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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Celebrities Take On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-All For Charity

We are now seeing CEOs, celebrities, billionaires, influential people pour a bucket full of ice on their heads and posting the video online, I did wonder what was the Ice Bucket Challenge and why it has gone viral on social media? I wondered could these people be doing this for fun just to make videos of themselves doing this challenge? Well there is a great reason behind this challenge which is in support of ALS? So what is ALS?ALS is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease which sadly affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. ALS leads to paralysis, vital organ failure and then eventually death.

Once a person is nominated to do this challenge. They have 24 hours to complete the challenge or they will have to donate 100 dollars to the ALS foundation or both. The Ice Bucket Challenge has created awareness and has brought millions of dollars to fund the efforts in trying to eradicate ALS. I have heard of some and even seen videos of celebrities and the rest of the nominees take up this challenge no matter how cold the ice or water bucket is and they donated too and nominate other people to take up the challenge . I do not know who came up with this idea but it is pretty cool and interesting and all for a good course. I have heard of ALS before but i know now that many others know of it because of the bucket challenge. And so it is not a bunch of celebrities and influential people just pouring ice and water on themselves it is all for charity. And this is a very interesting twist to the face of charity. Which is always a great thing to do.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nickelodeons Sam and Cat cancelled -series cancelled after one season

I can even remember when Sam and Cat was being advertised as a coming soon on Nickelodeon it was an amazing combination an actress from the show iCarly comes together with an actress from the show Victorious both from Nickelodeon. Sam and Cat starred Jennette McCurdy as Sam from iCarly and Ariana Grande as Cat from Victorious they play friends in who live together and start a babysitting business.They have a friend called Dice who is very business oriented and ends up being a manager to a fighter called Gue mar.And Cats grandma does special appearances from time to time.Sam and Cat is very popular and even won an award because of its popularity. Programs get cancelled because of low ratings because of little program views.But this was was quiet the contrary.
Everything seemed to be going very well.Sam and Cat is very funny and entertaining,i always enjoy each episode.It is so disappointing that Sam and Cat got cancelled after just one season,i was looking forward to many more seasons.People blamed Ariana Grande they said that she was a diva and asked for more money.Then i read online that it was actually Jennette
who wanted to be treated the same as Ariana Grande and that Ariana was being paid more and she wanted the same treatment and payment.And that the two did not get along.Okay all those are stories they maybe true they may be false.All i can say is Sam and Cat was just too good, too bad it was cancelled only after season one.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Beyonces knowles latest album is a work of genius.


Beyonce has yet again proved she is a great enterprenuer.She released her amazing new album by surprise to be sold exclusively on itunes for one week and she made history with this cause she had booming sales .But beyonce got a little bump on the road coz target and amazon refused to sell her album.I am like who refuses to sell beyonces album .Well Beyonce went to wallmart and even had an appearance there and gave the shoppers at the store at that time a christmas treat.Makes me think Beyonce is amazing and always on top of her game.
Beyonces new album is nothing less of amazing.She features Drake,Frank Ocean,Jay z her hubby,Blue Ivy her lovely daughter and Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche.The song titles are
1. pretty hurts
3.drunk in love
5.no angel
24. blue.
And to top it all she has released amazing videos for the album all at the same time.Beyonce is bold and brave for making this historical move and she nailed it.I have seen and heard it all and am loving it.What do you think of this album and how it was launched? 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding-Celebrity Wedding

 The Kim and Kanyes wedding has to be the wedding of the year it was held on 24th may 2014.Kim and Kanye where first friends and eventually started to date.And Kim later was expectant and they got a beautiful baby girl,baby North.The couple not long after their childs birth got engaged in a spectacular way.Kanye organised a grand engagement with family and friends around.There were many speculations as to where the wedding would be held.Well the wedding was in Florence, Italy wedding venue, Forte di Belvedere.Kim and Kanye arrived a week before in Italy and were seen shopping and hangout in the city.And as the week went by many of the family members arrived in Italy.Kim had her bachelorette party there.

  • Kims sisters Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie together with pals LaLa Anthony, Joyce Bonelli, Monica Rose, Brittny Gastineau and more for her pals were at her bachelorette party . The girls hit the town, posing for pictures at the Louvre and in front of the Eiffel Tower and took a tour through the Parisian sights. Kim, Kanye, and Baby North visited the Valentino mansion for a pre-wedding brunch.

    They had a private ceremony and reception organized by celebrity wedding planner Sharon Sacks, the couple exchange their vows outside next to a giant wall of flowers.The couple exchanged Lorraine Schwartz wedding bands , Kim wore a long sleeve, lace- covered Givenchy gown.She looked like a princess from a fairytale. At the reception Kim swapped her formal gown for an embellished Balmain ivory dress.

    Kim and Kanyes first dance was a mash up of At Last, followed by These Arms of Mine and Tenderness, and also a rap from the groom. John Legend performed his hit song All of Me. Guests took funny pictures in the venue's photo booth together with the newly wedded couple and had a gourmet meal from three-Michelin-star restaurateur Giorgio Pinchiorri .The newly wedded couple snack off to their private honeymoon at an undisclosed location in Europe. Their daughter didn't join them but went home with her grandmother Kris Jenner.
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fashion Police Not The Same Without Joan Rivers.

