Monday, 8 May 2017

Can Discipline Go Too Far?-Shame On Teachers Who Harm Children In The Name Of Discipline.

I know "spare the rod spoil the child".I believe children need boundaries and should be taught with any vice there are consequences.Children always need discipline when they do wrong.But there is a proper way of disciplining children.In Kenya any form of beating children by Teachers was banned because unfortunately teachers have killed children in the past in the name of doing their job of teaching children through punishment.Some children are left with life long scares. 

One teacher punched a five year old injuring his kidneys.Now the boy has problems with his kidneys.This is so serious and heartbreaking.All i can tell such teachers "not my child cause you will know whose child not to mess with or turn into a punching bag".But teachers always break this rule and end up harming children.Teachers do take out their frustrations on children.

-Some teachers may feel the pressure to do a so called good job when it comes to their students performances and general discipline. -Some teachers are just always angry for whatever reason which no one knows. -Some have personal issues with their families or spouses and take out their frustrations on their students. -Some teachers are temperamental and you will not miss some who are alcoholics or have some form of mental illness. -Some teachers have that one or afew students that they just love to hate for whatever or no reason at all.

*I commend the teachers out their who do a good job out of the kindness of their hearts and would never harm a child in the name of discipline. *I commend the teachers who treat their students with the kindness they treat their own children.Because parents put faith in them knowing they are the care givers of their children in the school environment.And no harm will come to the children under their watch.

A big shame on you to the teachers who harm children in the name of discipline in any way or form.Such individuals should not be in charge of teaching any child anything. Teachers have one of the best jobs in the world.And this job is to shape,enrich and give hope to so many young lives.I always say "The best thing you can do for someone is to help them believe in themselves".Teachers have the honour of doing this amazing role but clearly some are short of a good day or rather a good year when it comes to this. The best way to discipline children is by wisely talking to them, taking away some of their privileges or detention.

It takes alot to be a teacher or rather a good one.It can't be easy handling so many children with different personalities and backgrounds.But its your job so you better do it well and whole heartedly. And know you are there to bless young lives not to harm them. 

In school i went through the canning form of punishment and once our whole class was canned on the legs and i remember i got a blood clot on my leg which took ages to heal.The teacher who did that was the temperamental type.l don't think i ever saw him smile and i am glad i can't even recall his face because he isn't even worth it.I remember whenever a teacher caned me i used to numb the pain and give the teacher no reaction at all.I used to be pissed as hell.In my mind i would say "keep it coming you aren't getting any emotion from me,if only i could turn that cane on you".