One would wonder what Dead beat Kenya is? Well it is a +Facebook page where Parents in Kenya who are not looking after the children the have brought into the world are named and shamed.It is a page exposing parents who have run away and neglected their children.Most of these parents are the males and so people look at it as an attack on men when simply it is not.It shows that men are the most in neglecting their parental responsibilities.I first heard of this page on radio then the same week on Friday there was a news feature on a local news on television.The page was almost a week old and had 67,000 people and during the news feature they even announced that the number of members are even going up.The man behind the page explained that he does a complete check up of the people being accused and the ones making the accusations before the accusations are posted on the wall of the page.He said he does cyber forensics and complete background checks on both parties.The man behind this page looks like a P.I. and so he know the law and what he is doing.Because all that he is doing has to be done within the law to avoid a law suit that would be successful.Some people fully support the page both men and women and others are against Dead beat Kenya and they are both men and women.
Some people say it is bad to air your dirty laundry in public and it is the women who are left with the shame.Well i do not think so because the man who has abandoned his responsibility is the one with dirty laundry.I have seen men who have been put up for multiple children and others have children with different women.It is like they have children everywhere.I did join the group and saw this for myself.I was even shocked, as soon as i was accepted to join Dead beat Kenya, i saw a guy that i knew and the story was he has a one year old daughter that he does not look after.And i know this guy has a good job and he is capable.In the group Dead beat Kenya no one is allowed to reveal the identity of the children or even post pictures of them.There are laws that protect children in such situations.There are some mums who are shamed at Dead beat Kenya but there are very few.It shows that many men have affairs and have children and others it is just relationships and get +Children and do not take up the responsibility of catering for the children.It is good that some women can step up and fight for their children because women have always taken all the shame and blame for accidental pregnancies its about time both parties take up equal responsibilities and women to stop taking up the role of victim and letting the men get away.In Dead beat Kenya all the men i came across look successful and wealthy it is heart breaking that they can not look after their kids.It sure is a dawn shame though the man behind Dead beat Kenya is being sued by a number of people atlist afew of the named for not taking up their responsibilities have started taking care of
their children.And the men who are on Dead beat Kenya mostly look like the love to drink because it is mentioned in most of the stories if not all of them.I think that Dead beat Kenya is a brilliant idea because their is a growing trend of parents who do not take up their responsibilities.What do you think of a facebook page like Dead beat Kenya? Dead Beat Kenya was taken down eventually because  many influential people were being named and shamed.