Monday, 9 November 2015

What Do You Think Of Drakes Dance Moves(Hotline Bling Music Video)-Donald Trump Does Hotline Bling

Drake dancing never crossed my mind.Most hiphop artists hardly dance and that is what everyone is used to.This video is a Drake coming out of Drake kind of video.Who knew Drake would dance in a music video and would dance this much.I do not know if it was funny,arkward,nice,refreshing or a oh no you did not just do that kind of thing,lol.But for sure it is an interesting music video.It is interesting to watch Drake in the hotline bling video.This video got everyones attention some thought Drake dances funny,others said he has an old mans dance moves while others really enjoyed the hotline bling video dance moves that they joined in and copied the dance moves. The hotline bling video did get so much attention and re-do's but to top it off,it was just interesting and fun.What do you think of the hotline bling music video or rather Drake dancing and his dance moves.

Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live also does the Hotline Bling dance.Here is the video:

Here are other videos to Hotline Bling,people really made fun of this music video: