Monday, 14 March 2016

Are These The New Age Parties Kids Are Attending?-Crazy Project X Parties Of Drugs And Orgies.

The invitation to a Project X party will surely raise any sane persons eyebrows.The invitation flayers indicates that the less you dress or rather the lesser the clothes you have on the better.And the party has a variety of drugs available and alcohol in abundance.I guess the individuals who attend these parties eat before attendance because the parties do not have food.No one mentions food maybe they cannot afford food.Food should be the main thing in parties.And if the plenty drugs and alcohol is not enough there is a promise of orgies to get into.Word of such parties going down hit News headlines way after their beginning.Apparently these parties have been taking place for the longest time.The flayers to Project X parties have been secretly circulating through Whatapp groups,Facebook,Instagram and any other social media you can think of.Young people have been secretly attending these immoral parties that have been hosted in different residential areas in so many different towns.Kids attend these parties without the knowledge of the parents.

-Some kids have attended these parties never to attend them ever again because what goes on in these parties is something they cant stand.
-Wiser kids stay clear of these parties and never attend these parties.Because they know the consequences of orgies,alcohol and drugs.
-Then there are those kids who are down for all the madness in the world and do not have a sense of direction or limits.They attend these parties,drugs,alcohol and orgies are not a big deal to them. Infact that is what they know as cool and fun.Sadly their parents are clueless and the kids attitudes are "so what its my life anyway".Sadly these kids are down for any form of immorality because that is what is fun to them.

Conclusion The people behind these parties are anonymous.They are rotten to the core.They do not fear the law because they dared the authorities to catch them if they can. It cost one person five hundred to one thousand shillings to get into these parties which leads to the question.Is this enough money to get all these drugs and alcohol.What is the point of these parties.It is kind of obvious someone wants to or is reaping from these parties.These parties aim is to get as many kids to get hooked on drugs or get into the porn industry or both.Then they would be regular customers to the people providing these drugs to them in the first place and get also porn to sell.To them it is a business.The orgies are just the icing on the cake.At the end of Project parties kids pick up a nasty drug addiction and all sorts of diseases.Project X parties have been condemned by all sane members of the society.Parents should take a keen look at their kids because these kids are attending these house parties in secret.

The people behind Project X are pretty much workers of the devil.They are out to destroy and to ruin families and the society.These people are full of knowledge and can hack social media accounts. Project X parties are down and dirty parties of doom and gloom.Parties are meant for having fun but not these kind of fun.This is the kind of fun that leads to self destruction.

These crazy parties look like they have been named after the movie Project X but is more intense than the movie itself.What people see in movies should not be emulated especially the crazy movies.