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Monday, 24 June 2019

4 Unhealthy Types of Couple Relationships

 There are many types of couples.One couple is always unique to the other but there are some couples who will most definitely raise your eyebrows.This because you will realize their relationship is not a healthy one.Relationships are meant to build people spiritualy, mentally and emotionally.Relationships are not meant to break you and make you weak spiritualy, mentally and emotionally. 

1.The abusive relationship 

Abusive relationships are the most toxic of all relationships.Abuse can be physical and also mental and emotional.Some people are drawn to such relationships. 

2. The bully type of relationship

 In this type of relationship one person gets to call all the shots.It is their way or the highway.When you don't have a say then you are a victim of oppression.A relationship should be diplomatic and everyone has to have a voice. Relationships should be about two people respecting each other not one person fearing another.

 3.The no chemistry in public relationship. 

This is the type of relationship where a couple never walks together or hardly talk to each other in public.These couple do not seem like they have an ounce of friendship.They avoid each other at all costs in a public setting. 

4. The constant bad mouthing relationship 

 This is the type of relationship where both or one of the persons in the relationship have nothing good to say about each other.They always talk ill of their partners to other people.Some even do it to each other in private and in public.They can't have anything nice to say about each other or to each other. 

Unhealthy relationships are simply just toxic, draining and bad