Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Which Is The Correct Eyebrow Colour Filler?-Dark Brown Is The Best Colour(Beauty)

Some People Get The Wrong Eyebrow Colour Filler

Well,not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows that will only need some shaping.Most people could use an eyebrow filler so as to get their dream eyebrows.People use coloured eye pencils to fill up and shape their eyebrows.Most people think black colour liner or filler is the correct colour for eyebrow filling.Even if your hair maybe black not everybody can pull off the black colour liner on your eyebrows.Black colour liner is too hard for eyebrows for most people and it would look alittle off.The most extreme colours are so wrong because they are nowhere near nature and reality.

These are red,maroon,purple,orange e.t.c.Yes,"It is a shocking truth that some people use unrealistic colour liners to fill up their eyebrows".These colours make one look like one is making fun of themselves.This is bad for your eyebrows and your face in general.I have not seen anyone look good with these colours on their eyebrows.Dark brown colour liner is the ideal eyebrow colour filler.A dark brown colour liner is best mostly for almost everyone.If you are a blond and these colour is abit off for you.You will need an ashy blond eye colour liner.If you are the kind of brunette that dark brown isn't an exact fit.Light brown will do perfectly for your eyebrows.

But Dark brown is the safest bet for almost everybody when it comes to eyebrow fillers.Most people would think an eyebrow filler should match your hair colour but that is wrong.You need a colour that blends in with your skin tone.Dark brown eye liners blend well with most skin tones.Sometimes when you try to match your hair to your eyebrow you look like you are wearing your hair on your face.And these never looks pretty.Please stop making yourself look like you are making fan of yourself with the extreme colour liners. Which make you look like you have no idea when it come to make up and you are a child who was playing with colours.Dark brown,dark brown,dark brown please stay away from the rest if you do not know better.Remember black eye filler can work but not for everyone.