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Monday, 30 November 2015

Is This The Best Selling Album So Far?-Adele's Album 25

Yes,Adele's Album 25 is so far the most selling Album with over 3
million in sales on the first week of its release,i guess that the
wait was worthwhile.It took sometime and Adele was M.I.A but she came
back with a bang.Her single Hello broke the Internet and many people
have done cover versions of this song.This Album is full of real music
that has love written all over it, mostly the sad part of love.One
cant help but play this album over and over again with a box of
tissues beside them.This songs are as big as the people Adele has
worked with on this Album.Adele has worked with so many big names in
the music industry.These people are known for their amazing music
skills from writing to composing and producing music.This is so far
the best selling Album.That should tell you how good this Album

Released :20 November 2015
Recorded: 2013–15
Genre: Pop soul folk R&B jazz gospel
Length :48:25
Label :XL
Producer :Danger Mouse ,Samuel Dix,
Paul Epworth, Greg Kurstin,Max Martin, Linda Perry,Ariel Rechtshaid, Mark Ron,
Shellback The Smeezingto and Ryan Tedder

Track list
1. Hello
2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
3. I Miss You
4. When We Were Young
5. Remedy
6. Water Under The Bridge
7. River Lea
8. Love In The Dark
9. Million Years Ago
10. All I Ask
11. Sweetest Devotion
Target Edition
12. Can't Let Go
13. Lay Me Down
14. Why Do You Love Me

This is what real music is all about.This is a slow but sure Album ,it
took a long time but it is a great Album with big big Ballard's. This is evidence 

that people want real music not the other stuff people want to sell along with 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Is This What Love Is All About?-An Amazing Album By The Group 3T(CHAPTER III)

Group :3T (Taj,Taryll and TJ Jackson) Released: 2015 Album Title: CHAPTER III Track List: That's Our Family Power of Love Gotta Have You Heaven Fire Missing You Sugar I Do (The Wedding Song) Forever Girl The Story of Love

Love makes the world go round.The group 3t finally put out their much anticipated third Album out and this group has done what it does best and that is put out amazing love songs.They have not sang only about the boy and girl type of love but also love in general and love for family.This is a beautiful Album and a priceless collectible.These are the types of songs that are sentimental and will make your heart melt a thousand times.If you are a fan of love or rather love songs.YOU CAN GET A COPY OF THIS ALBUM here on itunes .This Album is amust have because this Album by 3T is what love is all about.The great thing about 3t is that they make songs that never run out of style.What do you think of this Album and which is your favourite song? My favourite song is Forever Girl?

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Breana Cabral Responds To Fans In Regards To Her Relationship With Taryll Jackson- The Jacksons Next Generation.

Fans had alot to say about Taryll Jacksons complicated relationship with Breana Cabral.People have watched these two fight constantly and Breana looks like the aggressor and she comes along as having quite a temper in the docu-serie The Jacksons:Next Geneation on Lifetime.Most fans see her as the one mostly at fault.I know she feels cornered,unfairly treated and judged by fans which is sad.And here are tweet captions of how Breana felt about here so called haters:

  1. 4 all that want 2 hate your welcome 2 join my reality for a week & see what its REALLY like.... w/o the Jackson persona
  2. Everyone should say a prayer tonight...Here I go prayer time #2
  3. πŸ€”kinda true

  4. Truth

  5. I love this! So true! The 1 thing Taryll & I did said from the beginning was always keep it real & no sugar coating
  6.   Retweeted
    Forgiving someone is easy, but being able to trust them again is a totally different story.
  7. Truth

  8. Ppl really need 2 look at themselves before commenting & judging others I feel bad 4 the weak who aren't strong enough 4 this sad world

    One can tell she feels that everyone is in favour of Taryll because he is a Jackson.But is that really the case? I will let someone who lived in a broken home and came out of it, talk for the sake of their kids.This person did not want their identity to be made public.