I really enjoy watching Fashion Police on E-entertainment television.Fashion Police is a program where they continue to discuss the dos and don'ts of celebrity fashion. The show started as a half-hour program, but expanded to one hour on March 9, 2012. The show was put on hold when Joan Rivers its main host was hospitalised in late August 2014 and it is unknown if it will be back because Joan Rivers' passed on September 4, 2014. Its hosts are Giuliana Rancic , Kelly Osbourne, George Kotsiopoulos and Joan Rivers.Fashion Police is super hilarious they make critics on what celebrities wear and they do it in a very funny way.Fashion Police is very funny and the one who seems to carry most of the jokes is Joan Rivers.She even makes her fellow hosts laugh hard with the rest of the audience.I used to wonder where Joan Rivers got all the jokes and how they seemed to come out of her so naturally.
I guess she may have a team behind all the funny comments but
Joan Rivers is a natural at this because she started of as a stand up comedian.She even at one point had her own talk show known as late night with Joan Rivers.On Fashion Police they do compliment the fashion do's by celebrities and call out the fashion dont's and make fun of the fashion donts.Joan Rivers was the first red carpet reporter to be asking celebrities who they were wearing.Fashion police is very interesting it even has segments and even has guest celebrities drop by and join in the program.Joan's jokes did get mixed reactions from celebrities but she always kept it real.She said she only says what people think but would not say it out loud .It is good she does not let celebrities get away with anything especially fashion crimes .
One would think Joan Rivers was just mean and critical of celebrities but people who really know her say she was an amazing and loving woman.And this is so true you can tell from her and her daughter true hollywoods story which airs at times on e-entertainment.She even had a reality t.v which was about her and her daughter.You get to see her true self in this two programs and she even was very involved in charity.Joan Rivers was a woman of steel who was not afraid to tell it like it was and she was the biggest ingredient on Fashion Police.Fashion Police will never be the same without her.Joan Rivers went in for a simple throat biopsy that left her not able to breath and she passed on afew days later.I even remember the Fashion Police she did right before all this and she was full of life as ever.

Ariana Grandes Album- My Everything(2014) - Music

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My everything is the second studio album by American recording artist Ariana Grande.
She began working on the album on October 2013 which was one month after the
release of her first debut album called Yours Truly.Which was finished in late
May of 2014 which is still this year. This album is what Ariana Grande calls an evolution from her first album which has more mature themes and the exploration of new genres and this is very evident. The lead single " Problem" was released on April 28, 2014 and features Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.
It debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and its first week sales were over 400,000.The next single, " Break Free" featuring Russian-German musician and producer Zedd,premiered on July 2, 2014 and was at No. 4 on the Hot 100. My Everything was released on August 22, this year by Republic Records and debuted a top album on the Billboard 200 selling 169,000 copies in its first week only. The album also debuted at No. 1 in Australia and Canada and so many of its downloads have been sold so far all over the world.This is a +Pop and +RNB album and she feature a couple of successful artist.Ariana Grande's voice is angelic and the whole album is amazing and its production is of the best quality.The album has a track list of 12 songs.

1. Intro
2. Problem – (Feat. Iggy Azalea)
3. One Last Time
4. Why Try
5. Break Free – (feat. Zedd)
6. Best Mistake – (feat. Big Sean)
7. Be My Baby – (feat. Cashmere Cat)
8. Break Your Heart Right Back – (feat. Childish Gambino)
9. Love Me Harder – (Ariana Grande & The Weeknd)
10. A Little Bit Of Your Heart
11. Hands On Me – (feat. A$AP Ferg)
12. My Everything


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Micheal Jaksons Xscape Album 2014 - Music



When i heard that a new album by Micheal Jackson was coming out i could not believe it.I was so excited and could not wait. Well the album is called Xscape , the executive producer is L.A. Reid, it features previously unreleased King of Pop material, which is over four decades of music that L.A Reid was able to gain access to. Xscape is the last song on the album. Xscape is modernized in production by Reid and others like Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland and Star Gate. The deluxe version of the album includes the eight songs in their original formats, plus a bonus track.

