i sent Christmas messages to people i know and not even a single person sent a Christmas message back to me.I was shocked,disappointed and angry.I couldn't imagine what those people even thought because somethings are so simple and thoughtful and wouldn't cost you much just to say Merry Christmas back.It felt mean and thoughtless of these people cause sometimes silence speaks out loud and it says you are not that important to even reply your message.And i would shy away from wishing them a Merry Christmas just to spare myself that embarrassment."Once bitten twice shy i guess". 5.You can say a special prayer for your family, friends,the needy,the lonely,the sad,the abandoned,the broken hearted,the homeless,the lost and for the ones struggling with wars,instability and insecurity.Prayers can move mountains but cost you nothing but a sincere heart.

My sincere prayer comes from the song My grown up Christmas list and it is. " Not for myself but for a world in need No more lives torn apart That wars would never start And time would heal all hearts And everyone would have a friend And right would always win And love would never end, no"

So this Christmas and days to come,give,give and give.Spread the kindness of giving ,it is not must you give money but you can give time and attention to make others live happier.Your life will be richer and happier when you give.And the best thing about giving is that you earn treasures in heaven."For every good deed you do here on Earth you earn treasure in heaven".
"The hand that gives is better than the hand that receives".

Monday, 21 December 2015

15 Top Christmas Songs- What Are Your Favourite Christmas Songs?

One of the best things about Christmas other than Our Saviour Jesus Christ and love is music.Christmas wouldn't feel magical without Christmas Songs and there are some famous favourite songs that are known Worldwide.Here are my top Christmas Songs:
1.Oh Holy Night Though this song has been done by many artists and some people love and say Celine Deon's version is the best.Christina Aguilera does an amazing version that gives one goose bumps.But the one that i love the most is Mariah Carey's Version.

2.8 Days of Christmas 8 days of Christmas by Destiny's Child is just amazing and just too playful and sweet.No one does it better than Destiny's Child on this one.
3.Silent Night Everybody knows Silent Night ,numerous artists have done a version of this song,i love Mariah Carey's version but one other artist takes it to mars for me.And it is Beyonce who has the greatest vocals around and kills it on this one.Christina Aguilera does a great version of Silent Night(La notche de paz) in Spanish.
4.Joy To The World Many artists have sang this song and they all sound amazing but i love Whitney Houston the most on this one.
5.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Gloria (In Excelsis Deo), I think Mariah Carey does the best version of Gloria(In Excelsis Deo)

6. Have yourself a merry little Christmas I really love the latest version of Have yourself a merry little Christmas done by the amazing Sam Smith.He really brings out the soothing melody to this song.

7.Santa Tell Me Ariana Grande sounds like a younger Mariah Carey and this song Santa tell me sounds angelic.
9.MistleToe Justin Bieber's Mistle toe is the ultimate Christmas love song though am not a huge fan of Christmas love songs,this one is a good one.
10.Santa Baby This is just a fan song and full of humour. It sounds like you are flirting with Santa Claus for lots of presents and i love Ariana Grande's version of Santa baby.

11.Carol of the Bells a.k.a Opera of the Bells Destiny's child do the best and the most magical version of Carol of the bells in Capella that takes you to heaven and back.

12.My Grown Up Christmas List This song is simple amazing because of these thoughtful words. So here's my lifelong wish My grown up Christmas list Not for myself but for a world in need No more lives torn apart That wars would never start And time would heal all hearts And everyone would have a friend And right would always win And love would never end, no This is my grown up Christmas list I love Kelly Clarkson's version,it is the best though all the Artists who done this song have done a great job too.

13.Face Of Love
Jewel's Face of love is an amazing Christmas song simply cause of these words that show gratitude for Christmas. until tonight my heart was just half full I'd never known the fruit which fed the soul but now i see what may put to rest my longing for i have seen, the face of love the grace of god, the face of love in silence i feared my heart would remain words unheard inside a separateness of skin but now i know that the skin just veils the soul for i have seen, the face of love the grace of god, the face of love

14.We Three Kings Rod Stewart and Mary J Blidge's version of We three kings is so so good and incredible.
15.A white Christmas Though I've never experienced snow and i wouldn't like to especially during Christmas because i like it warm and bright.A white Christmas song cant help but find a place in my heart.And i love Destiny's Child the most in this one.

