Monday, 25 July 2016

How Do You Like Your Boots?-Boots Boots Boots

A Boot is a type of shoe that mainly covers the foot and the ankle mainly known as the ankle boot.The beauty of boots is some do cover some part of the lower calf.Other boots extend up the leg and also go as far as the knee or even the hip . Most boots have a heel that is as high as one may like it to be.Boots can also have a flat sole.These are most comfortable for people like yours truly who were not made for heels, LOL.

Boots can have pointed heels to block heels to wedged heels.Boots are made from a variety of materials but are mostly made from leather.Boots come in different colours and designs. Boots can be worn both for their functionality of protecting the foot and leg from water, extreme cold, mud or hazards or providing additional ankle support for strenuous activities such as hiking and for making style and fashion statements.When it comes to fashion for ladies boots look great worn on top of well fitting skinny jeans or tights.If worn with a skirt or short depending on the length of the boot and skirt or short there should be an amount of space between the skirt or short and boot.This look is better when the skirt or short does not cover the boot.I must admit boots are really great during the cold season and look great with that short dress or skirt,shorts or skinny trousers.Boots can make you make a classy fashion statement.

How do you like your boots and why?I like mine for fashion and functionality purposes.