Sunday, 20 March 2016

Do You Know Of International Day Of Happiness?-World Happiness Day Every March 20.

I had no clue that World Happiness Day or International Day Of Happiness existed.But it does exist and has been since the year 2013. The first International Day of Happiness was launched and celebrated by Ndaba Mandela,the grandson of the late President of South Africa Nelson Mandela and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and US Senator and now Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the TedXTeen conference in New York, NY. The United Nations also has held World happy day celebrations up to date. Other than food,shelter,clothing and love,happiness is a basic human need.It is a very crucial need that the World is in dia need of.It is a basic need that can be easily overlooked.This is why emphasis has been put and a day set aside to celebrate happiness.Research has been done to find out the most happiest people in the world and the lest happiest people too.The happiest people are from Denmark and the lest happiest are from Burundi. The countries with the happiest people are that way because the people enjoy good leadership,peace,security,equal opportunities for men and women.They also have clean beautiful environment,good health care and enjoy basic necessities. On the contrary some countries do not enjoy all these privileges and despite them lacking alot or so much they emerge happy.They are the face of raising above life's hardships and just being grateful for the little they have.Some of these countries are at war and others have bad leadership while others are full of corruption which makes life not easy.

International Day of Happiness is meant to make the World a better place and to place the much need for happiness in a fast moving World.Happiness is something people forget about that costs nothing and improves the quality of life despite of ones race,colour,gender,society and social class.World happy day is meant to improve the quality of life and i am glad it is a day that people celebrate all over the World."Everybody deserves to be happy because happiness is a basic human need."