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Thursday, 19 November 2015

What are Fans Saying About Taryll Jackson And Breana Cabral's Relation On The Jacksons:Next Generation.

In this docu-series The Jacksons:The Next Generation,the relationship between Taryll Jackson the second son of Tito Jackson of the Jackson 5 who is the brother to Micheal Jackson and his partner not yet wife Breana Cabral is highlighted.They have two sons Bryce and Adren who are witnesses of their parents constant disagreements.And both Taryll and Breana admite they do not like this type of environment for their kids.They do not want to pass this on to their kids.Taryll says this is how their relationship has always been,he says it has always been up and down.After watching the show fans are calling Breana the dragon lady and a gold digger.Breana Cabral even had a twitter war with some fans.Very few people seem to be on Breana's side because Taryll seems like the victim in this challenging relationship.
Here is what fans have been saying about Breana and Taryll relationship on a fanpage on Facebook.The following are unedited statements so forgive the grammar mistakes ,i only edited the names of the people commenting to avoid fights.

"Bre is a gold digger selfish brat why are you with her. She can text her friends but don't wanna call the window company. Your boys comes first dump bre she's bringing you down she isn't worth the time and energy. Your a great dad a good guy. If tj wife says your a good guy why can't bre see that"
"I Agree with ..........."
"What piss me off he wants to work it out all because the kids"
"Because Bre only sees the signs."
"She know he isn't a millionaire"
"But yet doesn't mind spending hundreds or thousands on shoes or a purse. I'm sorry but I can't stand her."
"She said in another episode that she always gets her way. I'm afraid that for now he caught her off guard but as soon as she gets her thoughts together she will start attacking him by using the boys and she said she is willing to marry anyone so that means she is going to use the excuse that Taryll doesn't fit in her man's schedule and her's and that's how she is going to limit when he can see the boys. He needs a great family court lawyer now!"
"She made herself sound so cheap saying she just wants to be marry, she will marry anyone. Taj was nice asking like adults how are things with Taryll and her and she is so sarcastic and said Peachy, Taj just stays cuite. Taj doesn't talk but he observes everything, their mom told him at a young boy that he had to take care of his brothers and he is use to being laid back and watching everything, like Poppa T."
"OMG!! Just Bre's comments she made through out the show made me want to ...Open a can of whoop ass on her. We know it is his life and its a show to get ratings (will he or won't he?) He definatly has steel balls for keeping her around for 9 yrs."
"Totally agree with this post!. Taryll I hope you are reading all of this!. You're a good guy and so lovely as the show shows and really need to get rid of that gold digger!!.xx"
"Taryll should get rid of her and HE should get full custody of both his sons!. Ban her from seeing them at all!...she'll go marry anyone as she has said and will have more children. She's a bad role model for them boys!.x"
"I totally agree and now she wants to get married??? Why thought he was so bad!!!! She wants to marry him cause she thinks she will have access to the bank account...And if ur dish washer isn't working wash those dishes by hand...her hands seem to work fine always texting. He can do way better and she has a job as a mother ok?? But take care of your house too what's so hard to help ur man out. She thinks she is privileged but your not!!! If you supported your man enough and helped him out a bit more maybe u will get a gift to show appreciation. But she don't deserve anything!! She wants wants wants but can't help out her man...And wants everything expensive cause she gets her way and goes for expensive stuff. She needs to treat her man like a man and support him not bring him down...But wants to get married then says if it's not with him it will be with someone else. Stop thinking about yourself love ur man and support him. Smh setting a bad example to her boys. If u ain't working then house duties are yours to do!!!!"

"I also agree .. 9 years is a long time. Taryll said he loves her but didn't say he was in love with her. Big difference, co parent and raise those beautiful boys and move on individually if he really wants to be happy."
"and great opinion"
"I agree completely"
"I believe that she'll try to work it out because now she's on t.v., cable, internet..and so on...."
"she needs to appreciate the fact that she has somebody lots of OTHER women would be glad to have and she think that can't happen just because he's a Jackson and she think he can't have second thought."
"I also agree Bre is Not good for him She Thinks now i have a jackson he should fullfill all my dreams."

I am so sorry for the fans strong opinions which are not my opinions and this post is not meant to start fights cause i know The Jackson fans are very passionate when it comes to them and i am also a fan so please lets keep the love.I hope Taryll and Breana can work it out for the kids because it is better to come from a broken home than to live in one.

What do you think about this kind of situation?
Here are videos that have made fans fell the way they do:

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