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Saturday, 23 April 2016

22 April Is World Earth Day

What is World Earth Day?It is a day set aside to remind people to take care of the environment.Taking care of the environment should be done every single day.This day has been celebrated since 1970 by environmentalists and people who care about mother earth and the environment.Now more than ever many people are fighting for the earth's environment because the world is at an alarming rate becoming a cesspool of garbage and pollution.It is up to everybody to join in this fight because it involves everyone.We are responsible for our environment.We are the ones to keep our environment clean and avoid wastage and destruction of natural resources. People should help by:

-Keeping the environment clean and stop littering.Properly disposing of waste and garbage.
-Stop wastage of resources like water,electricity.Switch off lights during the day and when no one is using the light.Unplug chargers and devices when not in use.

-Stop pollution by using fuel that is safe for the environment.
-Plant trees and plants that will help purify the air. Urbanization is making people clear plants to build roads and buildings.This is leading man to forget the importance of trees and plants.
-Raise our voices against climate change and join in the fight against it.Spread awareness about climate change,its causes and the solutions to this problem.Sign petitions to stop the governments and countries that are heavily contributing to climate change.

We all have a duty to take care of the environment much more now with climate change and its much felt effects.This is the only home we have and so we should take care of it.If we destroy it we will pay for it dearly.

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