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Monday, 20 May 2019

How Amazing, Trey Songz Welcomes First Baby Noah

Trey Songz whose real names are Tremaine Neverson welcomed his first child who is a baby boy named Noah. The RnB singer/songwriter posted pictures of baby Noah on his Instagram page.

Most of his fans had bitter sweet reactions to this news because most of them have major crushes on him.But at the end of the day the fans were happy for Trey and loved that baby Noah was just as cute as his dad when he was born. 

 Many fans are asking who the mother of baby Noah is but have to respect Trey if he wishes not to reveal that information. 

Trey Songz will with  no doubt be a great dad because he has been wanting to be one for the longest time.He has been playing the role of a dad to his younger brother and cousins for the longest time. 

 Well baby Noah is blessed to have a dad like Trey.He will certainly inherit his good looks but will mostly have a very caring father. Finally Trey Songz is blessed to be the best version of the dad he kind of missed out on while growing up.I know he will be the best dad ever.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Which Is The Best Posing (Modeling) In A Music Video- Ciara I Bet

Apart from being an amazing singer and dancer,RnB singer Ciara can pose and model like a super model or even better.She was even featured on Americas next top model by Tyra Banks because of her incredible poses.In her video i bet you can see her amazing posing talent.This is the best posing ever seen in a music video.I took pictures of I Bet music video by Ciara and it looked like a mind blowing photo shoot.Ciara is indeed on top of her game.