Monday, 31 July 2017

Why I May Never Pay For A Facebook Advertisement

Advertising with Facebook would sound like a good idea because many people use Facebook and it is.But i will think twice when making this decision mostly because i wanted to do so once in awhile.Since i have a fan page for my blog i always get alerts that i can promote my blog posts that i post on my fan page.I decided to finally take that leap of faith which now brings such regret.I did pay for a days boost of a post on my page.The only thing i got was a number of views but the number i got of people liking my page were almost five.That for me was poor convertion.Okay maybe a day's advertising was too little, who knows. Maybe i would consider giving it another try but maybe i will never do that ever again.Ever since Facebook realized i paid for an advert.I cannot post more than two links to my blog in appropriate blog groups without being blocked.Their lame excuse is i am posting too fast or abusing that service.

At first i thought okay i maybe posting fast and i may be mistaken for a bot.So i careful decided to post and pose for a while then post again.I got the same block for abuse, "like whatever".I even got locked out of my Facebook account so i can verify it as my account.The message was my account was like hacked or compromised.I got locked out while posting my own link in appropriate groups.It was me using my account, dah!It is obvious that Facebook is frustrating me because they expect and want me to be advertising over and over. Think twice before paying for a Facebook advert because that may be the end of you posting in groups in peace.If you want to stay under the radar.

This is kind of a shock to me but what would i expect from a company that buys out their competitors by force.Even the way Facebook started was controversial.To be honest most of my blog traffic doesn't even come from Facebook.Other Social Medias give me more traffic without much frustration.I even spend more time there than on Facebook.I even paid for advertising on two other social media accounts in other social media platforms and i have not been blocked for posting my links appropriately.

All i can say is,looks like Facebook is kind of frustrating me to pay for adverts.Before you pay to advertise make sure it is worth it and know you will always be on their radar so even posting in groups in peace will be a thing of the past for you.

I gladly went to my settings and removed my payment details cause i may never pay for an advert with Facebook as in ever.I wasn't that much impressed in the first place anyway and to add insult to injury i just feel frustrated.I can't post in free to post groups like i used to.And Hey,i get more traffic from other social media sites.