I really love the song Love never felt so good which features Justin Timberlake it is the first song on the album and the first one to play on radio.And i even love the video with all the amazing dancers doing Micheal Jacksons moves and the great video clips from Micheals different songs and Justin Timberlake is also in the video but he is so laid back,i wish he would have danced more.Micheal Jacksons music is always the best and i am so inlove with this album.His genius still lives on. The track list is.
01. Love Never Felt So Good
02. Chicago
03. Loving You
04. A Place with No Name
05. Slave to the Rhythm
06. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
07. Blue Gangsta
08. Xscape

Solange Has Her Own Light And Talents

Everyone knows Solange knowles as Beyonce knowles little sister.It is sad how people put her down and make her seem like her sisters shadow.You can tell Beyonce is a nice and great big sister.Its obvious that Beyonce paved the way for her little sister.And there is nothing wrong with that who says you have to start from nowhere to be deserving.Its apparent talent runs in the family and Solanges talent is and undoubtedly amazing.At the end of the day Solange has great talent on her own even if she is Beyonces sister.Being Beyonces sister doesnt give her a free pass or make her walk in her sisters shadow because Solange has talent.From her beautiful voice to her amazing song writing skills,Solange stands in her own light.For me the lyrics Solange has written are mind blowing ,she is even a better songwriter than her big sister.So if you ask me Solange is great in her own ways and so is Beyonce.Solange has her own light which is a great thing.Having a sibling who has the biggest spotlight doesn't make you less deserving of your own spotlight or make you get a free pass without deserving it or make you walk in anyones shadow.I give credict where it is deserved and Solange is talented and deserves her own light despite what many reporters or some people say.So Solange has her own light that shines and Beyonce has her own light that also shines.Everyone knows Solange knowles as Beyonce knowles little sister.It is sad how people put her down and make her seem like her sisters shadow.You can tell Beyonce is a nice and great big sister.Its obvious that Beyonce paved the way for her little sister.And there is nothing wrong with that who says you have to start from nowhere to be deserving.Its apparent talent runs in the family and Solanges talent is and undoubtedly amazing.At the end of the day Solange has great talent on her own even if she is Beyonces sister.Being Beyonces sister doesnt give her a free pass or make her walk in her sisters shadow because Solange has talent.From her beautiful voice to her amazing song writing skills,Solange stands in her own light.For me the lyrics Solange has written are mind blowing ,she is even a better songwriter than her big sister.So if you ask me Solange is great in her own ways and so is Beyonce.Solange has her own light which is a great thing.Having a sibling who has the biggest spotlight doesnt make you less deserving of your own spotlight or make you get a free pass without deserving it or make you walk in anyones shadow.I give credit where it is deserved and Solange is talented and deserves her own light despite what many reporters or some people say.So Solange has her own light that shines and Beyonce has her own light that also shines.

My Dwayne Johnson Death Rumors 2014


I was on facebook and saw a friend had posted a link saying Dwayne Johnson died,that he had an accident while doing a stunt for the fast and furious 7.My first reaction was no way,no way,no way i love this guy,how? not him.I did click and read the story and it looked like a genuine online story.I even posted the link on my facebook wall.Apparently this is not the first time that there was a media frenzy that Dwayne Johnson(the rock) has died.I wonder who did these two stories without any confirmation.But i was so relieved to learn that it was not true that sadly ,yes Dwayne Johnson had an accident while doing a stunt for the fast and furious 7 and he is recovering from his injuries.

This was my first false death celebrity story i had seen.I only hear of them but i have never witnessed it for myself.This is huge and devastating to say someone is dead while they are not.People say do not believe everything you read,now i know it first hand.I am over joyed because Dwayne Johnson is alive.May he live to blow more than one hundred candles.It sad as to what lengths people go to just to sell stories or to get a huge audience.

2 Reasons Why I Wont Be Submissive But We Can Be Equals-i Dare You - Gender Equality


I have always known girls and boys are equal even growing up in a society that does not think otherwise.I used to deny that boys are better with all i have got.It never sat well with and it never will.I have seen parents who decide to send the boys to school and the girls stay at home and have no education,just waiting to be married off to a man.That breaks my heart so bad.Women are discriminated in so many ways and me being told to be submissive is discrimination cause we should be equals,i respect and listen to you,you respect and listen to me.It should not be a war it should be about love.If i love i listen to you and if you love me you listen to me.

I know i can try to fight the society to the point that i may loose myself.I can also start to discriminate males and look down upon them and that would make me the same as the prejudice people. Two wrongs do not make a right and i would start to discriminate against men.Tyrese Gibson made me realise that their is something like being too much of a feminist that would make you shut men out to an extent that you would miss out on a good man. You always should learn to balance because it is very easy to fight discrimination and then start discriminating and having love for only your kind.So boys and girls are equal no matter how cruel this world maybe.

Equality is always the best thing just working together in harmony because we love , respect each other and it is for one common good.And so i will always keep myself in check because i do not want to loose myself while trying to stand for gender equality.It would not be of any benefit to me to be a rebel that gets lost in their course.I wont be submissive but i will keep in mind that we are equals so that we may exist in harmony.Hope you feel the same way too about gender equality.I look up to women like Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Alicia Keys, they are true definitions of women standing tall and amazingly strong in a mans world.They show how hard work and believing in yourself as a woman can make you achieve your dreams without limitations.So males are not better than females and females are not better than males we are equals.Its all mutual love and respect.Hope you agree with me males and females compliment each other none supplements the other.

