Monday, 25 September 2017

Which Is One Of The Best Love Songs From Africa?-Destiny By Malaika

The song Destiny by the musical group Malaika is one of the best if not one of the sweetest songs from the continent of Africa.Though this song was released years back it still stands the test of time and emerges as one of the best love songs from Africa.Malaika is an Afro-Pop musical group comprising of lead singer Tshedi Mholo and bandmates Bongani Nchang and Jabulani Ndaba from South Africa. Malaika is a Swahili name that means Angel.

I don't know if they are still an active musical group upto date.I don't think they are but they put out this amazing track known as Destiny.South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has recently redone this song where he features the musician Goapele. The chorus to this song is just the best and the sweetest.

[Intro] Oooooh, hooo Ooooo-ooooooooh hooo Oooooh, hooo [Verse 1]
I cherish, I guess I have known the day When heaven sent you my way There's something I've always been searching for And you give me so much more See, I've never felt anything like this It's something I don't ever want to miss You've brought me so much into my world Believe me I mean every word [Chorus] x2 You were and you are and will be The soul in the air that I breathe My heart and the love that I need And you are my destiny. [Bridge] Yoooo hooo Yoooo hooo [Verse 2] Now what in the world was I thinking of To say we can never be more than friends Knowing for you all I feel is love I try to keep up the pretence I can feel it I can feel the magic Tell me if you can imagine Don't you dare resist is the power Love will take you higher baby [Bridge] x 2 I can feel it I can feel the magic Don't you dare resist the power Love will take you higher baby

Malaika -Destiny

Cassper Nyovest featuring Goapele - Destiny