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Monday, 26 February 2018

The Man Building His Empire With The Stones Thrown At Him -Trey Songz

It's has been a long road since Trey Songz released his first single "Gotta Make It". Trey's music career has slowly but surely grown over the years.His musical talent is clearly amazing.It was not an easy or fast rise to the top for Trey.And he is greatful for that cause he says it made him the person he is right now.Trey always speaks of his challenges, dedication and hardwork.He does so inorder to encourage others to believe in their dreams too.He also does his best to give back to the community.He also mentors young upcoming musicians like Mike X Angel.Trey Songz has upto date seven studio albums which are all successful. He also has numerous mixtapes.He is one of the most hardworking musicians out there.If he is not in the studio recording music.He is mostly doing show after show after show after show.And you would see him tweet saying he needs to work harder.

Trey has had his share of dirt thrown his way.Through all the stones and dirt thrown his way.His fans stick by him because of what he represents in their lives.They choose to not believe the accusations that have no merit which come by from time to time.I guess these are trials that appear on Trey's way.Trey has a huge fan base which are mostly ladies.

The lawyer looking for the apparent witnesses for the case on Twitter

The lastest accusations come from a lady who is accusing Trey Songz of apparently slapping her at a party because she was talking to another man.She even filed a police report.And got a lawyer who was looking for witness over Twitter.Which makes this look like another false allegation against Trey.If you slap someone at a party you will not need to look for witnesses because many people will see what exactly happened.

My advice to Trey Songz and other influential people is you are easy targets.Its like you always have a sniper aiming at you like the spotlight that shines on you, on and off the stage.You have to be careful with the people around you.Some people don't see the hard-work and sweat.All they see is an easy paycheck and a walking bank account.

As a celebrity or influential person you have to be weary of the people around you both men and women.Many people will want to be around you.Just afew of them will be genuine. Some people will do anything to get a piece of your fortune and fame.

The women who mostly have easy access to celebrities and influential people are sadly the ones who are busy selling themselves to the highest bidders.The truth being all that glitters is not gold or diamonds.It is simply people who are selfish and full of vanity.There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life but it's best to always remember to keep it real.I always say,stay away from females who would do anything for money.Because that digs deep into ones values and character.But ironically these types of ladies are the kind men worship the ground they walk on.The fruit that seems very delicious will be a life lesson.

I love Treyz tweet that said"This too shall pass" and it sure will pass.Trey has and is building his empire with the stones thrown at him.He is keeping on no matter what is thrown his way.There is no backing down for this amazing musician who has come so far.It is sad that people now and then try to get a piece of his hard earned fortune.With faith and lots of love from family,fans and friends.Trey will always make it through any rain and into the sunshine.He will work through the negatives to get the positives that are in life because that's what he has been doing all along.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Fashion For The Month of February 2018- Heels


February seems to be the month of love but i hope it means there is enough love to go all year long.One can't help but love fashion.Heels seem a great look for the month of February.If you are down to rock heels this February you can get amazing heels here.

Monday, 12 February 2018

What Treat Does Trey Songz Have For His Fans This Valentine's Day 2018?

Trey Songz Valentine's Day Treat

I bet many of Trey Songz fans feet melt when they imagine how it would feel like being Trey's valentine.Trey is big on Valentine's day and never misses a treat for his fans.He even has meet and greets on Valentine's day.I can't wait to see how it will be this year because i got to watch the one that happened last year on YouTube and it was awesome.

You can be Trey Songz Valentine by going to his site
www.treysongz.com website and purchasing stuff for $55 or more and get a 14% discount.And with everything physical purchase you get a free Trey Songz nail file.All the products available are very affordable and are amazing collectables.Well making your dreams of being Trey Songz Valentine's is that easy so go ahead and make your dream a reality.

Trey has also put up a collection of Love Songz as a wonderful Valentine's treat for his fans.You can access it via his site
www.treysongz.com. But feel free to listen all year long and years to come cause Love Songz never go out of style or season.The Love Songz open up on Spotify so only the lucky fans who have Spotify available in their countries get to enjoy these Love Songz.I hope next year Trey puts up playlists on more sites.