Things I Need To Do Or To Do More Of -Self Help

I need to eat more fruits.I do eat
fruits but not as often as i
should.Fruits are great for ones
health they give us vitamins which
protects us from diseases.Fruits
also help in fighting diseases and
is also great for the skin.Great skin
looks younger and it
glows.Although i smile i think i
need to smile much much
more,smile and the world will
smile along with you.If you smile
more and the world will smile
more with you.Smiles enrich your
life and other peoples lives.They
lighten the mood and make things

I love the saying a smile
costs nothing but it gives much it
enriches those who receive without
making any poorer those who
give,a smile costs nothing but
gives much.That is something that
everyone should know.I need to take care of my skin more cause i love flawless skin but i do not have it so i will need to take more care of my skin.I try to be positive but i need to be more positive.You are
happier and achieve more when you are positive.Being positive attracts positivity in your life and
positive stuff in your life.Its all in the law of attraction.If you have positive thoughts you will have all
the good things you hope for.Its all about faith,you believe and you will achieve.But you have to work
hard to achieve what you believe in ofcourse.I know giving is good and the feeling you get inside
from giving is so good.I do give whenever i can but i think i should give more.

Giving does not always have to be money or material things.It can also be time or service alittle advice ,smiling at a stranger or even saying a simple hello.I will give more and it does not have to be only material things.I think this next one may be the hardest thing i will have to do and i have never done it in my life.I will learn to spend atlist ten minutes in silence atlist everyday.I hear its really helps you be centred,cool,calm and collected.Being centred,cool,calm and collected sounds amazing and makes you appreciate your life more and it also helps you live your life well.You will be healthier,happier and more focused.I need to slow down and enjoy life more.Sometimes i rush through life and take things too seriously.I need to also learn to laugh at myself take things slow just play my part and let God do the rest.I should take it easy more.And not be afraid of failure and have the courage to pick up
the pieces and to try again and again and again.Never to give up without a fight.

I need to stop expecting too much of people because i always end up disappointed.I should just accept
the fact that no one is perfect. What would you like to do or do more of in your life?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Demi lovatos 2013 Album DEMI - Music

Demi,  I just had to
buy this album because there are
a number of songs that i want to
listen to over and over,they are
truly and surely collectibles.  Demi lovatos music
 has depth and there are hits in
this album that would never grow
old.Its got a great track list like heart attack
which is my favourite and also neon
lights. Demi lovato has a singing voice that i am very impressed by and you can feel the emotions of the songs from her voice.I have known Demi Lovato since her days at
Disney and i knew she has a real big and amazing talent of singing.This is her fourth
album and the first one as an adult its got great maturity she has grown up and you can tell
from this album.

But still the album is not the kind that does not appeal to all ages even the younger audience
due to very mature content. She has it nice,mature and modest.Everyone can relate to this album.Unlike some artists who grow up and their content is not the least bit modest and i always find that very disappointing.  

Track List:
Heart Attack,
Made in the USA,
Without the Love,
Neon Lights,
Two Pieces,
In Case,
Really Don't Care,
Fire Starter,
Something That We're Not,
Never Been Hurt,
Shouldn't Come Back,
and CD-ROM Track

Its playing time is forty eight minutes.She has Cher Lloyd as a contributing artist
and Cher Lloyd is amazing at her work.The recording mode of the CD is stereo
so it sounds perfect.This is a pop rock album.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

A New Wave of Princess Cartons-Brave - Movie Review


Set on making her own
path in life,Princess Merida in this animated
cartoon goes against a custom and
that brings chaos to her kingdom.
Granted only one wish Merida
must rely on her bravery and her
archery skills to undo a curse. Rival clans arrive with their firstborn sons to compete in the Highland Games for Merida's hand
in marriage. Merida,manages to twist the rules and announces that she is eligible to compete for her own hand in marriage as the first-born of Clan Dunbroch and defeats each of her suitors in an archery contest, shaming the other clans. After getting into an argument with Elinor her mother and Merida leaves. In the forest and Merida follows the wisps to the hut of an elderly witch posing as a wood carver. Merida does bargain with the witch, who then agrees to give Merida an enchanted cake to change her mother's mind.When her mother eats the enchanted cake she turns into a bear.

With the help of her brothers, who have also eaten the enchanted cake and transformed into bear
cubs.Merida embarks on a journey to find her father and to find a cure for her mother and
brothers.She leaves with all of them and her mother is captured by members of the clan.Merida
fights them and her mother helps and saves the day.When Merida finally figures out the witches
riddle ,her mother and brothers are restored back to their human form.And the family is finally
reunited and they live happily ever after.

I love it when a princess is painted  as tough and she takes charge and not just sit back and wait for a prince to save her.No damsle in distress waiting to do what the society says she should as a female.I love how this cartoon a princess saves the day and also learn a valuable lesson about family

Skin Care-Green Tea Body Scrub Is Great For Your Skin

I have always loved and admired flawless,glowing and beautiful skin.Flawless skin is a true blessing ,not everybody has it and some have it naturally while others work for it by finding the beauty products and foods that work best with their skin.The ones with naturally flawless skin have genetics and nature to thank.Finding the right product for your skin may not be a picnic in the park.It may take a short time or it may take years but you should take it easy and be careful.Try one product at a time and make sure you know the ingredients of those products.I like products that have natural ingredients like honey,jojoba,cocoa butter,aloe aloe vera,dead sea mud,sesame seeds and all types of fruits.I am usually very excited when using a product that has natural ingredients.But not all of them work or some just work for awhile.

