Monday, 1 August 2016

Are These Even Fashion Trends?- 4 Fashion Trends That Shouldnt Be Fashion Trends

I would ask if these fashion trends would be considered as fashion trends because they are just bad for anyones soul and look.I have named these trends after the people who seem to 
 promote them,LOL.

1.The Kendall Jenner Look. 

Kendall Jenner promoted the going braless look on her blog.She says she is very comfortable with that look.She likes that look because she has piercings,you can guess where she has piercings and she feels the need to show off the different jewelry she wears,you can guess where.I do not have a problem with Kendall but these look doesn't fly.It is shabby and rugged and a lazy look.You can be proud, comfortable and everything but this look is rugged and rugged.It does not matter what you wear or how expensive your outfit looks when you go braless and it shows you just end up with a shaggy look. 

2.The Hadid Look 

The Hadid look is when one goes commando or rather does not wear underwear.I call it the Hadid because the Hadid sister with the black hair Bella had a major wardrobe malfunction on the Red Carpet and she had no or very little you guess what on.Many celebrities have been spotted without knickers on and it has never been pretty.This has happened to both male and female celebrities.Lenny Kravitz had a rip in his trouser on stage and he had no knicker on so he gave his fans a show they will never forget.Wearing knickers is good for ones health and hygiene.And incase you have a wardrobe  malfunction you will be atlist fine since you have your knickers on.Whenever you feel like leaving the house without knickers on remember when you were little and your parents told you do not leave the house without any underwear on,LOL.

3.The Madonna Look 

The Madonna look is where one has their behind out in public for everyone to see.No matter how it is done be it with a thong looking bottom or short short shorts.This is a pretty shocking look.

4.The Rihanna Look

Rihanna seems to like wearing a clearly see through top with nothing inside.That look might as well be named after her.This look should not be a trend because it is beyond crazy.Rihanna has done this look on the red carpet to when she is just out in public to her music videos.This is a wild look that should never be a fashion trend.Rihanna's music is amazing enough she does not need this look to get anyones attention.

Exposing some body parts is just kind of embarrassing be it for attention or self liberation.It does not matter who you are.Somethings are just better off not to be seen in public,LOL.But we live in a world where it is different strokes for different folks.Some fashion trends shouldn't be fashion trends.You can wear anything from a sheer to a see through outfit to tiny little outfits but how you wear them is what that counts or will make them up for peoples disapproval or not.But clearly people will wear whatever they want and it is their right to do so.