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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Is Kanye Wests Fashion Line Good?Yes or No-Fashion Week 2015

Kanye West has a fashion line like many other celebrities ,he showed his line at Fashion week and many celebrities attended the runway show .When i saw the clothes i was like "really is the whole fashion line or are some of those clothes those costumes for a movie staring homeless people?" sorry to say.I love Kanye West and recognise his works of genius in the music industry but this fashion line is a haaaa??? for me.I am left with a question mark because some clothes look great while others do not.Some clothes look worn out old and the panty holes look is awkward and wierd while others look so great.Some of the models sadly looked like poor homeless people from a movie, play or TV series.I am so sorry to say so.Can anybody see that or is it just me? 

Kanye West is a stylist and he has done well at it but this fashion line is just not completely it.The clothes in this fashion line are expensive,ok most celebrity clothes line are so its no surprise. To be honest out of love and respect for Kanye because i am not out to bash him.I would not pay that much for clothes that look worn out and old and the panty holes looks look too much like costumes,i would not even buy them to wear as outfits.I know ripped jeans, tops and jackets are a fashion trend but this is sadly not it.The good clothes are very good while the bad ones are so bad.He should have stuck with the good clothes only and this would be the best.What do you think of Kanye West's Fashion line 2015?

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