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Thursday, 18 December 2014

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

YouTube's Rewind turn down for 2014 is a very creative ,fun and funny video.The music mix is amazing ,the different songs being mixed up together is great.And it sums up 2014 in so many scenes,there is also even the ice bucket challenge representation in the video.And the singers are so amazing.This video is great and amust watch.

Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin

Meghan Trainor is a gem.She has an amazing voice which is so strong.She has a nice retro feel from her voice to songs.Her songs are very catchy and the first time i heard Meghan trainer i really loved her.

Meghan trainers lips are moving is a great song and the video is fun and interesting and funny and more so funny.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Taylor Swifts blank space is yet another amazing song by Taylor Swift ,i love the way she plays around with words.This is yet another real life incredible love song by Taylor.She is taking a very funny but rather blunt approach to introducing herself to a new prospective love.I love these lines and lots more. 

"I could show you incredible things Magic, madness, heaven, sin Saw you there and I thought oh my god Look at that face, you look like my next mistake Love's a game, wanna play New money, suit and tie I can read you like a magazine Ain't it funny rumors fly And I know you heard about me So hey, let's be friends I'm dying to see how this one ends Grab your passport and my hand I could make the bad guys good for a weekend...........,

 Cherry lips Crystal skies I could show you incredible things Stolen kisses, pretty lies You're the king baby I'm your queen Find out what you want Be that girl for a month But the worst is yet to come Oh no Screaming, crying, perfect storms I could make all the tables turn Rose garden filled with thorns Keep you second guessing like oh my god Who is she? I get drunk on jealousy But you'll come back each time you leave Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream....., these are very clever lyrics.And the video is playful and fun too.

Beyoncé - 7/11

Beyonce's 7/11 is yet another fabulous hit from beyonce.I like how it is a fun and funny video and the song is also the same.

This is a great video and song and it went viral and it deserves to.The dancing in this video is fun and good.It is great to see Beyonce having fun with her girls.

How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

How to sing like your favorite artists is a very funny video but it tells the truth on how to sing like your favourite singer.Though the guy in the video is making jokes, he is making sense about the artists he speaks about.He talks of your favourite rnb artist to your favourite hiphop artist to your favourite country singer.Though he is taking a very funny approach to how they sound his description is spot on.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Melody Mining - How To Write Melodies Out of Thin Air

Melody mining is incredible,writing music or coming with melodies is like magic.But it takes skill and this approach on how to write melodies out of thin air is great ,incredible and very helpful to lyric writers and word smiths who struggle with melodies.

This approach to coming up with melodies is very simple and not too hard.This approach is finding melodies in the way someone talks and it is not in simple talking but it is in passionate talking.This approach will make your songs sound like someone is talking which is also a great way of coming up with melodies,musical notes and music in general.

As a lyric writer who has struggled for long with melodies and was at some point not even able to come up with a melody to save my life.This is heaven sent and quiet an eye opener.Song writing just become alot easier with Melody mining.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

PaySpree: An Affiliate Network That Pays Instant Commission On Every Product

If you sell digital products online you are no doubt aware of the two most popular affiliate networks, ClickBank and PayDotCom.

While both of these are great and I highly recommend each of them, today I came across a brand new service that really caught my attention. It's called PaySpree and the reason it caught my attention is that ALL its members get paid for their sales instantly. And they can choose whether to be paid by PayPal, AlertPay or Credit Card.

Even affiliates get paid for their referred sales instantly.

I expect it to become quite a hit as the lure of 'instant commissions'  played a big part in the massive success of products such as 7DollarSecrets and the RapidActionProfits scripts. And PaySpree offers even more than what you get with those.

I've actually come across products for sale that are just lists of affiliate programs that pay instant paypal commission. And I've seen many threads in the various internet marketing forums asking about where to find instant commission affiliate programs. Now there is an entire site and marketplace dedicated to them.

As soon as you become a member you can start promoting any product in the marketplace, and you can add your own products so affiliates can promote them for you. All commission payments are handled automatically by PaySpree, it sounds like a winner to me.

I've just signed up and had a look around the site and it seems pretty simple and non cluttered, check it out at the link below and let me know what you think: