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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Are The Effects Of Climate Change Mother Natures Wrath?-Climate Change

What is Climate change and what are its effects?Climate change is the change of weather patterns and extreme weather conditions due to pollution due to harmful human activities.
What are the harmful results of Climate Change? Well there is nothing positive that comes with Climate Change.Since we are destroying Mother Nature the results are extreme and devastating.And these results look like Mother Natures Wrath.The World is experiencing extreme hot weather which will result to droughts which means no food will grow and there will be a huge shortage of food.This will lead to a huge number of people starving to death.Food prices will go up and put more strain to economies and people.

Countries are experiencing Elninos which is heavy rainfall.This rainfall is very destructive.It is destroying food and property because it is causing floods.There is sadly loss of lives and property due to Elnino being experience in many different parts of the world.People are loosing their loved ones,their livelihood and their homes and properties.This is very sad because this is a result of humans destroying Mother Nature. In China which is at the top in emitting harmful industrial gases which are damaging the earth,there was a grey fog there for some days.If this is not a wake up call,i don't know what is.That was evidence of the huge pollution that is going on there.That amount of pollution will obviously lead to chronic diseases.It doesn't take a genius or a doctor to figure that out.

The snow in North and South pole is melting and land there is being submerged in water and creating islands.This means less land for animals and people to live in.And this will eventually lead to raising of sea level and cities next to the sea will be history.Because they will sink along with everything on them.Some countries are experiencing heat waves which have been so bad.

What is being done to combat Climate Change? President Obama and Pope Fransis are in the fore-front in the fight against Climate Change.They are spreading awareness and speaking to World leaders especially the Leaders of the Countries who are destroying the World the most with the harmful fuels being used in their countries industries.They are fighting for Leaders to sign agreements that they will cut down on using these industrial fuels that are destructive.

The truth It is sad that some greedy individuals were and are trying to convince people that Climate Change is not real.Well it is as real as day and night and no one can escape this wrath of Mother Earth.Nobody can escape this, no amount of money can buy you a ticket from Mother Earths wrath.And no human can take Mother Earth and she is strong and ruthless.We are in this together the guilty and the innocent.If we are kind to Mother Nature,she will also be kind to us.If we take care of Mother Nature she will take care of us too,it is that plain and simple.
No one will be spared from the wrath of Mother Nature and you do not want to go up against her because everyone knows who is stronger.And no amount of money can buy you out of Mother Natures wrath. We all subject to Mother Natures Wrath and what we are experiencing is just the honeymoon phase because what is to come will be utter distraction of the earth and future generations will have a cesspool of destruction for a home.With the melting of the North pole and South pole land will be submerged in water and cities next to the oceans and seas will sink so there people will loose everything.

What can we do? We all have a role to play by taking care of the environment,recycling,properly disposing of waste and planting of trees much much more than you cut them down. We can join Pope Fransis and President Obama in their fight against Climate Change by adding your voice by signing petitions like this ones here https://my.barackobama.com/Support-Strong-Methane-Standards
Let us all join in this fight for the only home we have.I am happy we have Leaders like Pope Fransis,President Obama and many more who are fighting for this change.The Paris conference for Climate Change was a success but its just the beginning and i hope we will head to the right direction. It is sad that some people who seem to be the major contributors of the climate change are trying to oppose by saying that climate change is not real.When it is as real as day.We are having extreme hot weather,heat waves to storms to floods.I do not know how real people want it to get so that they recognize climate change as a problem that needs to be addressed now.Mother natures wrath is real and if we do not take care of nature then certainly nature will take care of us and it is not going to be pretty or end up well.Our ignorance may just be our downfall.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Did You Know The Jacksons Dated The Kardashians?-TJ Jackson Dated Kim Kardashian And Taryll Jackson Dated Kourtney Kardashian.

The Jacksons and The Kardashians are known families in pop-culture.These two family names are huge names.It is no surprice that The Jacksons who are known in the music industry because of their musical success would be associated with The Kardashians known for their hit reality television series Keeping up with the Kardashians.They are actually close and even in the same social circle.Way back in 1994 TJ Jackson the nephew of Micheal Jackson,Tito's son and member of the boy band 3T dated Kim Kardashian.They were both teenagers at the time.Kim was around 14 years and TJ Jackson 17 years.Looks like Kim has always liked a certain type of guys.She has always had great taste in guys.

Since they are not together now they obviously broke up and no one knows why because that seems to be a well kept secret.But these two seem to have an ok friendship up to date so that is an indication that maybe they did not have a messy breakup.Years later Taryll Jackson ,TJ's brother and member of the group 3T met Kourtney Kardashian through mutual friends and dated from 1999 to 2004.They even lived together.Taryll and Kourtney had a serious and long relationship for 5 years.But i think when Kim was dating TJ,Kourtney and Taryll must have known each other at some level though the spark between them had not been ignited lol.

