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Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Classic FM Radio Presenter Raises Over 20 Million For Kids With Cancer-Maina Kageni

A Classic FM Kenya radio presenter Maina Kageni during his morning show asked his listeners to help him raise 10 million Kenya shillings to help kids suffering from Cancer under the campaign "be a hero to a little hero".He said he wouldn't leave the studio until they reach the 10 million mark and his also posted on his Facebook page and here is what he posted.

"Leo ni Leo!!!!!!! (today is the day)# Maina10MillionMission Let's raise the money for our little hero's and heroines in need of better cancer treatment equipment..... I'm not leaving the studio until we raise this money!!!! We have identified the manufacturers... no middle men..... and what we'll deliver to KNH will be equipment, not a single shilling...... Happy, blessed Friday!!!! And be a hero to a little hero..... Barikiwa!!!!!!(be blessed)."

By almost 1pm that day people had donated and they hit the 10 million mark.Maina Kageni had asked everyone to donate as little or as much as one could ,it was all to help so any amount was welcome and appreciated.From huge companies to small companies to individuals donations came in.This money was to help purchase Cancer treatment equipment which are needed because you would find maybe only one machine serving one whole National Public Hospital.Which is a desperate situation. And his messages when the 10 million mark had been reached on Facebook were:

"YOU'VE DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!!!!!!! You have no idea what kind of a difference you have made to our little Hero's and Heroines battling cancer at KNH...... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!"
"We have hit our target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Asanteni sana(thanks alot). I am almost in tears here in studio with my friend Carol Radull" "Believe it or not!!!!! All glory, and all honour to God. Thank you all for making this a HUGE success. These children's lives will never be the same again. #Maina10MillionMission".

And later that evening still donations were coming in and it went up to 20 million and counting.It is amazing what people can do when they positively come together for a worthy cause.We need more people like Maina Kageni who motivate people to make a difference in peoples lives from the parent of those little hero's battling Cancer to those little hero's.And i hope the donations continued coming in even after that day .Indeed it is good "to be a little Hero to a little Hero" and help win these battles with Cancer.It is always great to see Kenyans and also people in the World coming together to do good. And Maina Kageni's last message that day was:
"Tonight, my prayer is for every single person and organisation that totally changed the way cancer treatment is administered to children in Kenya.... I'm blessed to be able to be part of this great effort.... from over 150 kids battling cancer at KNH, as well as thousands more, and everyone at Classic 105, KAYAMBAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Cancer ISN'T a sentence - it's just a word if diagnosed early.... tonight, my pride at being Kenyan is at an all time high...... today, you've truly been a Hero for a little Hero..... only God can repay you for your Heroic acts today..... have a great weekend knowing that you HAVE MADE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!"

And here is how it all went down on twitter:
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    20.2 Million is what we have collected today 6 Million is what we have in pledges. Total: 26.2 Million Thank you!

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  3. How much did contribute for the ? ama wakenya wajipange?ok
  4. Thank you it's SO ENCOURAGING to come back online to find . in Kenya will rise!
  5. . will double their employees' contribution of Kes1.36M to Kes2.72M for the

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