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Monday, 16 April 2018

Is Instagram The Devil's Playground?- Instagram Seems To Have Very Little Censorship

Are Instagram Models or Fitness Models Really Just That?

Do not get me wrong ,i do love Instagram and think it is some what a really great social media.Telling stories using pictures and videos is amazing, beautiful and great. The downside to Instagram is its level of censorship.I say so because of the types of pictures on Instagram that seem to not raise red flags.I do believe there are real Instagram models and Instagram fitness models but they are very few.Or very few of them are legit because of the types of pictures you find on these so called model's Instagram accounts.It is sad that many are spoiling this titles.These so called models could fall under so many undesired titles but hide behind the Instagram fitness models or Instagram models title.

They seem to be hiding behind these titles to gain followers.You would ask why? There is a huge difference between artistic photography of the human physic and a plain nasty picture as an excuse of a modelling photo.A photo of a lady in a thong clearly displaying her behind earns her a huge following from little boys to teenagers, women to celebrities and men in general.Even women and young women to girls become an audience to them. When you see the amount and the type of following such people get it will leave you puzzled.But at the end of the day it just shows how people are glorifying such actions.These ladies because of their huge following get huge endorsement deals.Get to mix and party with the rich and famous.They get to be video vixens,get to accompany rich men on vacations and the list goes on. People instead of condoning such acts they are rewarding and putting these people on pedestals.An East African musician once confessed to a radio presenter that people these days have a huge following even more than music artists just because they take pictures with little to no clothes on suggestively.For me this is a darn shame and these are even now the people youngsters are looking up to.In Tanzania the current president has orders that anyone taking such photos be banned from getting work through such influence.This is a good idea cause how does one legally obtain a job for taking off their clothes.People are getting instant and easy fame by taking inappropriate pictures.

We have heard of many scandals involving the so called Instagram fitness models and Instagram models who easily catch the eyes of celebrities, skimmingly and easily get into these celebrities lives because they seem to be real life fantasies. We have strippers to porn stars prompting themselves on broad site on Instagram with huge followings. We have socialites too.When such things become normal then what are people teaching young stars.Are these the new role models?And this is happening on Instagram in broad daylight. Who needs to subscribe to playboy magazine when we've got Instagram.Because the photos there look too playboish if you ask anyone who has taken note of them.Do you have to post inappropriate suggestive photos showing your bear behind in order to be an Instagram model or Instagram fitness model?Is this the unspoken credential? Instagram seems to have little censorship and might as well be labelled as the devil's playground.Because these so called Instagram models are doing this proud and free.

It should not come as a huge shock that Kenyan teenagers and some youth both male and female are taking very suggestive and inappropriate pictures for fast,easy fame and social media likes.They are doing this in broad daylight.People out of disgust and concern came up with the hash tag #IfikieWazazi which means let this reach the parents.This was done to inform the parents of these young people who are mostly under age of the vices they are up to.What do we expect when adults seem to give people who take suggestive inappropriate pictures a free pass.Who is to blame? Is it the parents or the society.I would say both are to blame.I don't blame parents who do try to raise their children right under the bad circumstances of the society we live in.I mean a huge number of music videos on television and the Internet are full of tweaking ladies in skimpy outfits revealing their behinds and bodies. I believe you can wear anything but it is how you wear it that matters. There are parents who are not keen with what their kids are exposed to.Sorry to say your children may not have a stash of dirty magazines or playboy magazines but they have the Internet and also there is Instagram.Another sad reality is some parents are just like their kids or even worse.Well i mean,who are the ones posting and taking and liking and following the people with inappropriate photos.It is mostly the adults.

The bottom line is all the madness and craziness that is all around the social medias, Internet and television is trickling down to children and young adults.If majority of the content around isn't kid friendly what do you think?Children and young adults will not be exposed to things that are available everywhere? There is a place and time for everything and too much of anything is poisonous. Children and young adults need real mentors not broken and attention seeking mentors with shallow morals and maybe personality disorders. What message are we sending because actions speak loudest and influence the most...... Nobody is perfect we should try our best to influence each other positively.

A sociologist said we live in a society where people do things for short term gratification with long-term repercussions.These people who gain followers because of their very suggestive photos may land their fame,money and famous dates or husbands or wives.Because these husband's or wives will only get what they deserve but no child in the world in their right mind would love to have nude to semi-nude nasty pictures of their mother or father all over the Internet for the world to see and scrutinise.

I would like to make it clear i do believe there are genuine instagram models and instagram fitness models but there are alot of people who seem to be using and misusing these titles.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Baby Boo- Lyrics For The Month Of April By Angellyrics

Baby Boo Verse 1 Amah fill up my life with you, As you fill up your life with me, Amah surround my world with you, As you surround your world with me, Know what's real when i see it, And you are just about it, Got to give you a heads up, This is what's up, Chorus Baby boo, I'm so into you, Don't know what to do, I'm so into you, I'm so into you, Baby boo, Don't know what to do, Cause I'm so into you, I'm so into you, I'm so into you, Verse 2 So you want your everything, Well so be your everything, Cause you are my heaven, No letting go of my heaven, Like the moon always be there, When you think am not there, Got to give you a heads up, This is what's up, Chorus Bridge I can see it in your eyes, That you feel it too, I can see it in your heart, That you feel me too, Chorus

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