Monday, 12 December 2016

How To Write Simple Amazing Lyrics.

Lyrics are an essential part of any songs.If you ask me the heart and soul of music are the words that is the lyrics.Lyrics should should be carefully crafted and worked upon.You can have the best melodies or beats but without good lyrics a song will not really take off.Lyrics tell stories,awaken emotions and stimulate the senses that initially music should stimulate.
Theme When you decide to come up with lyrics or if you may say "words to a song".You need a theme,"what topic will the song or lyrics be all about?"The theme can be about love,social issues,clubbing and much more.The most popular theme is love.For me that is my favourite theme.

Title Since you are telling a story through your lyrics.Every story has to have a title.The title can come first or as you are writing the lyrics.The title is mostly from the first line of the chorus or the last line of the chorus.
Structure Songs have different structures.The most common structure is the verse,chorus,verse,chorus,bridge,chorus,chorus.The first verse is always the introduction to the story.The chorus tells the main story.The second verse continues to tell the story.The bridge gives a summary of the story.Both verses should have the same number of lines.The chorus can have more lines or less than the verses or the same number of lines as the verses.The bridge has the shortest number of lines.The number of lines in verses,bridges and choruses should be even numbers.

When you have all the above in mind then you can start writing the lyrics to your song.

Rhyming When writing your lyrics rhyming is essential you can decide to do the ABAB or AABB rhyming.You can tell your story perfectly and make it rhyme.
Be Poetic Being poetic when coming up with lyrics is very good.If you want lyrics that bring out alot of emotion and have alot of depth having a poetic approach is key.You do not have to be too poetic.A little poetry and sweetness will do.

Paint a picture You have to paint a picture with your lyrics.You can paint a picture without a pencil,paint and paper.Yes,you can paint a picture with your words.Just pour your heart,thoughts and emotions into your lyrics.The picture you want to paint with your words will come out perfectly.
Syllables Once you have your lyrics down or as you write your lyrics you have to count syllables.A syllable is a single unbroken sound of a spoken or written word. And so the number of breaks in words should be the same in line one of verse one and line one of verse two.This should happen in all the other lines in the verses.This makes the lyrics to fit into the melody perfectly.
If you keep all this in mind then you can come up with great lyrics.You do not have to have many lines,four to eight lines per verse will work just fine.Here is a sample of lyrics i wrote.

RAINDROPS: verse 1 : i do drown my tears, in the words of a song, i do drown my fears, in the words of a song, it took me a lifetime to find you, and a day to loose you,
chorus: either way thanks for loving me, i am a desert, you are a raindrop, thanks for coming my way, thank you for loving me, raindrops hardly come my way,
verse 2: do you drown your tears, in the words of a song, do you drown your fears, in the words of a song, did it take you a lifetime to find me, did it take just a day to loose me, chorus :
bridge : well i found you, and i lost you, which is better than nothing at all, thanks for making me whole, do you miss me, cause i sure do miss you
chorus :