Monday, 8 August 2016

Can You Get Paid For Your Talents?-Patreon Is The Best Crowd Funding For Your Talent.

You have passion and a talent that is undeniably great and you want to get more out of your talent other than personal appreciation.Everybody has a talent and realising your talent is a pure blessing.Now earning from your talent is even more blessings and brings alot of self satisfaction.It may not be that easy to earn a living from your talents but it is very possible and so fulfilling.One way many talented individuals are earning online from their talents is through crowd-funding.

What is crowd-funding? Crowd-funding is the practise of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people through the Internet.You can get support for your talent through crowd-funding from family,friends,customers or individual investors. Patreon is an amazing crowd-funding platform popular with YouTube content creators, musicians,webcomic artists and writers. It allows artists to obtain funding from their fans mostly referred to as patrons, on a recurring basis, or per work of art. Patreon is a San Francisco based company which was started by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam in 2013.

Patrons or fans can support talented individuals by pledging as little as a dollar per project or video or one can pledge as much more as they feel comfortable.Many talented individuals are getting support from their patrons here.It is easy to join and you are welcome to join here.If you need to use Patreon as your crowd-funding site,you have to make a short YouTube video telling patrons about what you are creating and ask them to kindly fund your project.This video has to be short and to the point and will appear on your patreon profile to help introduce you to fans(patrons).And mostly you have to explain what Patreon is.You also can throw in some favours that you will provide for patrons who pledge a certain amount on your project.You can offer them gifts or even give them shout outs.If you have a project you need funding for, join patreon here .I am a blogger who joined Patreon.It was easy to join and it is a user friendly site and anyone in the world can join.Since i am creating a blog i have asked patrons they may pledge atlist one dollar to as much as they want per a blog post i post.I usually do one blog post a week.The most i can do are three posts a week.
Patrons are in total control of their pledges(the amount of money they fund) and are free to stop their pledges(payments) anytime they want.You can kindly become my fabulous fan and kindly fund my blog by clicking here and please support me as a blogger.

Bloggers need support because running a blog needs time and money.Even if a blogger uses a free platform for their blog the Internet connection they use when making a blog post is never free.Crowd-funding is the same as ticket sales to album sales to purchasing movies because it is all about supporting an individuals or a group of peoples talents.It is best when we build,appreciate and support each other.Patreon uses paypal as a mode of payments which are easy and convenient.