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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Which Is The Correct Eyebrow Colour Filler?-Dark Brown Is The Best Colour(Beauty)

Some People Get The Wrong Eyebrow Colour Filler

Well,not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows that will only need some shaping.Most people could use an eyebrow filler so as to get their dream eyebrows.People use coloured eye pencils to fill up and shape their eyebrows.Most people think black colour liner or filler is the correct colour for eyebrow filling.Even if your hair maybe black not everybody can pull off the black colour liner on your eyebrows.Black colour liner is too hard for eyebrows for most people and it would look alittle off.The most extreme colours are so wrong because they are nowhere near nature and reality.

These are red,maroon,purple,orange e.t.c.Yes,"It is a shocking truth that some people use unrealistic colour liners to fill up their eyebrows".These colours make one look like one is making fun of themselves.This is bad for your eyebrows and your face in general.I have not seen anyone look good with these colours on their eyebrows.Dark brown colour liner is the ideal eyebrow colour filler.A dark brown colour liner is best mostly for almost everyone.If you are a blond and these colour is abit off for you.You will need an ashy blond eye colour liner.If you are the kind of brunette that dark brown isn't an exact fit.Light brown will do perfectly for your eyebrows.

But Dark brown is the safest bet for almost everybody when it comes to eyebrow fillers.Most people would think an eyebrow filler should match your hair colour but that is wrong.You need a colour that blends in with your skin tone.Dark brown eye liners blend well with most skin tones.Sometimes when you try to match your hair to your eyebrow you look like you are wearing your hair on your face.And these never looks pretty.Please stop making yourself look like you are making fan of yourself with the extreme colour liners. Which make you look like you have no idea when it come to make up and you are a child who was playing with colours.Dark brown,dark brown,dark brown please stay away from the rest if you do not know better.Remember black eye filler can work but not for everyone.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Is There An App That Helps Adults Make Friends?-Huggle App The Magic App That Helps Adults Make Friends.

The Magic App That Helps Adults Make Friends. Well friends are there to enrich and make your life more interesting.Quality friends are simply the best and who would not want some.Well their is a magical app that gives you this option of enriching your life as an adult by helping you find your old is gold friends and also helps you make great quality new friends.The Huggle App works like a charm and it is also safe to use because it keeps bad people away."Hey, and you never know, you can also find the most perfect date using the Huggle App because good friends make the best dates".I made new friends who i have alot in common with using this App which connected us because we like hanging out in the same places.We now hangout together thanks to Huggle App.This is the best friend matching App i have ever come across because you get it matches you with people who are just like you and hangout in the same places that you do."Here is all you need to know about this magical App".Click here to get the App for free.This App is available worldwide.

When we’re young it’s easy to meet new people, the school playground often leaving us having a new best friend at the end of every day.
However when you grow up, things change. Some friends move to other cities, some start full time jobs and others enter relationships. It can be really hard to make friends as an adult! Whether you’ve moved to a new city where you know absolutely nobody, or your workload is just to high to put the time aside to actually go out and meet people. If you’re on the look out for some ‘real’ friends, someone you can talk to and hang out with then Huggle is be the app you’ve been waiting for!

Huggle works by connecting you to people who go to the same places as you. So if you are a fitness fanatic that’s looking for someone to grab a coffee with after your morning session, then Huggle will show you who else is working out where you are. Like wise if you’re an avid film fan you can see who else hangs out at your local cinema! It’s a great way to connect with people you have things in common and share a similar lifestyle with.
 Click here to get the App for free.This App is available worldwide.

