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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Was Citizens Slim Possible Season 6 Fixed?-Well It Does Look Like It Was

Slim Possible is a segment on Citizen television station in Kenya that runs after the Friday news for fifteen weeks at a time.Its host is a television news anchor known as Lilian Muli.It is a weight loss program where contestants who are picked go through healthy processes of losing weight.It is very educative and eye opening because the contestants have the best help from trained professionals who help them through this positive process.The contestants go through weeks of elimination with the ones loosing the least weight getting eliminated.Then we are left with the top six who people vote for and the contestant with the most votes wins the grand price of one million Kenyan shillings plus some other prices.I did watch this season consistently because i found the dancing segment Kuruka by chikii very interesting.In most seasons i used to watch alittle bit and then watch the grand ending to see the winner.

Since i watched this season and never missed an episode,i could tell which ladies were popular.Because at the end of the show it was the viewers who decided on the winner.When the winner was announced i didn't feel any excitement,something didn't feel right.I just said noway this is so boring and looks fixed.Apparently people were voting via twitter using #slimpossible6 .I am sorry to say the lady who won was not popular and was the type that never stood out not even once.Since in the end it was a popularity contest,
this didn't fly for me.

Even the host Lilian Muli Kanene kept forgetting to mention that contestants name as being a finalist.I have nothing against that contestant because she seems like a kind and nice lady.But she was the quiet type that gets lost in the crowd.All i can say there has been a trend in all the slim possible winners and it is now raising eyebrows because after the show i went on twitter and saw people having the same complaints and concerns i had.So much for people voting using Twitter hash tags, people are starting to smell a rat.Well i maybe wrong but i am not the only one who thinks Slim Possible Season 6 was fixed and this time it looked too obvious.I could be wrong but Slim Possible looked like it was fixed.Do you think contest television programmes are sometimes fixed?

Here are some twits about the show:

  1. Why can't a weight loss competition be just about losing weight? Why bring other parameters? 's is a sham.
  2. was a fraud! It was a weight loosing challenge, n Achieng won that challenge, but Wanjiru got the cheque coz of her name!
  3. If that's the case at why were initial competitors eliminated using weights? Corruption pap!
  4. Idk, perhaps they could have given them GYM SUBSCRIPTIONS?? Fridge na cooker wachieni
  5. Wangetuambia mapema eti ni one tribe weight loss competition
  6. Congrats to the winner . A fridge & cooker for No 2 & 3 is not appropriate . 500K & 250k will be more like it.
  7. I had fun ..learnt alot ..thanks for all the support. . Aluta continua
  8. They gave a Luhya on a gas cooker to go cook and eat and become fat..Kikuyu money ,Luo Tv and coast lady make-up well...
  9. This show is becoming a Kikuyu affair, since it began all winners were Kiuks akina wanjiru. Boring though
  10. Why is it only Kikuyus who win

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