But that is no course for alarm because different products work differently on different skin types.Lately i discovered black sesame seed soap it gently exfoliates your skin.It also prevents external infections,increases blood circulation,which makes you achieve even complexion,smooth skin that is radiant.It is working so far so good.It is working for my skin and am impressed finally exfoliation is the best thing you can do for your skin.You need to remove the dead skin that makes your skin look dull.And once in a while i need to exfoliate using a new product i discovered because light exfoliation does just little of the skin removing.I use Green Tea purify and detoxify exfoliating cream peeling gel.It is for the body and face.You apply it on wet skin and lightly massage for three to five minutes then rinse with clear water.

It mildly softens and decomposes aged keratose,dirt deposited in the epidermis and pores of the skin.And it smoothens the nourishing between epidermis and dermis parts of your skin.It promotes skin renewal,active skin cells and the skins resistance to free radicals and instantly produces fresh,smooth and elastic skin that is younger and vital. Who would not want all this and from a product that is all natural.I am glad i discovered these products and i use them carefully because too much exfoliation is harmful to the skin.I can see a nice difference on my skin thanks to skin exfoliation.Please do share your great skin secrets with me.


After Earth(the movie) - Movie Review


After Earth is a science fiction action
thriller.The story goes like this in
the future, Earth is
inhabitable and mankind moves to
Nova Prime. But, aliens try to
conquer Nova Prime but are
defeated by the Rangers under the
command of General Cypher Raige.
The aliens bring the predator
Ursas to hunt down the humans
attracted by their fear and so
develops the fearless ghosting
technique to defeat them. On the
same day that Raige returns home,
his estranged son Kitai Raige is
not advanced to the Ranger
position in the academy.

Raige promises his wife that he will travel in his last assignment before retirement and she manages to
convince him to take Kitai with him. When their spacecraft is damaged by an asteroid storm, she crashes on Earth and only Raige and Kitai survive. Raige breaks both legs and Kitai needs to cross the hostile and dangerous planet to retrieve the beacon and save their lives.They have to fight numerous challenges along their journey and have to also fight to stay alive.

This is a great science fiction movie to watch it is well done and has good action scenes at some point it needs a little patience but all in all it is a good movie to watch.I did enjoy father and son acting this movie,it comes to show talent does run in the family.

Directed by
M. Night Shyam
Produced by Caleeb Pinket
Jada Pinkett
Will Smith
James Lassite
Screenplay by Gary Whitta
M. Night
Story by Will Smith
Starring Jaden Smith
Will Smith

Baggage Claim (the movie) -Romatic Comedy Movie Review

Paula Patton stars in a fantastic
romantic comedy as Montana
Moore who is determined to get
engaged before
her youngest sister's wedding and
not to be the oldest female in her
family not to be married ,so
flight attendant Montana Moore
(Paula Patton) finds herself with
only 30 days to find her Mr. Right.
Using her airline connections to
accidentally meet up with
eligible ex-boyfriends and scour for
potential candidates, she racks up
more than 30,000 miles and
many funny encounters, all
the while searching for the perfect

She is rather a picky girl and
very independent so finding her
 Mr.Right is not easy and with her
mother on her case it doesnot
make it any easier for her.Its great that she has two fantastic friends who always have her back.And she has a life long friend who is alsoher next door neighbour,who is always there to help her out
whenever she needs him.Finding Mr.Right is not an easy task even for this very beautiful fight
attendant.I truely love this romantic comedy because it is sweet,romantic and has a valuable
life lesson and it obviously has an unpredictable happy ending.I can watch this over and over again and
never get tired of this movie.This one of my favorite movies.

Directed by David E. Talbert
Produced by David E. Talbert
Steven J. Wolfe
Written by David E. Talbert
Based on Baggage Claim
by David E. Talb
Starring Paula Patton
Adam Brody
Djimon Houn
Taye Diggs
Christina Mili
Derek Luke
Music by Aaron Zigman
Cinematography Anastas N. Mich

The Wolf Of Wall Street Banned In Kenya - Movies


I am from a country by the name Kenya.It is on the eastern part in the continent of Africa.The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) ordered that the movie Wolf of Wall Street should not be sold, exhibited or distributed anywhere in Kenya. Any one caught selling or with a copy of this movie shall be persecuted.

KFCB is the body that has the task of viewing film content to ensure they conform to the national values. According to this Board this movie has too much adult content, profanity, nudity, drugs and alcohol which Kenyans should not be exposed to.This movies is starring actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, and Jonah Hill. The movie has been directed by Award winning director Martin Scorsese who is known as one of the best directors of all time. The movie premiered in December across America and other countries and is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. From his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.Word is the movie has been banned in many countries but i doubt it. It apparently has 569 F-word utterances,drug use and an orgy scene. That is why the Kenya Film Classification Board saw it fit to ban this movie.When i heard that this movie was banned,i felt it was petty and dum just like alot of things in my country.Why not just rate the movie as adult content. Why ban the movie when there are even worse movies in the Kenyan  market.And the movie is based on a true story.It is no way glorifying that sort of life style because the story does not end well like it did not in real life for Jordan Belfort.It shows the harsh reality of certain lifestyles and in a way it teaches people so many life lessons.

So i do not know what the Kenya Film Classification Board is trying to do because that film is not promoting bad lifestyle but only trying to show of the consequences of bad choices.In Kenya there is too much corruption and so i do not believe this board was sincere as to why they banned this movie.Afew distributors who were caught with this movies have been arrested.And due to the charges of this so called crime one is fined one hundred thousand  Kenyan shillings or a jail term of up to five years or you may be given both i guess depending on how good your lawyer is.I think that Is a very heavy and a quiet convenient fine to pay to the board.What a clever way to make money. When this movie was banned even more Kenyans were eager to watch it and the demand for it hit the roof.When you forbid people not to do something their curiosity even grows so all i can say is Kenya Film Classification Board yeah right.Have you watched this movie and do you think it deserves the ban or the ban makes no good sense?
 As petty and dum just like alot of things in my country.Why not just rate the movie as adult content. Why ban the movie when there are even worse movies in the kenyan  market.And the movie is based on a true story.It is no way glorifying that sort of life style because the story doesnt end well like it did not in real life for Jordan Belfort.It shows the harsh reality of certain lifestyles and in a way it teaches people so many life lessons.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fashion Dos And Donts For The Now Girl- Fashion 101

Fashion is something amazing,some people care about it some do not.For me fashion is very important,i can say i have passion for fashion.Fashion is like art it may be interpreted in different ways and its got colors like art.Fashion makes life interesting and brighter.And in fashion there are dos and nos.Fashion keeps changing from decade to decade.And some designs evolve or are modified to suit the times. For me the eighties and nineties fashion were the worst.But now fashion has been modified into amazing trendz. Fashion is not only in clothes and shoes,it is in jewelry and in hair. Mixing stripes and flowers is a fashion noway.It is just too much going on and it makes you look like a clown.Stripes go with plains be it a top or bottom,you just have to alternate.Flowered tops go well with plain bottoms or vice versa .Another fashion noway is do not substitute pants with stockings or see through tights,because everyone gets to see your underwear.I have seen ladies do this and its even worst when the top they are wearing is short.I do not know if they do this on purpose or they do not know but each time am always in shock.Fashion dos are wear pants there are no substitutes for pants.

Another fashion do not is do not use black color liner on your lips,its not flattering.And even do not use black color liner to draw your eye brow,it just looks too harsh.Brown color liner is great as a lip and eyebrow liner. In hair a fashion no is mixing straight hair with with curly hair.I think a fashion do is its straight hair the whole head if its straight hair and if its curly its curly on the whole head.Fringes or bangs are always in but the way they look matters.Fringes and bangs that are short are a fashion no because they make anyone look dum. A fashion do is a fringe or bang that is on the eyebrows or just above the eyebrows.For me white pants are a fashion no because they almost always would show the inner wear which is not flattering as in ever.When you wear white pants you have to be sure your inner wear does show if you ask me that is alot of work.

Mixing gold jewelry and silver is a fashion no, a fashion do is if its gold then all the jewelry you wear should be gold and if it is silver jewelry then every jewelry you wear should be silver.A fashion no is also wearing buggy clothes from head to toe and you are not a boy.A fashion do is a big top a tight bottom,a tight top a big bottom, those looks work perfectly.We all have had fashion nos but i hope the fashion yes are way more than the nos.For me wearing revealing clothes is a fashion no any day anytime.Wearing short skirts,low necklines and tight clothes is not a fashion no the way you wear them is what makes them a fashion no. Let me know if you you agree with me in my fashion dos and donts,and give me yours too.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians- A Good Family Love


I truely love the Kardashians and their show is my favorite reality show of all times.I remember seeing Kim Kardashian on the Tyra show, thats the first time i had ever seen or had heard of her.She was appearing on the Tyra show because of the video tape of her and Reggie who is a singer and brandy the singers little brother.I had no idea who she was and learnt that her father was a famous lawyer and was the one who defended O.J Simpson in the case of his wifes murder.Well Kim is a stylist,designer,a model, a socialite, she owns dash stores along with her two sisters. Kourtney who is the eldest but you wouldnt be able to tell from her body size.And Khloe who follows Kim but is way taller than Kim and Kourtney.The three girls are beautiful and they put a personal touch in their stores. They personally pick out the locations of the stores and manage what is needed to be managed.They do launches for their new lines and products and they are so hands on.They are very successful business women they have stores in America and internationally.And all the stores are doing well.