What are your favourite Christmas Song?
To get your Christmas Albums or songs click on iTunes.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Is There Lipstick For All Skin Tones?- Dark Shades Of Any Colour Lipstick Marches all Skin Tones(Beauty)

It is sometimes hard to get the right lipstick for your skin tone and it can be embarrassing to put on the wrong shade of lipstick.Well you can never go wrong with colourless lip gloss but if you are a lipstick girl this will not do.Dark shades of any lipstick colour can save you alot of trouble because dark shades of different colours go with all skin tones and they are very elegant.Dark shades of lipstick may be bold but they are never wrong when it comes to making a lady look lovely no matter her skin tone.You can do dark red,dark pink,dark brown,dark maroon,dark pink and e.t.c.So whatever your skin tone you can have a great lipstick day with a dark shade lipstick.What do you think?

Here is proof that dark colour lipsticks work well with all skin tones:

Monday, 14 December 2015

Is Instagram Husband Real?-Wives Take Your Own Selfies and Pictures.

When i heard of Instagram husbands i was like "get out of town ,is this real or just a joke or a made up thing to go viral ?"It looks real and looks rather crazy but it could happen.It is a damn shame that some women can make their husbands so miserable all in the name of pictures for a social media.OK i get it some women are obsessed with selfies and social media.Please keep it to yourself and do not drag other uninterested people into your obsession.Nothing sucks more than this and such women look like monsters or vampires sucking the life out of their husbands.I am all for gender equality so i believe no one has the right to make their partner do things that bore the hell out of them.Such women come out us bullies and this is shameful.If you watch the video to Instagram husbands on YouTube, it maybe staged but this is something that is happening to someone and this is pure misery for husbands in such situations.Husbands sound bullied and with the lowest self-esteem.This is not gender equality no one should stand for unfair treatment even if it is coming from the women.

What are such husbands have been 
reduced to.

  • Some husbands have been reduced to selfie sticks.
  • Others are a personal photographer,who has to take the most perfect pictures for as long as it takes.
  • Other husbands have had to remove apps to make room for pictures.Others no longer eat their food but take pictures of their food, lol.
  • Others do not enjoy vacations because they are busy taking pictures.

This is a cry for help that even an organisation has been formed to support these husbands and it kind of looks real.This group is www.instagramhusband.com,It may seem funny and unbelievable but i pity such men who are bullied and drained.

These wives should realise that they are bullies.And bulling is wrong even in the name of taking selfies and pictures for your loving wife.These women should see how damn they look constantly nagging for something they can do themselves.Taking pictures should be fun so stop being a monster about it.

Advice These wives should not use their husbands as door mats.Your happiness should not bring some else misery.Only women who bully their husbands into taking perfect pictures all the time can suck the fan out of fan things like taking selfies and pictures.It should not be that serious and if you want a perfect picture take it yourself.
Do your thing and do not drag your husband who could care less into it.Instagram husbands should not even be a thing cause it is a group of people suffering for something that should not be that serious.All i can say is a big "shame on you" to these wives.We have bigger problems like wars and Climate Change than you making sure you have the perfect pictures for Instagram. This is too much vanity and if you want a perfect picture try photo shop and leave your poor husbands out of it. All the pictures and videos maybe staged but this is something that is sadly happening in real life.What do you think of Instagram husbands?

Here is the YouTube video bringing awareness the torture husbands have to go through to take instagram pictures for their wives:

Thursday, 10 December 2015

3 Uses Of Scarves-Why Do You Wear Your Scarves?Fashion

Scarves are amazing and can be worn for different reasons. They come in amazing textures,looks,designs and fabrics                                                                                                   
1.They can be worn as a necessity to keep one warm.
2.They can be worn as an accessory and make one look so stylish. 
3.They can be worn as part of ones outfit cleverly to cover up a certain part of ones body that one does not want to expose.
I wear my scarves for these three reasons.Why do you wear yous scarves?
Here are amazing scarves from cotton to sweater to chiffon to Arafat: