Monday, 19 December 2016

What Can You Do To Remind Others It Is Christmas?

Sometimes People Need To Be Reminded That It Is Christmas

Even before December i started to hear and see Christmas advertisements.I was in shock everytime one came on because i just was not there.I did not feel nor believe the holidays are here.It just could not sink in and i could not feel it no matter how hard i tried.As i walked home and it was early December, i saw amazing Christmas lights on a big tree outside a shop.My thoughts were "it is early but someone is excited about the holidays and those are alot of lights".But still i did not feel it.One evening as i stood outside a cyber cafe at home i could see the tree with the Christmas lights at the end of the road.I took a moment,paused and just looked at the tree.The feeling of i do not feel like its Christmas went away and i felt it.

I was in a rush to do this and that get this and that done and knew Christmas would come and pass me by.I am thankful for whoever put those Christmas lights up because i guess some of us need to be reminded its time to pause and see its the holidays.It does not matter if things are perfect or not .Its nice to pause and take it all in.In the past many shops did paintings to symbolize it is the holidays but this year i have hardly seen that.Some acts like putting up Christmas decorations do bring in the holiday cheer into peoples hearts.Which means alot and goes along way.Because all i had to do is paused and take it in.Then i could feel it and appreciate and just relax abit.

This year like last year i have my grown up Christmas wish for the world from this amazing Christmas Song.My wish is always for the world to be a kinder and better place.
"So here's my lifelong wish My grown up Christmas list Not for myself But for a world in need No more lives torn apart That wars would never start And time would heal all hearts And everyone would have a friend And right would always win And love would never end This is my grown up Christmas list"