Monday, 4 December 2017

When Will Slavery End?- African Slaves In Libya

Why Arent More People Speaking About This?

I applaud Cardi B and Chris Brown for speaking up against slave trade in Libya.More people should speak up against this barbaric and inhuman act.Because slavery is a rotten part of society that should not exist.

Slavery sounds like something ancient but it is not.We are in the 21st century and it is a huge shock and a disgrace that slavery is being practised.It only leaves a bad taste and pain in my heart that others will treat people that they see are inferior to them as less than human.Why are some Arabs enslaving Africans and getting away with such barbaric acts?This has been going on for so long.And nobody has ever been prosecuted.People are being mistreated, maimed and killed and the savages who are doing this continue with their lives like they did nothing but hurt people who don't matter.The people who treat others as slaves or enslave others because they see them as less human and as savages have nine fingers pointing back at them.These acts make them the less human people, savages, stupid and hateful.And a huge shame. Migrants and refugees stuck in Libya are being sold into slavery , CNN reported earlier this month. The combination of Libya’s splintered government in the wake of Muammar Gaddafi’s fall and the influx of people from Nigeria has led to a situation where stranded men and women are being held against their will and, in some cases, sold into slavery or prostitution.

“As shocking as it seems, it’s indeed true. The reason [the slave trade] can happen is because there is really no rule of law across much of Libya,” Leonard Doyle of the International Organization of Migration told Al Jazeera. Each year for the past three years, more than 150,000 migrants and refugees have crossed into Europe from Libya in hopes of making their way to a new life. It’s a treacherous journey. More than 3,000 people have drowned each of the past four years trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. CNN recorded footage of men being sold for $400 as farm labourers at a nighttime auction in Libya. This reporting sparked global outrage and international organisations are now making an effort to investigate the situation and provide transportation for stranded migrants.

Slavery is ugly inside out.It is about time people start bringing people who enslave others to justice.Slavery has to end.It is a darn shame that it is a practise and we are in the 21st century.In other cases Africans leave their countries in search of jobs that are available to them in Arab Countries just to be enslaved.And they love to provide the so called jobs to Africans.Okay there are genuine jobs there but it is always a risk.

African governments should be the first to protect their citizens.But they have failed drastically because they don't even care.These countries where people are enslaved protect their savages but African governments never lift a finger to fight for justice for their people who fall as victims of mad savages. The latest stories about slavery are coming from Libya where immigrants from Nigeria trying to get to Europe end up as slaves there. Libya has been a bad place to be for its citizens and foreigners.Slavery is a crime against humanity and should be treated as such.The people doing this to others should be prosecuted in Libya or anywhere in the world.Everyone has a right to be free no matter their race or gender.Governments should know their first priority is protecting its citizens whom they serve.With United Nations and other bodies like them around we should not be dealing with such nonsense.The slavery situation in Libya is also fuelled by European countries who do not want African immigrants in their countries.They are paying the militia groups to keep the African immigrants in Libya  as slaves so that they do not get into Europe. And that is not a shock discrimination against Africans is seen everywhere.