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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Eric Omondi Is The Best African Comedian According To African Entertainment Awards

 The Funniest Man In Africa

 Eric Omondi has So Far Won Two African Entertainment Awards If you google Eric Omondi according to Wikipedia you will learn that he is an African footballer.Eric Omondi is a top Kenyan Comedian and also a top African comedian.He started his career in comedy under the mentorship of a top comedian known as Churchill who has given numerous comedians a platform to showcase their talent know as The Churchill Live Show.As many artists/comedians it is never just all glits and glamour.

One has to take time to building a name and a paycheck.The downs can be many but perseverance is the key according to Eric.You have to get a mentor and don't expect things to work out in a matter of just days.One has to take their time and also learn to be realistic.You have to invest the money you get wisely and don't get swept away with the celebrity lifestyle and don't fall into the pressure of that status. According to Eric Omondi media doesn't help in promoting artists because they like selling controversial stories.

This is so true because incase of recognizing people's talents,headling stories are of scandals about celebrities and artists. Eric Omondi branched out from his mentor, went his own way and he is now the C.E.O of BIG TYME ENTERTAINMENT.He does numerous local, regional and international shows.

He has an entertaining YouTube channel and if you follow his Instagram you will see his many funny videos and pictures.Eric does the best impressions of slay queens. Eric Omondi has won BEST COMEDIAN AFRICA in THE AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS held in New York city twice and this may as well tell everyone that he is the funniest comedian in Africa.You can watch his hilarious videos on YouTube and also on his Instagram account.

He is constantly uploading new and very hilarious content. Eric Omondi winning this award twice says alot about his talent.It is a great recognition and confirmation of his talent as a comedian.And it happened twice. Eric Omondi is known all over Kenya, Africa and the world.He has made a name for himself through comedy.Though it's all laughter for fans, being a comedian is work and sometimes if not most of the time hard work.