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Monday, 29 February 2016

Is There A Place To Report Incompitent Government Officers?-Getting A National Identity Card Is Hell.

Once one turns eighteen years old it is time for one to get a National Identification Card.Without a National Identification Card you will not be able to do so many things like:
  1. You can get arrested for not having an Identification Card.
  2. join a University or College.
  3. Open a bank account.
  4. Get a passport to travel out of the Country.
  5. Get a legit job.

Getting a National Identification card is the right of any citizen of a certain Country.But getting one can be a trip to hell depending on where you are going to apply for one.And this is because of the Government Offices employers.Only afew of them make this process smooth for the applicants.These Officers, if i may call them that are always so rude and never give people applying for the Identification cards directions on what is required and to be done during this process.

Dare to ask them they never answer and say they are busy or talk to you rudely and don't even give you the answer to your question.One would think they are being forced to do their work when at the end of the month they receive a salary.Or you may wonder if that job belongs to their dad. They take long early lunches and return at around 3p.m and close early or at the exact closing time not a minute after.They have a tendency of chasing applicants away to come at a later day.It is like Kenyans have to beg Government Officers to do their jobs because they are super special.

One of the places that applicants are getting a hard time applying for Identification Cards is the Makadara area in the County of Nairobi.The Officers responsible for this process have been giving applicant hell for the longest time.Knowing how Kenya is i know this is not the only area with problems.Is there a place one can report incompetent Government Officers?Because what is forever lacking most in Kenya is accountability.These Officers are plain incompetent and deserve to be reminded what their job is?

Monday, 22 February 2016

Are You A Valentinezilla?-People Who Go Crazy Over Valentines Day Are Valentinezillas.

Do you go crazy over Valentines Day?Do you always get a new outfit just for Valentines Day?Is Valentines Day your favourite day of the year?Can you stay without a Valentine come what may?If the answers to this questions are YES then you are a Valentinezilla.A Valentinezilla is someone who goes overboard over Valentines Day or when celebrating Valentines Day.For them it is the biggest deal to go all out during this day, if not it is pure misery.There is no problem in celebrating Valentines Day infact it is great to appreciate love on this day and every other day.If you can see a reflection of you in this pictures then you are a Valentinezilla.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

What Makes Valentines Day Complete?- Chocolate Makes Valentines Day Complete

Whether you believe in Valentines Day,single or in a Relationship Valentines Day isn't complete without chocolates that's for sure.If you don't believe me the following pictures should convince you lol.You may end up licking the computer screen saying "My hear belongs to chocolate"lol.