You are where you go -
Huggle is the new social app that lets you discover and connect with the people who go to the places you go.
Huggle connects you to like-minded people at the places you love to go. Places in common is a great icebreaker and meeting someone who has similar interests or goes to the same places as you, is a great conversation starter. And of course, you’re more likely to get along with someone who has a similar lifestyle to you, than someone who you just like the look of.
On Huggle you can only contact users if you have a place in common with them. This reduces harassment because people are less likely to send rude messages to those who go to the same places as them.  
Sociologist, Dr Alex Hughes, praises Huggle for it’s realistic platform for connecting users:
"From the very first moment of meeting someone, how similar you are to that person plays a huge role in future interactions. Whether it’s romantic relationships or friendships, people are naturally attracted to similarity rather than appearance. Therefore sourcing a relationship based on appearance is not credible when looking for a long-term partnership. Individuals need to have shared interests, attitudes and values, for any relationship to work.”  
Huggle filters who you connect with based on where you go, what you do, what you're interested in and how you live your life. You are where you go, so let your lifestyle do the talking.
 Click here to get the App for free.This App is available worldwide.

Online safety -
Huggle has been praised for deterring inappropriate online behaviour.
Huggle is the first app in the UK to provide safety features, such as it’s one minute photo verification and hyper-local technology, which automatically picks up users' locations and stops fake check-ins. No random people can see your list of places only you! And you can only speak to people if you have a place in common.This App is so safe to use.
 Click here to get the App for free.This App is available worldwide.

Connect - 
Huggle connects you via places. 
In a society that tries to eradicate bullying, physical shaming, racial and cultural differences, it’s astounding that apps encourage people to judge others by their appearance. At Huggle HQ we believe your looks do not say anything about who you are as a person, your lifestyle and interests do.
Click here to get the App for free.This App is available worldwide.

Monday, 15 August 2016

What Is With The Kenyan Money 2016?-Most Kenyan Notes Are Badly Worn Out.

Most of us love new money.There is that feeling of more value and pride when handling new money especially new note no matter the value.It is funny but one feels richer when one has new notes.And do not deny it but you love keeping new notes to yourself,don't you? LOL.Most of you are so guilty of the above and there is no way to deny it.I am guilty of all the above.Lately it is evident that most of the money circulating around is super old and worn out.These days getting old money from ATM's and banks is normal.It is annoying to handle very old,worn out notes because they look so dirty.

Notes now in Kenya look like they were harvested from a farm.It is like someone got them from underground like roots or someone buried notes then got them out of the ground again in the hope that the money multiplies.The old Kenyan money is evidence new money is not being made as it was before.But no one would admit to this because Kenya is a country where the people incharge are never accountable for anything.The lack of accountability is what is making this country suck.The people incharge do whatever they want.The living standards are sky high because of heavy taxation's just to maintain living standards of the ones incharge and their so called cartels.

Corruption is the mother of everything that is happening in Kenya.Being in power is ever for an individuals benefit never for the countries benefit.The old notes are evidence and a reflection of the state of ever corrupt Kenyan Nation.It is a reflection of bad and poor poor shameful leadership.Citizens are paying for lavish lifestyles of leaders and their cartels.Leaders who need to be told "you have to work for your money not steal it".The old notes are a sign of the state of this corrupt nation.Leaders hate hearing citizens complain,well the truth hurts and it should hurt.It looks like you have to cut down on making new notes because of all the corruption and malice around.We can blame everything on corruption,we have a right to.I do not have faith in all leaders even the ones in power and the ones seeking power.Because a failed system will always have the same outcome.There is no ounce of accountability ever.Leaders are free to do whatever they want.You may ask, what is with all the badly worn out Kenyan notes?That is Kenya for you because of poor leadership will be your answer.Most of Kenyan notes are badly worn out and it is sad.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Can You Get Paid For Your Talents?-Patreon Is The Best Crowd Funding For Your Talent.

You have passion and a talent that is undeniably great and you want to get more out of your talent other than personal appreciation.Everybody has a talent and realising your talent is a pure blessing.Now earning from your talent is even more blessings and brings alot of self satisfaction.It may not be that easy to earn a living from your talents but it is very possible and so fulfilling.One way many talented individuals are earning online from their talents is through crowd-funding.

What is crowd-funding? Crowd-funding is the practise of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people through the Internet.You can get support for your talent through crowd-funding from family,friends,customers or individual investors. Patreon is an amazing crowd-funding platform popular with YouTube content creators, musicians,webcomic artists and writers. It allows artists to obtain funding from their fans mostly referred to as patrons, on a recurring basis, or per work of art. Patreon is a San Francisco based company which was started by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam in 2013.

