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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Was Breana Cabral Mad At Family On Her Birthday?-Breana Cabral On Her Birthday On Twitter/Instagram.

April 27 is Breana Cabrals birthday,she is a Taurus.This year she turned 36 years.And this is how it all went down on twitter and instagram.

Taryll Jackson(Micheal Jackson's nephew,member of the band 3t and Tito Jackson's son)the father of her two kids and partner posted this message via Twitter and Instagram and Breana retweeted it with much appreciation.Though it got mixed reactions from followers,hope the good is better than the rest.

You're such an amazing mother. Thank you for all that you do and all that you…

    • tarylljackson@iambreanacabral You're such an amazing mother. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I wish you happiness and everything else you want from life. Continue to grow and know I'm always here for you. I love you Bre.#birthdaygirl #birthday

      Looks like Breana had a girls night out dinner to celebrate her birthday.

Amazing birthday dinner with these lovelies jessicaglickmanmauk…

She appreciated the people and fans who wished her a happy birthday in these tweets.

I am so grateful for all the bday wishes sent my way yesterday & still coming in today from all of you.Thank you so much! Truly appreciated!

And went a head and posted this messages and you be the one to interprete them because they were blunt and she expressed how she felt about family.She seemed disappointed and angry at maybe her family.Maybe everyone was too busy and forgot about her birthday.

& 2 all who should have sent some/anything but were 2 busy & didn't care🖕🏽 ur assholes if strangers take the time so can u

So I decided 36 was going to be the most real and the most raw truth bearing journey…

iambreanacabralSo I decided 36 was going to be the most real and the most raw truth bearing journey yet...decided to deal with the imperfections, and do a full soul searching type of thing. With that being said, you may see things on here that may raise ?'s. I'm a pretty open and honest person so before you make any judgements, or leave some negative nasty comment, just ask whatever your wondering. I'm totally open to answering questions. I love interacting w/people and I love a good debate 😜. Most of the stuff I post, most likely reference to my day, how I'm feeling, how I feel about a particular person(s) or I may simply just like it for no reason at all. I use my social media as an outlet...majority of people use it to boast and fake out their lives. To each their own I don't judge. Like it, don't like...I don't really care. You all can say whatever you want good or bad. I appreciate the good positive vibes, the bad...well...not really affected by it. 

  • So for today I leave the quote above because I'm so tired of the fakeness I'm surrounded with....what you see is definitely not what you get and I've learned that quite well this past year. People only want you to see the perfected pictures of untold truths. I feel bad for those people....but I'm also done with those people. Oh and one last note, if you think this is directed at you, it probably is! 118/366

    What do you think about all this? Was she throwing shade at family members or was she just angry or was she keeping it real?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

22 April Is World Earth Day

What is World Earth Day?It is a day set aside to remind people to take care of the environment.Taking care of the environment should be done every single day.This day has been celebrated since 1970 by environmentalists and people who care about mother earth and the environment.Now more than ever many people are fighting for the earth's environment because the world is at an alarming rate becoming a cesspool of garbage and pollution.It is up to everybody to join in this fight because it involves everyone.We are responsible for our environment.We are the ones to keep our environment clean and avoid wastage and destruction of natural resources. People should help by:

-Keeping the environment clean and stop littering.Properly disposing of waste and garbage.
-Stop wastage of resources like water,electricity.Switch off lights during the day and when no one is using the light.Unplug chargers and devices when not in use.

-Stop pollution by using fuel that is safe for the environment.
-Plant trees and plants that will help purify the air. Urbanization is making people clear plants to build roads and buildings.This is leading man to forget the importance of trees and plants.
-Raise our voices against climate change and join in the fight against it.Spread awareness about climate change,its causes and the solutions to this problem.Sign petitions to stop the governments and countries that are heavily contributing to climate change.

We all have a duty to take care of the environment much more now with climate change and its much felt effects.This is the only home we have and so we should take care of it.If we destroy it we will pay for it dearly.