They used to run their first store personally.They used to be at the store daily and used to do the selling and arranging of the clothes together with their staff. The three of them do photo shoots for their clothes and also model for magazine covers and other products.They are an inspiration to many business people.They stand for glam and fashion which is an amazing part of life.These girls may come from a rich family but they have great values when it comes to business that everyone can learn from.Kim,Khloe,kourtney and their brother Rob have the same dad who was called Robert Kardashian.Robert kardashian sadly passed away some years back due to cancer.His children Kourtney,Kim,Khloe and Rob keep his memory alive, they always speak of their of their dad and they speak highly of him and in a very loving way. Kris Jenner is their mother,she is very stylish and an amazing manager.She manages all her childrens careers and all six of her children are super successful.She is a busy mum but she is loving and caring towards her children.And to top it up she is a fun mum.Kris is a co-producer to keeping up with the Kardashians television show.And she has been and is involved in other numerous projects.She was married to Kourtney,Kim,Khloe and Robs dad but they got divorced then she got married to Bruce Jenner who was an American athlete gold medalist.But recently they have filed for a divorce.Kris and Bruce have two children Kendal and Kylie Jenner and these two are successful and they started at an early age and they still managed to balance school and work.These two have done numerous modelling for their merchandise and for other people.Rob Kardashian though he struggled abit finally managed to launch his sock line which is a collection of mens socks.Rob being the only boy in the Kardashian household mostly gets over shadowed by his sisters.

Bruce Jenner has sons but from a previous marriage.His children started making appearances mostly in the later seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians. The Kardashians have bared it all infront of the camera from their successes to their family drama,fights makeups,breakups and always show above everything family comes first.And that we are only human so no one is perfect we all have faults and flaws and family is forever.And we also get to see their love lives with ups and downs and we learn alot from them.I know some people look at Keeping up with the Kardashians as a vain television show but that is just missing the big picture where you get to learn alot about family,life and relationships.I love the way the Kardashians are all neat and clean and them being super rich they do not
have people waiting on them hand and foot.They are pretty hands on and clean up after themselves and are pretty good at it.You can learn alot from the Kardashians and i personally do.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Always Be Aware Marketing Is Everywhere-Ultimate Marketing

What is marketing?Marketing is the creating awareness of goods or services.Marketing to me is everywhere because of the way everything is presented .An architect will design a building in a certain way to appeal to a certain crowd of people.Whether it is designing a mall,a shopping complex,houses,apartments and any kind of building.The way each building is built will appeal to tenants and that is marketing.And taking a look at restaurants they have different presentations,settings and designs to represent the kind of food that is sold there and the level the restaurant is at and how expensive or cheap their food and services are. And all that is marketing.The way hotels are designed ,the accommodation packages they offer and the services and facilities they have is all about marketing.The way night clubs are designed,the types of food and drinks and the kind of music they offer is all about marketing.The way movie and television show trailers are made and presented is all about marketing.The type of television shows that are on certain television stations are also all about marketing the television station to a certain audience.The way a chef prepares and presents his food and the ingredients used is all about marketing.The way cakes are made and theme of these videos is all about marketing.


The beautiful people who are put in these music are there to sell the song and the artist and all that is marketing.The models or people taken in advertisements are taken to market that product.The celebrities or people taken to grace covers and to act as spokes people for the beauty products or clothes are taken for marketing purposes.The schools you attend the course you take the grades you get is also you marketing yourself to potential employees.Shop displays and the way goods are presented and arranged in stores and supermarkets is all about marketing.The way one dresses is the way one markets themselves.It may sound funny but its true because by the way you dress you portray a certain personality and influence the way people view you,like for a job interview you have to look serious and smart.That is a way to market yourself so that you may land your dream job.You market yourself to your friends to dates by the way you dress.The way you dress will attract a certain type of people to your life.Also the way you behave and carry yourself is the way you market yourself.You may come out as loving,kind,giving,social,anti-social,confident,arrogant,nice to have around or simply annoying.Even by the way you talk markets you and the way you walk.The way you eat the way you look at people and the way you laugh too.

The people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you and so you market yourself through them.Marketing is presented is all about marketing so that they may appeal to a certain group of people.The way songs are written,the type of beats they have and the music videos to these songs the way they are made and the everywhere in everything that is done in this world knowingly or unknowingly. Let me know whether you agree with me or not if it is true that marketing is everywhere.

Just Let Gay People Be Gay In Peace-Stop Discrimination

All over the world being gay is something than is not really accepted.At list in some places in the world people try to respect gay people and they are given their rights.In Africa being gay is an abomination ,Africans consider themselves to be conservative and being gay is not natural.I have never had a problem with gay people and i live in Africa.It was even so interesting to find out people are gay mostly because of their genetic make up.We all have male and female hormones and which ever hormone is more determines if you are male or female.But there are people who are male but have more female hormones which make them be attracted to males and females who have more male hormones in them and so they are attracted to females.

This has been scientifically been proven so why would you judge and condemn people for something they have no control of.Last time i checked you do not have a say or you do not get to pick your genetic make up.People fear things they do not understand but it would be great if people just let gay people be gay in peace ,they have more than enough to deal with because who they are attracted to is not seen as normal .Its sad to hear how gay people struggle with the acceptance of what they feel to the extent of some of them taking their own lives. That is too too sad no one should ever have to go through that being condemned by everyone including their loved ones.If life is not hard enough for gay people an African president in a country called Uganda passed a law that if you are caught being gay you are jailed for life.

People in Africa say that being gay is a western culture thing that is being forced to change African culture.Well i say do not use that excuse to be shallow and violate human rights to force a law upon people making them have to go to jail longer than murders.Why do not you just let people live their lives like you live your own life.The president of Uganda was asked by several western nations not to pass that law but he refused.I guess now Uganda is on her own no more support from western nations.Lets wait and see how they will make it on their own.I cant say i understand everything about gay people but i let them live their lives and in peace and i just respect them.And its too sad that gay people are beaten and sometimes killed .That is why i say if u want to make the world a better place start with you learn to love and respect everyone and let gay people be gay in peace.And stop being hormophobes i know people tend to fear what they do not understand but let humanity and love and respect, rise above fear.

The law in my country Kenya does not support gay people but it does not enforce that law which is much better than wasting time and resources on people because of the so called moral laws and you know some gay people where born that way and science proves it.Once again let gay people be gay in peace,just let them be.

10 Benefits Of Dating Yourself- Best Kind Of Dating(Self Improvemant)

I know dating yourself is something that would make your jaw drop or would leave your mouth open.Well dating yourself is so possible and very healthy.So what is dating yourself?Dating yourself is spending quality time by yourself.Most people cant do this because they cant stand their own company.The most refreshing thing is being able to spend time with yourself and enjoying it.It leaves you stronger and happier.Everything starts with you,enjoy your own company and others will enjoy your company.You can spend time alone but do not make it a habit because there is always a limit to everything.When you spend time with yourself on you on your date you learn to rely on yourself and that makes you strong and independent. Being strong and independent makes you rely on yourself ,because you need to be able to rely on yourself.You will be strong for yourself when you need to for yourself and for others.
When you treat yourself well you learn to love and appreciate and accept yourself.And you learn to compliment and with compliments and then comes more love for yourself.And loving yourself is important but you have to have the good kind of love.Because there is a selfish kind of love where its all about me me me.You have to learn to love yourself as you love others just the same,treat yourself great as you will treat others. Dating yourself can be very relaxing and that way you become centered and yourself does not have to be expensive,its just quality time to get to love yourself,be centered and feel serenity and peace. That way you will slow down and appreciate and enjoy life more.You will enjoy and recognize the little and great things like the wind on the skin and the air you breath and be as free. Dating yourself is so good because that is the type of dating that you are not cheating on anyone.being centered is good for reflection. 

For personal growth and you become wiser and you deal with issues better,have a smarter approach to life and your goals and dreams.And you will appreciate your life more ,the people you have in your life more and have peace in your life and unknown joy.You will even be able to have more dreams and you will have the strength and drive to work towards making those dreams come to life.There is nothing better than finding inner peace. When you date yourself you get to know yourself better and you are intouch with yourself and learn alot about yourself.Knowing yourself is important because you get to know why you feel the way you do why you react in different situations.And being intouch with yourself is great because it makes you be good at being intouch with humanity.And that is a great thing because you will be full of compassion and that will make you a better person.While you spend time with yourself you learn your flaws,weaknesses and strengths.And you accept yourself and love yourself the way you are.You can learn to work on your strengths and your flaws and just smile as the world smiles along with you.You are always a work in progress so by dating yourself and learning about yourself makes you grow.Dating yourself is about treating yourself well and doing so when you are by yourself. You can take a quiet long walk through a beautiful park.You can buy yourself a beautiful dinner or lunch.You can buy yourself gifts,just go out and pick a gift for yourself.If you can a day at a spur is not bad at all.Spending time with yourself does not have to be expensive,its just quality time to get to love yourself,be centered and feel serenity and peace. That way you will slow down and appreciate and enjoy life more.You will enjoy and recognize the little and great things like the wind on the skin and the air you breath and be as free. Dating yourself is so good because that is the type of dating that you are not cheating on anyone.

Things Easier Said Than Done-Self Reflection

Many things are easier said than done.Lord knows how many times we use phrases and words that are easier said than done.Words like this ones in Shola Amas song i believe in love. I have been told a million lies i have been left alone with a broken heart but i still believe in love.This is very easy to say but doing it is hard after lies and being left with a broken heart will leave one with so much anger and maybe so much hate.Mostly one will have regrets and hate and believing in love would be the hardest thing you can ever do.After one gets a broken heart one either shuts down and stops believing in love and everything that comes along with it.


Others go out on a downward spiral and become self-destructive and do alot of negative things to try numb or stop the pain.Recovering from a broken heart is one of the most hardest things to do.It also needs one to go through the stages of grieving and that is so hard and at the end you are out with bruises.But they say life is not about the hardships you go through but its about how u handle and go through those hardships.