Patrons or fans can support talented individuals by pledging as little as a dollar per project or video or one can pledge as much more as they feel comfortable.Many talented individuals are getting support from their patrons here.It is easy to join and you are welcome to join here.If you need to use Patreon as your crowd-funding site,you have to make a short YouTube video telling patrons about what you are creating and ask them to kindly fund your project.This video has to be short and to the point and will appear on your patreon profile to help introduce you to fans(patrons).And mostly you have to explain what Patreon is.You also can throw in some favours that you will provide for patrons who pledge a certain amount on your project.You can offer them gifts or even give them shout outs.If you have a project you need funding for, join patreon here .I am a blogger who joined Patreon.It was easy to join and it is a user friendly site and anyone in the world can join.Since i am creating a blog i have asked patrons they may pledge atlist one dollar to as much as they want per a blog post i post.I usually do one blog post a week.The most i can do are three posts a week.
Patrons are in total control of their pledges(the amount of money they fund) and are free to stop their pledges(payments) anytime they want.You can kindly become my fabulous fan and kindly fund my blog by clicking here and please support me as a blogger.

Bloggers need support because running a blog needs time and money.Even if a blogger uses a free platform for their blog the Internet connection they use when making a blog post is never free.Crowd-funding is the same as ticket sales to album sales to purchasing movies because it is all about supporting an individuals or a group of peoples talents.It is best when we build,appreciate and support each other.Patreon uses paypal as a mode of payments which are easy and convenient.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Are These Even Fashion Trends?- 4 Fashion Trends That Shouldnt Be Fashion Trends

I would ask if these fashion trends would be considered as fashion trends because they are just bad for anyones soul and look.I have named these trends after the people who seem to 
 promote them,LOL.

1.The Kendall Jenner Look. 

Kendall Jenner promoted the going braless look on her blog.She says she is very comfortable with that look.She likes that look because she has piercings,you can guess where she has piercings and she feels the need to show off the different jewelry she wears,you can guess where.I do not have a problem with Kendall but these look doesn't fly.It is shabby and rugged and a lazy look.You can be proud, comfortable and everything but this look is rugged and rugged.It does not matter what you wear or how expensive your outfit looks when you go braless and it shows you just end up with a shaggy look. 

2.The Hadid Look 

The Hadid look is when one goes commando or rather does not wear underwear.I call it the Hadid because the Hadid sister with the black hair Bella had a major wardrobe malfunction on the Red Carpet and she had no or very little you guess what on.Many celebrities have been spotted without knickers on and it has never been pretty.This has happened to both male and female celebrities.Lenny Kravitz had a rip in his trouser on stage and he had no knicker on so he gave his fans a show they will never forget.Wearing knickers is good for ones health and hygiene.And incase you have a wardrobe  malfunction you will be atlist fine since you have your knickers on.Whenever you feel like leaving the house without knickers on remember when you were little and your parents told you do not leave the house without any underwear on,LOL.

3.The Madonna Look 

The Madonna look is where one has their behind out in public for everyone to see.No matter how it is done be it with a thong looking bottom or short short shorts.This is a pretty shocking look.

4.The Rihanna Look

Rihanna seems to like wearing a clearly see through top with nothing inside.That look might as well be named after her.This look should not be a trend because it is beyond crazy.Rihanna has done this look on the red carpet to when she is just out in public to her music videos.This is a wild look that should never be a fashion trend.Rihanna's music is amazing enough she does not need this look to get anyones attention.

Exposing some body parts is just kind of embarrassing be it for attention or self liberation.It does not matter who you are.Somethings are just better off not to be seen in public,LOL.But we live in a world where it is different strokes for different folks.Some fashion trends shouldn't be fashion trends.You can wear anything from a sheer to a see through outfit to tiny little outfits but how you wear them is what that counts or will make them up for peoples disapproval or not.But clearly people will wear whatever they want and it is their right to do so.