The story behind their breakup remains a mystery too.It would say alot if people knew why these two ended their relationship.Kourtney and Taryll are buddies which may also rule out a messy breakup.These two families maintain an ok relationship up to date.Which is seen on one of The Jacksons docu-series episodes where there is a gathering and the two families interact .Taj Jackson the eldest of the Jackson sons is the only one who did not date one of The Kardashians though sometimes people make the mistake of linking him with Kourtney.Taryll was a great catch for Kourtney but both of them are with other people and even have kids.Kim is now married with kids and so is TJ. Did you know The Jackson's dated The Kardashians?

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Do You Know Of International Day Of Happiness?-World Happiness Day Every March 20.

I had no clue that World Happiness Day or International Day Of Happiness existed.But it does exist and has been since the year 2013. The first International Day of Happiness was launched and celebrated by Ndaba Mandela,the grandson of the late President of South Africa Nelson Mandela and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and US Senator and now Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the TedXTeen conference in New York, NY. The United Nations also has held World happy day celebrations up to date. Other than food,shelter,clothing and love,happiness is a basic human need.It is a very crucial need that the World is in dia need of.It is a basic need that can be easily overlooked.This is why emphasis has been put and a day set aside to celebrate happiness.Research has been done to find out the most happiest people in the world and the lest happiest people too.The happiest people are from Denmark and the lest happiest are from Burundi. The countries with the happiest people are that way because the people enjoy good leadership,peace,security,equal opportunities for men and women.They also have clean beautiful environment,good health care and enjoy basic necessities. On the contrary some countries do not enjoy all these privileges and despite them lacking alot or so much they emerge happy.They are the face of raising above life's hardships and just being grateful for the little they have.Some of these countries are at war and others have bad leadership while others are full of corruption which makes life not easy.

International Day of Happiness is meant to make the World a better place and to place the much need for happiness in a fast moving World.Happiness is something people forget about that costs nothing and improves the quality of life despite of ones race,colour,gender,society and social class.World happy day is meant to improve the quality of life and i am glad it is a day that people celebrate all over the World."Everybody deserves to be happy because happiness is a basic human need."

Monday, 14 March 2016

Are These The New Age Parties Kids Are Attending?-Crazy Project X Parties Of Drugs And Orgies.

The invitation to a Project X party will surely raise any sane persons eyebrows.The invitation flayers indicates that the less you dress or rather the lesser the clothes you have on the better.And the party has a variety of drugs available and alcohol in abundance.I guess the individuals who attend these parties eat before attendance because the parties do not have food.No one mentions food maybe they cannot afford food.Food should be the main thing in parties.And if the plenty drugs and alcohol is not enough there is a promise of orgies to get into.Word of such parties going down hit News headlines way after their beginning.Apparently these parties have been taking place for the longest time.The flayers to Project X parties have been secretly circulating through Whatapp groups,Facebook,Instagram and any other social media you can think of.Young people have been secretly attending these immoral parties that have been hosted in different residential areas in so many different towns.Kids attend these parties without the knowledge of the parents.

-Some kids have attended these parties never to attend them ever again because what goes on in these parties is something they cant stand.
-Wiser kids stay clear of these parties and never attend these parties.Because they know the consequences of orgies,alcohol and drugs.
-Then there are those kids who are down for all the madness in the world and do not have a sense of direction or limits.They attend these parties,drugs,alcohol and orgies are not a big deal to them. Infact that is what they know as cool and fun.Sadly their parents are clueless and the kids attitudes are "so what its my life anyway".Sadly these kids are down for any form of immorality because that is what is fun to them.

Conclusion The people behind these parties are anonymous.They are rotten to the core.They do not fear the law because they dared the authorities to catch them if they can. It cost one person five hundred to one thousand shillings to get into these parties which leads to the question.Is this enough money to get all these drugs and alcohol.What is the point of these parties.It is kind of obvious someone wants to or is reaping from these parties.These parties aim is to get as many kids to get hooked on drugs or get into the porn industry or both.Then they would be regular customers to the people providing these drugs to them in the first place and get also porn to sell.To them it is a business.The orgies are just the icing on the cake.At the end of Project parties kids pick up a nasty drug addiction and all sorts of diseases.Project X parties have been condemned by all sane members of the society.Parents should take a keen look at their kids because these kids are attending these house parties in secret.

The people behind Project X are pretty much workers of the devil.They are out to destroy and to ruin families and the society.These people are full of knowledge and can hack social media accounts. Project X parties are down and dirty parties of doom and gloom.Parties are meant for having fun but not these kind of fun.This is the kind of fun that leads to self destruction.

These crazy parties look like they have been named after the movie Project X but is more intense than the movie itself.What people see in movies should not be emulated especially the crazy movies.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Is Wearing Matching Outfits Good Fashion?-Wearing Matching Outfits is Juvenile.

We all from time to time come across people wearing matching outfits.Matching outfits always grab peoples attention,i guess that is the whole point of matching outfits.Matching outfits are great for coordination and identification in events ,work places,choirs,groups or even weddings.But when they are worn just because you want to it screams super juvenile and to mention very dorky.It just looks childish to wear matching outfits be you family,friends or a couple.Even young siblings these days do not like wearing matching outfits that their parents would pick out for them. Wearing matching outfits is not good fashion.