Monday, 15 August 2016

What Is With The Kenyan Money 2016?-Most Kenyan Notes Are Badly Worn Out.

Most of us love new money.There is that feeling of more value and pride when handling new money especially new note no matter the value.It is funny but one feels richer when one has new notes.And do not deny it but you love keeping new notes to yourself,don't you? LOL.Most of you are so guilty of the above and there is no way to deny it.I am guilty of all the above.Lately it is evident that most of the money circulating around is super old and worn out.These days getting old money from ATM's and banks is normal.It is annoying to handle very old,worn out notes because they look so dirty.

Notes now in Kenya look like they were harvested from a farm.It is like someone got them from underground like roots or someone buried notes then got them out of the ground again in the hope that the money multiplies.The old Kenyan money is evidence new money is not being made as it was before.But no one would admit to this because Kenya is a country where the people incharge are never accountable for anything.The lack of accountability is what is making this country suck.The people incharge do whatever they want.The living standards are sky high because of heavy taxation's just to maintain living standards of the ones incharge and their so called cartels.

Corruption is the mother of everything that is happening in Kenya.Being in power is ever for an individuals benefit never for the countries benefit.The old notes are evidence and a reflection of the state of ever corrupt Kenyan Nation.It is a reflection of bad and poor poor shameful leadership.Citizens are paying for lavish lifestyles of leaders and their cartels.Leaders who need to be told "you have to work for your money not steal it".The old notes are a sign of the state of this corrupt nation.Leaders hate hearing citizens complain,well the truth hurts and it should hurt.It looks like you have to cut down on making new notes because of all the corruption and malice around.We can blame everything on corruption,we have a right to.I do not have faith in all leaders even the ones in power and the ones seeking power.Because a failed system will always have the same outcome.There is no ounce of accountability ever.Leaders are free to do whatever they want.You may ask, what is with all the badly worn out Kenyan notes?That is Kenya for you because of poor leadership will be your answer.Most of Kenyan notes are badly worn out and it is sad.