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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Why Are Micheal Jackson's Fans The Best Fans In The World?

Micheal Jackson's  Fans Know That He Is Innocent

Michael Jackson's fans are so many, they are from different races, countries and backgrounds.All of them have love for an incredible legend whose talent was certainly a huge blessing to him and the world.Apart from being drown to Micheal Jackson's talent.Fans were drown to his kind and loving personality.

Micheal Jackson was based on spreading love through his musical talents and actions. Micheal Jackson fans are the best fans in the world because they do try to emulate Micheal in spreading love. Micheal's fans are not buying into the allegations in the documentary Leaving Neverland.As much as afew people are out to bring down one of the biggest legacies, none of Micheal's fans are even batting an eye. 

 It doesn't mean if you are a fan you believe celebrities blindly but you can see what someone stands for.And when such allegations are made there is no proof to back them up you can't believe them. And stories from the accusers have been changing from time to time. It is sad that some individuals would try to tarnish one of the biggest legends legacy only for recognition and personal agendas. 

 Michael Jackson's fans are the best fans in the world because they continue to listen, love and support Michael's music and art like always.His family says Leaving Neverland is a sham and indeed it is.