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Monday, 16 November 2015

An Amazing Jackson Family Docu-series-The Jacksons:Next Generation

The Jackson's are one of the biggest legendary names in the music industry.We had the Jackson 5 where the King of pop Micheal Jackson emerged from.Micheal Jackson was a music genius and everyone in all corners of planet earth knows the name and music by Micheal Jackson.Well imagine Micheal as your uncle and Tito Jackson a member of the Jackson 5 band as your dad.This is the story of Tito Jacksons kids Taj,Taryll and TJ(Tito-Joe).These three are members of the band 3T.They sold over 3 million Worldwide from their album they put out in the late nineties.They were so big in Europe.I guess boy bands do well in Europe than in America lol.They are known for their hit songs Anything,I need you,Why featuring their uncle Micheal Jackson and many more.Their songs still play on radio and never get old.Growing up in a musical family influenced them to be in music.Coming from a very famous family has its good and down side.It could be a blessing or a curse.Taj,Taryll and Tj have grown up hearing the media just telling stories about their famous family,some stories more outrageous than the next.They felt it is time that they tell their stories themselves.Better get it from the horses mouth or rather the guys mouths.Since people think the Jackson kids are lazy and snobs,they felt its good for people to get to know them first-hand.So Taj,Taryll and TJ decided to do this docu-series The Jacksons:Next Generation.

It airs on lifetime from 2nd October.This series shows their family life and their struggles because of their family name because of all that fame.We see Taj who is married to Thayana who is one of triplets who have a girl band themselves from Brazil.But his wife does not appear in this docu-series.He is the eldest though soft spoken he is incharge of watching over his younger brothers and the rest of the family.Taryll is the middle child and has two boys Bryce and Adren with his partner Breana Cabral.They are not married yet and we get to see the struggles in their relationship as they raise their two child.Then the last born TJ who is tallest of them all and could pose for a male model is a father to nine kids.He is married to Frances Jackson,he has four biological children with Frances.Frances has two older kids who are TJ's step-kids and TJ is the co-guardian to his uncle Micheal Jacksons Kids Prince,Paris and Blanket together with his grandmother Katherine Jackson the mother to Micheal Jackson.They all live together.We get to see many other members of the Jackson family especially the next generation even Micheal Jacksons kids.We even get to see Tito who is 3t's dad known as poppa-t.We get to see 3t try to get their band together and their challenges trying to balance work and family obligations.We see Taj take on his role as a big brother in the family and band.We see Tarylls role as a father and his challenges with partner Breana in their relationship.And his role and passion for the band 3t and music.

Then we see super dad TJ ,we get to see his challenges as a dad to a huge family and how he tries to balance all that and the band because they have an album to put out.See how they finally put the album out.Get to see how the Jackson family runs firsthand by watching The Jacksons:The Next Generation.l hope this docu-series is a success.Wendy Williams mentioned it on one her shows and said she was watching it and was so intrigue to see how colourful the Jackson family is when it comes to races.But i was shocked thatt Wendys description of the Jackson's was so sketchy and i know more about them and i am in Africa and she is right there with them in America lol.Wendy was not sure Taj,Taryll had the same mother because of their skin tones.Well they share the same mom and dad.Taj looks more like their mom.Taryll looks more like their uncle Micheal Jackson.TJ looks more like their dad Tito.These guys are all just too handsome so for the ladies they will be great to watch.Taj,Taryll and TJ appeared on BET's The Real Show and its good that the ladies of The Real Show are actually fans of the band 3T and knew the right fan questions to ask.Taj,Taryll and TJ have been to numerous other Talk Shows promoting The Jacksons :The Next Generation.

Will you watch their show and what do you think of this docu-series or reality television programmes?

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