    "I grew up in a broken home and come out of that home when it was too little too late.The damage from growing up in a broken home is unimaginable and the damage it does is almost unfixable because half of the time you don't know what you are fixing because you don't know was is there to fix.If someone asks me,how was your childhood? I would answer it was ok but that would be the biggest lie of the century.Because my childhood was pure chaos,if i would describe my childhood in a sentence it would be I GREW UP IN WORLD WAR 3.Children's up-bringing is their foundation.I was a little girl whose only dream was for her parents to separate because there was no moment of peace.I am not saying that Taryll and Breana should separate,i am saying your children need to grow up in a peaceful environment,that's the best way to show your kids love.l lived in a broken home for so long that my whole childhood was taken away from me.When my parents separated it was too little too late because the damage was done in an epic way.I can say this firsthand before people say what does she know.If parents can not make peace IT IS BETTER TO COME FROM A BROKEN HOME THAN TO LIVE IN ONE.

    When my parents separated i felt i could finally breath and it was a new year or new life celebration for me.I was so happy that i thought it would not be for long because my parents would reunited and the nightmare would be continued.Because our family was a series of unfortunate events.I am glad my parents separation stuck that way because they could not get along.But up to now i do get nightmares of my parents living together and me and my siblings being caught up in their fights.I am grown up now and so the nightmares are less and less because i pray hard everytime i have a nightmare of my parents living together.Kids too take sides cause they have a front row seat to all the fights.For us we took our mums side because she was not the aggressor and she was constantly being blamed for everything.And i can just speak for myself not for my siblings.I became detached from the head of our family and up today i do not really care for dads.If a family lacks a dad it is not a big deal to me.I had to work so hard to get the hate out of my heart and sadly i have things to deal with always.In Taryll and Breanas relationship the aggressor seems to be Breana. Her kids may end up resenting her and them being boys will have a negative attitude towards females in general.I know she feels unfairly attacked and like very few people understand her.But she is the one always up in arms,defensive and her temper never lets her see reason or listen to anything.Fans may be blunt with her and people would be like oh people should stop hating and mind their own business.We can go on for days saying haters are jealous and hate Breana. But fans are going with what they watch on the docu-series.And they see you are living in a glass house and you showed them where your glass house is.And they will throw sticks and stones.You cant expect people not to have an opinion about your relationship when they get to watch it on television.I am not saying that getting to watch The Jacksons on television is bad,infact its an honor to watch them.

    For Breana fans being angry at her is something negative but its up to her to turn this negative into a positive instead of fighting and cursing on twitter.This only makes her look so bad and so arrogant.There is no substitute for the truth.The truth could either hurt or make you change your life for the better.I know Taryll is not perfect because no one in this world is.If Taryll did what Breana is mostly doing he would have his behind handed back to him in a silver plate.Fans are not really playing favourites they are going with what they see in episodes.I speak for those two little angels that i can somehow identify with and many kids in broken homes.That home needs to be fixed because the damage of living in a broken home is immense.Parents have the obligation of safe guarding their kids childhood if not you have no business being a parent and you are a failure as a parent.Let your love for your kids,their welfare and well-being come before your attitudes and opinions.The emotional and psychological damage is bigger than you can imagine to such kids. Breana i am so sorry to say has a bad temper and an attitude to match it.And sadly her eldest son has picked up on that you can see in an episode he says "we are just starting to shoot and all you can say is you are so annoying".Breana was walking away angry and Taryll was like what is it and she told him he is so annoying.

    Breana is right when she says its her life ,all i can tell her its also your kids lives and being right all the time and cursing will get you nowhere.If it was just you i would personally pay for the bus ticket to where you are heading but two innocent lives are also involved.Its up to her to keep an attitude and be on defense mode 24/7,you reap what you sow and all this is not meant to break Breana but to build her.She is free to take it or leave it.I am just painting a picture of where some roads lead to, for everyone no exceptions."

    I would like to thank miss anonymous for talking about her tough childhood in a broken home.I know it was not easy revisiting her past though she hide behind little giggles and a smile.It would be nice if fans would go easy on Breana because they are too blunt and so tough and do not use filters when it comes to what they think of her.I remember Bruce Jenner telling Khortney Kardashian many seasons ago in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.It hardly gets better after you get married,the relationship has to work even before marriage because marriage adds pressure to all relationships.He said it never gets better than that honeymoon stage or the beginning of any relationship or before marriage it only gets tougher.